Motorola Xoom is an Android 3.0 Tablet

Motorola Xoom is an Android 3.0 Tablet

Motorola has officially unveiled their very own tablet called the Motorola Xoom and it will come with Google’s tablet OS, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Check out the video below.

Motorola Xoom
10.1″ capacitive display @ 1280×800 pixels
Dual-core NVidia Tegra 2 CPU @ 1.0GHz
1024MB RAM
5MP autofocus camera w/ dual LED flash
720p HD video recording
2MP secondary front-facing camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA
HDMI output
Bluetooth 2.1
Android 3.0


The Acer Iconia Tab and Asus Eee Pad now have a new sparring partner.

Too bad it’s will work only on a CDMA network (that’s why it’s locked with Verizon) but they might just introduce an international version for GSM.

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43 Responses

  1. kjalcordo says:

    Real question? how muchie!

  2. idookee says:

    me want mwe want! was planning on getting a galaxy tab, now i’m sooo confused!

  3. Bryan says:

    I want one!!!!
    but how much? and is there a 7″?

  4. mykillross says:

    1024MB RAM + HDMI output= awesome,wish they embed hsdpa for total mobility.

  5. al says:

    wer the heck did you get 1024mb ram?

    its 1gig ddr2 ram

    honestly i was dissapointed that you werent there, yugatech is good for local news but for recycled news like this, ur not even good with copy pasting.

    no offence, i love ur blog but keep it local or get ur facts right

  6. kumag says:

    wow!!!! panalo!

  7. al says:

    my mistake, sorry 1 gig is 1024

  8. al says:

    my mistake, sorry 1 gig is 1024mb..i gues that made me look less credible..

  9. car says:

    @al Lol, a simple math

  10. petken says:

    Napanood ko sa press conference ng Motorola Kanina Live via Cnet na 3G model ang Motorola Xoom at upgradable to 4G.

  11. don pepot says:


    LOL. yeah.. made you a lot less credible..

  12. lolipown says:

    Ang tanga lang haha

  13. NineSwordz says:

    now the iPad is officially dead.. lol

    @al: uber lol

  14. Night says:

    two things that will probably keep me from buying this, a. price b. android market’s local support(or lack of)

  15. Mga futang ina ninyo, suportahan ninyo ang gawang Pinoy eheste Intsik – PLDT Telpad FTW, haha

    Anyway, Notion Ink Adam ang killer device ngayon. Pixel Qi, FTW!

  16. wilde says:

    hahaha idiot! (you know who you are)

  17. lolipown says:

    @Maling Akala
    alin ung tablet na mukhang aPad clone?

    I’m interested in the Adam too but I’ll wait for an actual release of the device before shelling out cash.

  18. wannabee says:

    yehey! for sure hindi papatalo ang iPad2

  19. wakocoke says:

    honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb!

  20. mond says:

    Damn! I want that ironman-like-futuristic pc to be a reality rather than the tablet. Can’t wait ’til that happens. lol

  21. @lolipown,

    uhm, clone ng nanay mo.

  22. @lolipown

    uhm, tangina mo, pinreview na kaya sa Engadget yon countless times. kanina rineview pa. uhm.

  23. ellen says:

    more tablets to choose from! weee!

  24. yuiboy says:

    @al: uber lol. para tuloy naghagis ng malaking bato sa taas na siya rin sumalo.

    nice review. dami ko na nabasa today. :) sana, medyo humabol ang ipad2 at playbook sa mga to. tsk. 2011 – year of tablets, and AL 1024 lol.

  25. Mamamayang Pilipino says:

    @Al: ur just degrading ur self man hahaha!
    balik ka nalang ng elementary pre hehehe

  26. al says:

    I know right, thats why I corrected myself…

  27. al says:

    Yuga deserves my apology, I was on another site reading the same article and saw differnt number for the ram and impulsively ranted then realized that it was the same thing. Enough explaining, I still lookd stupid. Bow

  28. Ryan Ang says:

    I wouldn’t expect an official release of this here in the Philippines. Unless imports will pop up through the Greenhills channels.

    of course, no CDMA, only wifi. GSM? sabagay meron ngang Milestone e..

  29. Eason says:

    Maybe bayantel will get the tablet since they are a CDMA network :)

  30. sleepygeepy says:

    I’m still holding off from buying an iPad for this. The Galaxy Tab is nice but I find the screen too small for long term browsing and reading comics (which I’ve been doing lately on a borrowed iPad hehehe).

    The hardware specs of the Motorola Xoom are really impressive and I like the screen resolution which is perfect for a 10-inch slate (1280×800!). Also it looks like Tegra 2 is powerful enough to play HD videos which complements the screen as well (good for 720p!). No transcoding of videos here so it’s much more convenient.

    Of course we still have to see if Honeycomb will be a great O.S. and if the applications for such a device are as comprehensive as the iPad (especially games). I expect the price of this tablet to be even higher than the Galaxy Tab which will deter a lot of first time slate buyers.

    I wonder if Samsung will make a 10-inch slate with Super AMOLED screen :)

  31. Benchmark33 says:

    Sayang…wala nang factory ang Motorola dito sa PH, mabilis sana magkaron dito if they still have factory here. But anyway, I hope it would be cheap…pero I think it will cost around 25k or more…

  32. raymac says:

    this gadget was just awarded the best gadget for CES 2011….worth waiting for 2 to 3 months i hope…

  33. sleepygeepy says:

    Let’s hope that this will be one of many iPad competitors to come. More choices, better competition, and hopefully cheaper prices :)

    The question now is whether Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) will be successful as a slate O.S. and if there will be many applications available when slates like Motorola Xoom come on sale. The hardware is already here, it’s the software that needs catching up :)

    Some Tegra 2 tables that we might see very soon:

    – Notion Ink Adam
    – Toshiba Folio 100
    – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
    – LG G-Slate
    – Acer Iconia
    – Dell Streak
    – Viewsonic G-Tablet

  34. lolipown says:

    it’s always a good decision to wait for the hardware revision (in the case of the ipad) or more competition (Honeycomb tablets)

  35. ira-78 says:

    ay sana ma-release kagad. baka naman hanggang announce lang. delubyo na, hindi pa lumalabas. january na, wala pa ring archos 101 na mabibili kagad dito sa pinas (yung episyal ha, hindi gray market). notion ink, wala rin. nagkandatulo lang ang laway ko.

  36. ishikagawa says:

    i guess Liberty Telecom will launch this motorola xoom here in the philippines. using 4G/LTE internet capability. , ) sooon….

  37. honeycomb says:

    Meron ng speculation about sa price, and according sa rumors… $799 sa bestbuy – sa tapos sa Feb. 24 and release.

  38. shin says:

    i have motorola xoom tab but i nid a charger nasira kasi ung charger ko…. at ang hirap mag hanap hndi sya available in any store here in cavite i hope u could help thank u..

  39. Yzix96 says:

    No charger need Help as well already gone in Divi, Recto, Megamall, Sta Lucia, Cubao still NO CHARGER and in FACT they dont know that XOOM’s exist so sad….

    • marc209 says:

      you can use a generic small pin charger.
      i am using it right now and everything works fine.

    • Heira says:

      @marc209 is it true indeed? Been looking for a charger for ages. Any specific voltage of that generic charger? The original one is 12V.

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