Haipad A13 7" Android 4.0 Tablet

Haipad A13 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet

Last week, the folks from Lazada sent over a new ICS tablet they’ve been selling in their online store for months. It’s the affordable, entry-level Haipad A13 which is manufactured in Shenzhen.

We did not really expect much from the Haipad but for the price tag, it’s got a good fighting chance when compared to the likes of the Kingcom Joypad, the CDR-King tablets and the many other China-branded ones in the market.

The Haipad A13 has the bare essentials — decent and slim form factor, capable processor, enough internal storage and support for expansion as well as a mature and capable operating system.

Haipad A13 specs:
7″ TFT display @ 800×480 pixel
BoxChip A13 / Cortex-A8 1~1.5GHz
8GB internal memory
up to 32GB SD/TF support
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3G module supports USB external
Has the OTG functions

I have yet to try that function which allows you to hook up a 3G USB dongle to the Haipad for mobile internet (it needs a microUSB adaptor for that). It also has USB-on-the-Go feature for attaching external storage.


The body of the tablet is slim but feels plasticky, with a semi-glossy finish. It doesn’t have that picture-frame look which many other entry-level tablets tend to look.

While the tablet runs on ICS, we notice a little bit of lag once in a while. Nothing too annoying but not really that smooth. COuld be a viable media player, ebook reader or simply just for the usual web surfing.

The Haipad A13 sells for Php4,289 over at Lazada (see listing here).

What we’re gonna do is just give away this review unit to readers of YugaTech. Just check out the Rafflecopter widget below to enter in the raffle.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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502 Responses

  1. Jeremiah says:

    If it’s free let me have it!!!

  2. Gelo Reyes says:

    What I like about Lazada.com.ph are the Hot Deals and their Recommendations features. It shows me the exclusive deals they have and what are their best sellers.

  3. Ryan Brania says:

    give this tablet to me.. me gusta :)

  4. Ein Steinecker says:

    Best value or feature, that php200 voucher just to subscribe is great :D

  5. Rj says:

    I want a free one! :)

  6. The pricing is quite competitive and sometimes even cheaper than the cash prices I’ve seen in stores like Abensons. What I really like though is the free shipping. If you do your research right, you can end up with a quality purchase that you don’t even have to leave the house for.

  7. Anthony Songco says:

    what I like about Lazada.com.ph is that they have the free returns for 14 days

  8. daniel says:

    i see lots of advertisements in every site i visit! they have very aggressive advertisement style :) nice thing to lure more potential customers

  9. gerome says:

    guve me that

  10. Alvin says:

    this would be an awesome ereader :)

  11. Rj says:

    What i like about Lazada is their wide range of products!

  12. Gener Gabasa says:

    Nice tablet, I want one for my son.

  13. I sure would love to have that!

  14. Percival Calzado says:

    The best feature that they instore for buyers like me is the consumer friendly discounts that they impose on their products. Also, they have a wide variety of products not only limiting to gadgets which has also discounts that is not or cannot be offered by other stores.

  15. What I like about http://www.lazada.com.ph is that they offer the latest gadgets and offer them in a much lesser price!!! Lazada FTW!!!

  16. Daniel says:

    I shop at Lazada. I know they offer better deals than any other!

  17. eugenio says:

    very nice give away..

  18. Fred magno says:

    would love to have this :D

  19. Seanne Yared says:

    Lazada offers cheap, reliable, and downright practical devices and offers, and is definitely one spot that everyone should check out!

  20. Francis Gonzales says:

    Gimme gimme!

  21. mon says:

    I’ll win this!!!

  22. council says:

    Best value for me is the 14-day return timeframe (unlike others of 5-7 days). Plus it’s “no questions asked”

  23. arjay says:

    The discounts are great. Good job Lazada.

  24. rdjgonzales says:

    nice tablet. will give it to my 3 yr old nephew if I win

  25. Maynard says:

    What’s good about lazada is that they have a wide range of products and the prices are affordable. Aside from that, there are a lot of payment options available which makes it hassle free for our(customer’s) part.

  26. Ryan Dosado says:

    I want it for free pls.

  27. JP Esteban says:

    Mmm, sure is some tasty spam.

  28. Jaja Solis says:

    I like browsing the Lazada.com.ph website because of their recommendations and their low prices for their items. I also like the fact that they offer free shipping nationwide. =)

  29. paulo says:

    The budget-friendly gadgets listed in Lazada.com.ph are truly bang for the buck!

  30. snip07 says:

    The best offer in Lazada is they have best deals online offering 20%+ discounts on selected items. Great deal!

  31. Jenar Idn says:

    Lazada is one awesome site in the philippines!

  32. Besh says:

    like a Grocery store, but online ^_^

  33. Paul says:

    At least at that price point its still a capable tablet compared to other products on the same price but very low specs

  34. Totem says:

    I think this is more than enough for me.. Let it be mine! haha

  35. ryan says:

    Affordable price + free shipping on many items….. nice :)

  36. Ronald Suria says:

    Lazada offers a wide range of products which makes online shopping much more convenient.

  37. Arnel Hemady says:

    Hope this time it will be me. Thanks Lazada.com.ph :)

  38. JC dela Cruz says:

    Lazada.com.ph’s Hot Deals got a jaw-dropping prices

  39. John Rey S. says:

    Lazada.com.ph offers a wide variety of products which makes online shopping more easier and hassle free.

  40. Anthonette clerigo says:

    i like their small appliances!

  41. jedd says:

    lazada is easier to deal with

  42. Jay says:

    I think Lazada still needs to improve their logistics. But I do like their products and promos therein.

  43. Rommel F. says:

    Wow this is a real good entry tablet! A real big bang for a buck!

  44. riyuwe says:

    lazada.com.ph gives discounts and they got almost everything we look for.

  45. JV says:

    One thing I love about Lazada.ph is their affordable items like the xBox 360 deal and 200 peso discounts.

  46. Nelma R. says:

    Lazada is the best online store in the Philippines..

  47. Emmanuel says:

    First thing that attracted me at Lazada’s website was the free nationwide shipping. Really convenient for their buyers.

  48. Joebert S says:

    The BEST online store with affordable prices..

  49. M.C. says:

    Most gadgets are affordable. Plus free shipping + COD. But I’m wary because of the numerous negative reviews.

  50. The best thing with Lazada for me? They offer free shipping! Another thing is also that they offer superbly low prices!

  51. The best thing with Lazada for me? They offer free shipping! Another thing is also that they offer superbly low prices! I hope I win this giveaway!

  52. The best thing with Lazada for me? They offer free shipping! Another thing is also that they offer superbly low prices! Cool!

  53. Marky says:

    Products from Lazada are very affordable plus they offer free shipping. It’s a great deal.

  54. FerdzA says:

    Cool gadgets at affordable price only at Lazada.com.ph

  55. The best thing with Lazada for me? They offer free shipping! Another thing is also that they offer superbly low prices! I hope I win this giveaway! COOL!

  56. Beeps says:

    Inexpensive tool working for your daily needs, thats how Lazada makes it for you.

  57. Beeps says:

    Inexpensive tool working for your daily needs, thats how Lazada makes it for you.

  58. charles says:

    Nice gadget! Nothing beats freebies! :)

  59. Elldon King Arabit says:

    Anything you want you can find in Lazada!Plus free shipping and budget-friendly prices. What more can you ask for? :)

  60. Jon2x says:

    boycott chinese products. china is so fake, every penny you spend will be use for weapons

  61. Arjay says:

    Lazada is the best online gadget store! :D

  62. ace says:

    promos,freebies and discounts :D goodluck

  63. Berto Putik says:

    Free Delivery
    and you have a choice to Pay on Delivery too.


  64. Mr. JJ says:

    Gonna give this to mom if I win! :)

  65. Erika Arabit says:

    Lazada is just the best online store. You can find all the stuffs you want and deliver it straight to your place for free! :)

  66. mon says:

    pa try naman manalo!!!

  67. Glenn Mark Torres says:

    Lozada rocks! Free delivery with very affordable prices! :)

  68. Gilbert says:

    Cash on delivery is the best Lazada can offer to all customer.

  69. Ervin Julian says:

    Lozada is the best online store! You know that! :)

  70. Karissa Yu says:

    Cool gadgets that are way cheaper than any other place you can find!!

  71. Michael B. Silva says:

    The best payment methods available for everyone! :) easy online buying! specially here in the philippines

  72. Eduardo Metano says:

    first time kong magkakagadget, sana libre

  73. levsky says:

    I like the free shipping in Lazada.ph!

  74. Chris says:

    I’ve always wanted a tablet!

  75. Jeff Espe says:

    Nice very nice, simple but usefull

  76. Products from Lazada are very affordable additonal they offer free shipping.

  77. i like all the Products from Lazada they are very affordable .

  78. Jessa Mae says:

    Lazada is a convenient place to buy gadgets.

  79. Nhoj Yer says:

    Lazada is where you can buy affordables gadgets.

  80. jabo says:

    If you want something…. if you need something… go to lazada, you can find everything in affordable prices… :))

  81. melvin javier says:

    everything, they were so affordable :)

  82. bigmikememe says:

    Lazada offers affordable gadgets with timed promos to lessen the prices for the consumers! Not only do they deliver door to door, they also have value for your money

  83. sikwate says:

    Lazada offers affordable prices and convenience.

  84. Monico Galicia says:

    Nice COD payment option for Lozada! i already bought one item! :D

  85. lhois says:

    Want a run for your money? Go to Lazada now!

  86. Marc says:

    free shipping and discounts! :D

  87. Christian Francisco says:

    Yay! Another giveaway!

  88. tj says:

    it’s the most convenient online shop in the country

  89. sherwoodhere says:

    what i like the most is its free shippping.

  90. Free shipping and letting you tour the whole mall with your fingertips.

  91. Karen Atienza says:

    I like it because it is affordable and nice. :)

  92. Valentine Grindulo says:

    They offer an easy mode of payment. They reached out (the 1st one) to buyers who doesnt have credit cards! yipee!

  93. meh says:

    Lazada offers the best shopping experience and value

  94. Brenda says:

    Lazada is the Philippines best online store today! Free shipping plus affordable prices? And wow, you can even pay on Delivery if you don’t own a credit card. Nothing can beat that!

  95. Sheila A says:

    more options and free shipping!

  96. Karen Bernarte says:

    Lazada offers the best shopping experience and value

  97. Eloesita Valderama says:

    What i like most to lazada.com.ph online shop are they offers COD, door to door delivery with no extra cost and best value items..

  98. Paolo M. Briones says:

    I believe the best thing about LazadaPH is their offer of an extremely convenient way to shop like almost anything essential to the modern Filipino nowadays. We have evolved to a much advanced and fastly moving life moments and it is pretty safe to say how online shopping can do everyone a great time by just sitting comfortably in our houses and do the deed of shopping in just a matter of one click. Truly an amazing thing to aid us race with limited time and resources. :)

  99. Lazada products are the lowest price ever :)

  100. geopgeop says:

    Hassle free transactions and free shipping

  101. kat says:

    I recently discovered Lazada and I like what they are selling. I hope they will allow Paypal soon.

  102. SherryJho says:

    Lazada offers very affordable and convenient online shopping experience

  103. Jhexx says:

    free shipping, nice item quality to price ratio & informative online customer service

  104. Lazada offers free delivery nationwide and free returns :)

  105. Rizza Joy Vista says:

    Lazada.com.ph sell high-quality gadgets in right prices with free delivery and free returns for their beloved customers! :)

  106. Harold Isaguirre says:

    I want this please :)

  107. Mary Rose Villamora says:

    It’s very affordable and free shipping.

  108. Liza Velasco says:

    We are satisfied with what we have purchased from Lazada. Delivery is prompt and we encountered no problem with their products even it was just shipped to us. :)

  109. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    Quality items plus free shipping! What more can you ask for!

  110. Francis Roman says:

    I like the free shipping. Different from the usual +150 for lbc shipping and the like :)

  111. Anthony Torio says:

    I want to try this!

  112. Baby says:

    They sell high quality items and its FREE shipping.

  113. Jill Roque says:

    Its very affordable, very convenient online shopping & free shipping.

  114. David says:

    Lazada offers shopping in the comforts of your own home. Less hassle. Free shipping :)

  115. Mark Obre says:

    Lazada.com.ph is a fresh look to an online buying site. I feel like Im in a professional website and with that i believe that what they offer are valid, affordable. I really like it

  116. Lazada.com.ph gives the buyer the luxury of shopping without leaving your home, office or wherever you maybe. It is convenient, practical, efficient and most of all, shipping is free. How many times can we experience freebies at this time and age?! =)

  117. Neil John Ocampo says:

    They offer affordable products like gadgets and cool stuffs!

  118. junrey says:

    Lazada.com.ph offers cheaper products than of any mall and because of the Cash On Delivery system with free shipping and freebie, you get the most out of your hard earned money that you’ve spent without even leaving your place of comfort,”HOME”.
    Thanks to Lazada.com.PH

  119. Sheine Deanna Ramos says:

    lazada.com.ph is the perfect online marketplace for a busy filipino!

  120. Lea says:

    Lazada offers a wide array of items at affordable prices. Plus it offers free shipping and freebies. :)

  121. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    Awesome online store with free shipping

  122. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    shopping affordable items at the comfort of your home.. with free shipping pa! That’s Lazada!

  123. mike w says:

    i will be buying a travel backpack soon on lazada. They’re the only one’s selling those online!

  124. Primon Bugayong says:

    good luck to lazada & more power to pinoy tech blog!

  125. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    murang online store!

  126. Jelo Manongsong says:

    They have wide varieties of goods that you can choose from and at a reasonable price! :)

  127. winston says:

    lazada is the one stop online shop that offers the cheapest prices that give to the filipino

  128. Drey says:

    wow… nice one

  129. Tessa Yap says:

    Lazada.com.ph gives us more affordable products than in any malls and they always give discounted prices

  130. weekid55 says:

    I like the variety of products that is offered at lower prices.

  131. BJ Mandia says:

    I love their free shipping service! I have made my first purchase at them yesterday which I paid via Dragonpay.

  132. Christian Ampoloquio says:

    They have lots of different products to offer. From personal hygiene, gadgets, appliance, to home decors and more. I love their Cash on Delivery and 14 day return on their products.

  133. I want a Haipad A13 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet because I want to work online at home. with this, I can do things while I recover from my health condition.

  134. vic rodriguez says:

    lazada gives consumers competitive prices of their products at the comfort of their home via their trustworthy shipping transactions.

  135. Mina says:

    For me, it’s the various payment methods and the free shipping. Plus, they always offer price drop for their products. They really give you value for your money.

  136. Roel says:

    They give free shipping and they are always on sale.

  137. Karl says:

    I wanna :D

  138. smartiesko says:

    one stop online shop at affordable prices!

  139. Robert Chun Wong says:

    has a lot of products + very tempting prizes i guess.

  140. What I like about LazadaPH is that they accept Cash on delivery basis which is good for people like me who are really scared of online transactions and stuff.

  141. May Ann dela Cruz says:

    They have lots of products to offer. Affordable prices. They also offer free shipping and the mode of payment is very convenient.

  142. Warren Fabe says:

    Hope I win :D

  143. Allen Espeleta says:

    Sana manalo ako :D

  144. Tof says:

    This online store is very competitive. In the long run, as long as the prices are very affordable, it will be lozada that will become one of the best online stores in the country.

    • Tof says:

      This online store is very competitive. In the long run, as long as the prices are very affordable, it will be lazada that will become one of the best online stores in the country.

  145. bryan_0906 says:

    Their affordable gadgets are perfect for techy people who are also on a tight budget.

  146. Eds says:

    Free Shipping and COD the best

  147. exx says:

    i need this..

  148. ernicai says:

    I know this site via friends. Sila mismo nagrecommend. Kapag word of mouth, alam mo ng trusted at reliable!

  149. exx says:

    lazada ph = competetive prices

  150. Darl Vincent R. Pere says:

    Having an Haipad A13 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet will make my social world complete and updated! I will help in my masters since we always use ebooks! I know i will win this,in God’s will. Thank you so much Lazada! More power!

  151. rico says:

    murang online store at easy to contact yung hotline nila

  152. Carlo Jay says:

    Lazada.com.ph offers a wide selection of products of different categories and provides a secure hassle FREE internet shopping, with FREE delivery nationwide and FREE returns policy! now that’s a lot of FREEBIES!

  153. srxt says:

    what i likke on lazada is they got nice serivces such as free shipping service, a little cheaper than the usual price, easy payment online shopping, etcc.

  154. srxt says:

    what i like on lazada is they got nice serivces such as free shipping service, a little cheaper than the usual price, easy payment online shopping, etcc.

  155. srxt says:

    what i like on lazada is they got nice customer satisfactory such as free shipping service, a little cheaper than the usual price, easy payment online shopping, etcc.

  156. Meen says:

    Lazada is the best online shop I ever found! Because they offer Free Shipping Nationwide, and also Cash On Delivery as payment too! I love this site.. They got lots of amazing products for sale at a low price!

  157. Migs says:

    I like the instant access to gadgets the site provides.

  158. Shirley Lim says:

    Lazada Philippines’ return policy is awesome. They want their customers to always be satisfied. Their customer reps are so friendly and their website is user-friendly too. I am starting to love them.

  159. Kris Martin says:

    They have the coolest gadgets at very reasonable prices! Kudos! :)

  160. LuckyLeo says:

    Go check out Lazada.com.ph and tell us in the comments what’s the best value or feature they offer to buyers like you?

    Lazada offers cheaper price, free delivery, easy payment options and more.

  161. Richard B. Medrano says:

    Lazada.com.ph offers free shipping which is the best because not all online stores have that aside from that they have a wide selection of things to buy online from gadgets to toys and even kitchen wares. i tried ordering an article which costbelow 1k and i was glad that it came in just 4 days even though i’m in the northest part of luzon. Kudos Lazada!

  162. Redgie Louie Campani says:

    i want one! and i hope i win :))

  163. ErvinC. says:

    This would be great for my school needs! :D

  164. antonio de rueda jr says:

    what i like in lazada.com.ph is that they have lots of gadget that is affordable and they also have discount in some of gadget,i also like the 14 days return policy.

  165. JV says:

    daming pag pipilian sa murang halaga :p

  166. Neil Vincent says:

    I like the range of gadgets that Lazada offers and their competitive prices XD

  167. Joseph Curada says:

    Lazada offers a wide array of Gadgets for techy people like me at a very reasonable price! add the free shipping and payment modes that make life hassle free. i occasionally shop at lazada.com and i can recommend the quality service they offer to my friends!

  168. Rene Gatdula says:

    from their website….Lazada offers a wide-array of products and provides a convenient, worry-free online shopping experience with – free nationwide delivery, 14-day return policy, and cash on delivery. With Lazada, consumers can shop anytime, anywhere, and find the best deals in almost everything…

  169. Lazada offers varieties of products from different brands with cheap prices. They also offer convenient purchasing options.

  170. Mizeteo says:

    Might be my first tablet. Yay!

  171. Arwin A. says:

    Lazada offers a wide range of products which is very convenient for online shoppers. They offer gadgets at cheaper prices too! Awesome!

  172. I don’t have to go out of the house anymore if I want to buy a new gadget. With Lazada’s wide array of products and free shipping, gadget shopping can already be done at home. ;)

  173. Edwin says:

    feeling ko, parang online mall lang ang lazada, no hassle ang shopping… everything is there tas naka avail pa ako ng discount coupon nila… tas maraming items on sale and at discounted price…. kulang nalang mga grocery items LOL:)

  174. Benchmark says:

    I was eying the philips clock radio in their online store. It’s cheap and for me very affordable with a philips brand.

    (sad to say, I was not able to buy it, ‘coz I want it in paypal transaction which they tried calling me and helping me deal with the payment matter, but with no avail…probably next time, I will buy something from them.)

  175. Jerome san juan says:

    Woooo i love android. Haha

  176. Jing says:

    The big difference on prices! And they sell books too!

  177. Their customer service hotline is awesome. 7days a week? That’s wow. They also offer many products that suits the taste of a gadget-savvy person like me. Their advertising is also awesome. Also, they offer discounts that many other online seller here in the Phil. don’t have.

  178. Jerry says:

    Cod and the big discount!

  179. Edwin C says:

    Simply the best online store.

  180. dodong_ger says:


  181. E says:

    I really like the low price for each items. I also have alot of choices which one to buy.

  182. Joana Gonzales says:

    Hope to win!

  183. Anna Patricia G. Lad says:

    I like the low price and discounts.
    Twitter: TLadiana

  184. Carl Jacob Saldi says:

    hoping for this :)

  185. carl jacob saldi says:

    the good thing about lazada is they sell even the stuffs that are hard to find.. :)

  186. ann clare says:

    low prices and discounts too! cool!

  187. itsjenyfer9 says:

    The best thing about Lazada they sell great items, great discounts and most of all its up to date :)

  188. exdas says:

    This would be awesome for me!

  189. RyanP says:

    Lazada.com.ph brings convenience of online shopping to the Philippines! No more sore feet and long mall lines! Everything just a click away!

  190. Sonny David Huab says:

    great deals for electronic gadgets.

  191. Alden says:

    i want one.!

  192. Herbert Eumague says:

    Great discounts available at Lazada.

  193. dioren jess says:

    they are offering CASH ON DELIVERY which is a convenient way of payment. It is convenient because you will no longer go to banks just to pay for the gadget that you want to buy. They are also offering a big discount to their gadgets which is a plus point for their shop.

  194. Mark Angelo says:

    Ohhh. I Love Yugatech, I Love Android

  195. Aside from the discounted prices, it really helps us pinoys(specially the lazy ones) a whole lot because you can have it delivered to your doorstep. :)

  196. minimus says:

    sana manalo :)

  197. Mico says:

    discount and delivery

  198. dinno go says:

    gimme the tablet!

  199. Philsen Padilla says:

    Lazada offers great discounts and payment terms. They have Cash on Delivery and you can also return the item you buy within 14 days. They also sell a wide range of products, from gadgets to home appliances and hardware tools.

  200. diemhang says:

    want it..!

  201. Aileen says:

    hope to be lucky on this one… love to have a tablet for mobility.

  202. Clint says:

    Free shipping nationwide, of course!

  203. gideon says:

    free shipping sa lazada :)

  204. Lazada & Yugatech are the good providers!

  205. they have COD, great discounts, good customer service and awesome product lines!

  206. kevin says:

    low low low price of gadgets

  207. they have COD, great discounts, good customer service and awesome product lines! what more can you ask for?

  208. Ariel says:

    awesome tablet, perfect size as well as design, very affordable..

  209. Zhean Benito says:


  210. They have COD, great discounts and good customer service! :)

  211. PJ Cunanan says:

    good luck everyone!! :)

  212. Paolo Non says:

    Not bad. Could be used for basic stuff like Surfing and SNS

  213. Wendell Tan says:

    I love the free returns, and the free delivery option

  214. Janice Bermudez says:

    Lots of discounts and free shipping! Love it!

  215. ammiel says:

    They have a lot of products they offer.

  216. Darwin CO says:

    free shipping and lots of discount

  217. loreson SJ says:


  218. Miguel Natividad says:

    Lazada = Low Low Prices! :D

  219. Jc says:

    really low prices and promos!

  220. Rejoy says:

    wow! i already bought at Lazada. For a limited time, Lazada Philippines offers free nationwide shipping. This means that whatever part of the archipelago you care to send your purchases to, we’ll ship it at no cost to you!

  221. geco says:

    Lazada and Yugatech, a good tandem for review and giveaways !

  222. Rejoy says:

    wow! i already bought at Lazada. For a limited time, Lazada Philippines offers free nationwide shipping. This means that whatever part of the archipelago you care to send your purchases to, they ship it at no cost to you!

  223. Terrence Joseph G. D says:

    Lazada offers great discounts and payment terms. Lots of freebies, and free shipping too. Nice deals in this website! Support lazada.com.ph! (=

  224. aj dorkee says:

    Discount, free shipping not to mention, it is an online shopping for gadgets.

  225. Rosanna de Guzman says:

    I like the fact that they have a smorgasbord of products right at my fingertips and they offer some, if not most, of these items at a discount. Saves me the time and energy of having to scour the mall and ending up buying something I don’t really need.

  226. This tablet looks nice. Not bad for P4,289.

  227. edriangelo paule says:

    i really need a tablet,so please let me have this one.

  228. jrpalma says:

    affordable and great tablet!

  229. Franc Ido says:


  230. wilmer says:

    Please lat me win

  231. Mike Nines says:

    Online store for everything I need. Free shipping nationwide and COD payment. Wohoo!

  232. Jayson says:

    Sleek design! Its a must try gadget, very affordable tablet for P4,298.

  233. Jeb Agito says:

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    YugaTech & Lazada are giving away this 7-inch Android ICS tablet

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  438. The free delivery and affordable plus reasonable prices of their stuffs are the best features of Lazada!:)

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  451. Edwin says:

    sir Abe, already got my aurora 2 from Lazada…. 1st things 1st, so amazed!!! oa na kung oa but the feeling is heaven….

    the only problem is there are more than a lot of apps that are not compatible with the device.. not even android YouTube is not working, too.. I’ll consider all those incompatibilities BUT NOT YOUTUBE!!!
    please sir, if you have some recommendations / suggestions etc… please share it sir Abe…
    (desperate lang, jijijiji:D)

    thank you so much…..

  452. James says:

    Hi sir Abe,

    palist din naman po ng entry level na tablets, ung mga 5-8k range, looking for a gift for my gf :) salamat po. :)

  453. lau says:

    im supplyer ng ito , and i can supply all product of china .

  454. hakim didaagun says:

    help naman po sino po may alam d2 para mag work yung broadband sa haipad a13 7″ please with us any way ganda ng lazada kc papalitan nila ung unit ko kc defective ayaw mag move ng temple un ung g sensor nya sana mapalitan agad

  455. hakim didaagun says:

    help naman po sino po may alam d2 para mag work yung broadband sa haipad a13 7″ please share with us any way ganda ng lazada kc papalitan nila ung unit ko kc defective ayaw mag move ng temple un ung g sensor nya sana mapalitan agad

  456. klyde leonor says:

    sensitive ba po yan?

  457. wilbert pucs says:

    may store po ba ang haipad dito sa davao????

    • edwin says:

      Isa lang cgurado dyan sir wikbert, nsa DCLA sa uyanguren…. I thought i saw one….. but i suggest go for a tab with a better specs….. sa mga di gaano techie, haipad will do…..

  458. Don't buy this says:

    The Haipad A13 that I purchased died on me yesterday with only five days of use with the following symptoms.

    1. Inaccurate battery indicator – “Frequent shutdown”
    2. Stuck on boot – “Can’t load android environment, stuck on logo”

    The device hasn’t been affected by any of the external forces such as shock, overcharged, dropped or spilled by a liquid. Also I haven’t done any modifications on the hardware nor the software.

    Also, the contents of the package that was shipped to me last 9/24/12 was incomplete.

    1. Missing earphones
    2. Faulty charger

    Beware! Don’t buy from lazada again!

  459. Reynard says:

    Mine’s still working really well. Enjoying it actually. Got it from this link:

  460. rush says:

    how do you change the language settings back to english on this device, it resets to factory setting in chinese

  461. bhudz says:

    pls give me a reply through my email.
    i wanted to buy one for my daughter this coming xmas. gusto ko lng po malaman kung ano magandang tablet na cheap at the same time eh quality.
    pls recommend…

    [email protected] po email/FB account ko


  462. MEVF says:

    May simcard slot po?

  463. just asking says:

    may kasama ba itong ms office??
    at kung flash supported din ba ito.. tnx

  464. well? says:

    dual cam na po ba eto?…pls response…thanks…

  465. ash909 says:

    two choices dual cam o kayo one cam lng
    dual cam – 2700
    one cam – 2500

    note: sa divisoria

  466. ash says:

    i find it hard to believe lazada would send you units like this to review when your review was so shallow. no talk about picture quality or video.

  467. JUNJANE SABERON says:

    instead of candy pink, can i have it white or gray? what is your available colour? can u pls. send me reply? thank you!

  468. Angel says:

    bakit po hindi po gumana yung globe tattoo dito sa haipad android 4.0 ko?pls help me naman po..

  469. superpilyo says:

    High quality service but LOW QUALITY PRODUCT!!!

  470. I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems with your website. It seems like some of the text on your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a problem with my browser because I’ve
    had this happen before. Thanks

  471. Ken says:

    sa banda sa divisoria?

  472. anna says:

    hi pano po ito connect po sa pc?saan po makukuha ung software nito?thanks po

  473. Arnold M. Toquero says:

    Best value and nie tablet. I like it.

  474. mer says:

    ok po ba tong haipad A137″?

  475. ronell says:

    ok po ba to a ng haipad A13,, gusto ko ksai bumili ,,

  476. grace says:

    gusto ko sanang bumili nito…san po ba available?

  477. Tim says:

    May jellycases ba for haipads?

  478. Roxy says:

    pwede po ba palitan battery ng A13 7″ anroid haipad 4.0. if pwede san pwede bumili. i have a unit kc w/c i purchased as lazada but hindi na sya mag-charge ngayon…. thank you.

  479. iam_edwin says:

    If you want better specs, Haipad is not for you… if you’re bargaining for quality wise tabs, don’t expect a much smoothy feature on devices that ranges from 2k+ up…. haipad uses A8 processor, that should be A9 or A10… and i doubt if it’s 1.5ghz, really… pwede pa 1ghz but not 1.5… mine’s ainol aurora 2, much like specs that of galaxy tab for 7k.. my brother has this tablet, bought later than mine, last year… he had it 2 months ago, and now, it’s dead….

    Note: in choosing tablets or any device, it’s not all about the minimal amount of money you spend, but the total quality that you really buy.. be miticilous (did i spelled it right?? Jejeje) on the specs and don’t rush things so you won’t end upwasting what you have earned so hard…
    And another, if you buy in Lazada, don’t forget to like their fb page, they might be posting discount codes that will lessen the price of the item… mine’s about 8k then they slashed it to 7k… i saw this discount code in their page, so all in all, i only paid 6K+

    God, bless you all :-)

    • Joshua says:

      thanks for the advise edwin. I’ve been searching for cheap tablets all over the web and all of them have negative feedback. lol. Maybe I’ll just put the money I saved on myphone, ‘coz I’ve owned 2 myphone handsets already, and they have great quality, one is a year old already, and it it used by my brother. The other one is what I use right now, been using it for 8 months. very durable. thank u :))

  480. aldinjane says:

    can i use broad band in this haipad?because we dont have a wifi in our place?

  481. sophia says:

    san pa po ba available ung haipad

  482. gadget boy says:

    wait for the upcoming devant tablets.. a better brand in the Philippine market.. I heard that their tablets are powerful..

  483. Nam says:


    nice article! Like your review and the Haipads too!

    Here we wrote one article about the new one – Check it :)


    Thanks Nam

  484. butch says:

    mag ASUS MEMOPAD HD 7 O ACER ICONIA A1 810 MSI PRIMO 81 mga kilala gumagawa ng laptop 16gb internal memory

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