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Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus

This portable storage from Hitachi, the Lifestudio Mobile Plus, is something unique and interesting since it comes in a package of two — a 320GB HDD and a 4GB Flash drive — all tucked into one external cradle.

Here’s what you get inside the box:

2.5″ external HDD
4GB USB key
USB dock
USB cable
LifeStudio Software
Hitachi Backup Software

The pairing of the 2.5″ HDD and the USB Flash drive is something we’ve only seen with Hitachi.

The set-up is somewhat fancy and does make a lot of sense — both the HDD and the USB key syncs to files and folders in your laptop or PC. You can identify which files or folders the USB key will need to sync so you’d get the latest backup all the time — no need to bring the HDD with you is you only need to transfer or carry files under 4GB (the capacity fo the USB key).

The package comes with the LifeStudio Software which is a fancy interface to organize your media files (with 3D navigation powered by Cooliris). It also allows you to manage your photos on Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums using the software.

At the moment, the largest capacity they have is only 500GB but we’re already seeing 750GB and 1TB from other providers. They come in two colors though — platinum and graphite.

The LifeStudio Mobile Plus costs Php4,235 for the 320GB and Php4,995 for the 500GB. A bit pricey compared to other similar products from Seagate, WD or Samsung but that’s could be attributed to the type of set-up you are getting on this one (drops to Php3,475 with only the cradle and no USB key).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. BRUNO says:


  2. realjarley says:

    Western digital pa rin ako when it comes to digital storage..

  3. gg says:

    haha relax bruno :P

  4. Willy Yu says:

    I like the setup, perfectly match the match, but it came with pc software & too pricey, hope Apple have 1 setup like this for the new MacBook Air, external storage plus a use with the included setup usb drive

  5. Gumz says:

    ganda panregalo sa techy na GF…

    Merong bang para sa mga astig na design?

  6. garz says:


    Mind your language man. Wala ka rin lang sasabihing maganda wag ka na lang gumawa ng ganyang komento. Obviously you’re not their target market.

  7. Benchmark33 says:

    i thought its a media player…hehehe anyway cute design…mukhang pang mac ang itsura :-)

  8. brunos says:

    @ BRUNO: tumigil ka, trying hard ka wala ka naman kasing money!money!money!

  9. the paper says:

    ang cute ng design… san kaya meron nito?

  10. Suplado says:

    ahahaha! natatawa ako sa mga comments dito. panalo! although i’m a firm believer of respecting someone’s opinion, sometimes, it’s much better to just shut up and keep those unnecessary remarks to yourself.

    going back to the topic, astig ang design. yun nga lang a bit pricey.

  11. Skyflakes_18 says:

    I didnt realize that Hitachi was into this kind of business. The last time we had a Hitachi at home it was an ELECTRIC FAN! Hehehe

  12. David Z says:

    I guess di tinuro ang huwag na lang magsalita kung walang masabing maganda.

    Kung ginaya ito ang WB, Seagate, etc., you can bet bababa ang presyo.

  13. nikco says:

    dito sa jarir store ang Toshiba external drive STOR.E ART 750gb – 4000pesos lang

  14. Jay A. says:

    Want to buy this one?. meron ako d2. black ang design., less than a month ko p lng ngagamit. Maganda sya, mabilis. PM me if ur interested. Php 3,500. n lng.

    Reason for Selling:

    Kailangan ko lang talaga ng pera..

    • Alex P. says:

      @Jay A.
      nabili na po ba ung black ung design ng sau? with 4.0 flashdrive din po ba? need ko po kse..
      wanna buy yours.

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