HP Mini 210 = Compaq Mini CQ10

HP Mini 210 = Compaq Mini CQ10

Like most other multi-branded global companies, HP makes similar products for their Compaq line-up and prices them a bit cheaper. We’ve seen this done by Acer on their Gateway and eMachines brand. So it’s no surprise that the upcoming HP Mini 210 has a fraternal twin in the name of Compaq Mini CQ10.

So the Mini 210 took some design inspirations from the Mini 5101, specifically the chiclet-type keyboard.

mini 210

HP Mini 210
10.1″ display @ 1024×600
Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz
Intel GMA 3150
WiFi 802.11 b/g
5-in-1 card reader
6-cell battery
Windows 7 Starter

The Pine Trail platform should help bump an additional half an hour to an hour of battery life. The HD model with higher resolution is also available (1280×720 pixels) but as we’ve seen in the past with the Mini 2140 HD, I don’t think it will be distributed locally.


hp mini 210

On the other hand, the Compaq Mini CQ10 followed the design of the HP Mini 110 but taking the specs of the Mini 210.

compaq cq10

Compaq Mini CQ10
10.1″ display @ 1024×600
Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz
Intel GMA 3150
WiFi 802.11 b/g
6-cell battery
Windows 7 Starter

We’ll see more details on these after CES 2010 which is coming up real soon. As usual, their prices will not be far from the prices when the Mini 110 and 2140 were first introduced (about Php21 to 24k) and should arrive here as early as February or as late as March 2010.

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20 Responses

  1. dk says:

    so does it mean i’m better off buying the compaq instead of the hp?
    same goes for acer and gatewaY?

  2. yuga says:

    @dk – technically yes. it’s just price positioning.

  3. dk says:

    okay. thanks yuga. hoping to buy a new acer laptop this year. love my acer aspire 4520. will prolly just get a gateway.

  4. chiidorisek says:

    sir yuga are those netbook better than the hp mini311?

  5. Great News again for netbooks. I’ll wait and see for CES 2010 happening on Jan 7 – 10, 2010 because lots of new netbooks will be introduced. I might consider tablet with capacitive touch screen as well if the specs and pricing are reasonable. Exciting year 2010….

  6. nitecrawler says:

    Per Logicbuy.com price of the upcoming HP/Compaq Netbook is around $259 stateside..


  7. i just hope that they have done something on their medoicre battery life, which is the only thing that HP missed. design and specs-wise were ok. it’s bigtime letdown is just the battery.

    i wish i can slap Toshiba’s battery into the HP specs and body.

  8. jab says:

    @chiidorisek personally I think the HP mini311 is better than those two since it has a bigger screen 11.6″ and Nvidia’s ION. It would all depend on your budget as the 311 is around 7k more…

  9. Is that just a design or does it come with a texture?

  10. marvin says:

    pag bili ko ulit ng laptop ayoko na ng compaq.

  11. jab says:


    if you’re asking about the lid yup that’s just design print… like the other mini’s…


  12. chiidorisek says:

    @jab thx for the info. i think i will w8 for the release of a netbook w/ nvidia ion2..

  13. ryan says:

    the mini 210 seems to have the same aesthetic as the dm3, which keyboard is an iteration of the probook line. I always keep wishing that the local market will be inundated with high spec’d systems but economics dictate otherwise. the Mini 2140 HD looks yum for the form factor..

    it seems that the netbook market ain’t going nowhere :D

  14. Clifford says:

    according to hp, how much is it cost?

  15. chris says:

    i love the design of this netbook.

  16. mhon says:

    yung mini 210 may vga output yung compaq mini wala…

  17. jab says:


    yeah ION2 on a PineTrail netbook would rock… but hopefully wouldn’t be as expensive as a full blown notebook…

  18. Eason says:

    There is no comparison really, HP and Compaq is just the same, so I guess its just their strategy to have a bigger capture of the netbook market.

  19. Alps says:

    Heard from PCCorner: The PineTrail netbook will cost 27k++. Oh mahn.

  20. Do you think it is wise to get a HP Mini 210 or should I get an AsusEE?

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