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MSI Wind12 U200 Pro

Aside from scoring an AMD Athlon Neo in one of its Wind netbook series, MSI also brought in some CULV processors to boot. I saw the MSI Wind12 U200 in a magazine ad inside a Cebu Pacific plane yesterday.

msi wind u200


From the looks of it, the exterior design is similar to the U210 and only the specs have been changed:

MSI Wind12 U200
Intel Core 2 SU3500 ULV 1.4GHz
Intel GMA 4500M HD
WiFi 802.11n
12.1″ screen @ 1366×768 pixels
1.3MP webcam
3 x USB 2.0, HDMI port
6-cell battery

The ad says it comes with Windows 7 but does not say which version. Suggested retail price is Php28,500. This is the cheapest CULV portable laptop we’ve seen in the market so far.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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20 Responses

  1. iTechMe says:

    good specs

  2. alvin says:

    better wait for the review

  3. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    compared to the MSI Wind12 U120 its a switch from AMD to Intel but I wonder if 4500M HD would be a match for Radeon x1270

    U200 has a slightly larger HDD too.

    Are there any difference between Intel and AMD when it comes to performance & heat issues in notebooks?

  4. jojo says:

    but isn’t SU3500 just a core 2 solo? would it be possible for you Sir to do a comparison between U210 and U200? and have how about a comparision with this Acer 1410 with a dual core celeron processor?


    thanks in advance..

  5. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    accdg to: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html

    3D Marks 2005
    GeForce 9400M (G) = 3394 (Nvidia ION but HP Mini 311 has an ION LE which lack DX10 support)
    Intel GMA 4500M HD = 1249 (MSI Wind12 U200)
    Intel GMA 4500M =1004
    Radeon XPress X1270 = 1018 (MSI Wind 12 U210)
    Intel GMA X3100 = 805 (HP/Compaq C793 reference)
    Intel GMA 950 = 414 (HP Mini 5101)
    Intel GMA 900 = 234

  6. erikjames says:

    i found on their website:

    MSI WIND L2100-036US
    • AMD Athlon ™ Neo Processor
    • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
    • 12.1″ 16:9 LED Backlit Widescreen Display
    • 2GB memory plus 250GB hard drive
    • 3.2 lbs Ultra Lightweight and Ultra Portable Design
    • MSI Exclusive Ergonomic De-stress Keyboard
    • 1366 x 768 HD Ready Display for clear and sharp images
    • HDMI port

  7. mandooow says:

    1.4 Ghz? Mabagal.

  8. creepy.chan says:

    nakapost na tong model na to sa villman.. i can say i’m not impressed with the price.. almost 30k na sya.. kung ganun lang din better yet buy a notebook na lang..

  9. r4i karte says:

    The MSI Wind12 U200 sits in that comfortable space between netbook and laptop..

  10. Momet says:

    ah from what i saw (sm annex)
    its a 24k no OS , su3500

    its 21.5k no os , Neo L355

    im really dont know which is better

    u200 is good at battery life and less heat
    u210 is good at performance pero lack battery life

  11. creepy.chan says:

    @ momet:

    ano yan exclusive cash price only or ganyan din pati credit card?

  12. michelle says:

    @momet and to all:

    may i ask what is the store’s name? and if you happen to know 0% installment.


  13. teriyaki says:

    i got the MSI U200 ala OS for 24K pero nainstallan na ng Windows7 bagal nya to boot up pero pag reboot ok na mabilis din pag turn off sya weird?!? tpos d ko pa mapagana ung webcam anybody knows? what wrong i tried to Fn+F6 as the manual shows and even even other sites I saw badtrip talaga..

  14. dianne says:

    I’d say MSI u210 is better than MSI u200 – better performance – cheaper – and although MSI u200 has better battery life – getting a range of 4-5 hrs on a 9 cell version MSI u210 is not bad. I’d rather carry the weight of a battery than paying 2-4k more. I am from Cebu. Right now our pc store are selling the U200 – i haven’t seen the u210 yet. Will definitely be waiting for it…. very promising netbook – since i read that its very good on flash apps

  15. ilidan says:

    u210 ang gusto kong bilhin kasi dual core sya pero nung bibili na ako, yung rating nya sa windows 7 ay 2.7 . yung u200 ay 3.3 kahit na single core lang sya.kaya u200 ang kinuha ko. ok naman ang performance nya

  16. Momet says:

    hi guys im back

    I got my ASUS 1201n last dec24 heheh it rocks!

    main enemy for this is the u210 heheheh
    my friend and i will meet up for a one on one fight :)

    pm me

  17. M.D. says:

    hi guys. Im planning on getting this but wanted the white one. Any of you who knows where i’ll be able to find one? The computer shops here in Cebu only have the black one. Hope someone could help..thanks!

  18. orthodoc says:

    I also installed a win 7 ultimate on the U200 and experienced the same slow booting time. At first I thought I may have done something wrong in the installation but this problem persisted even after a complete format and reinstall. Well I guessed I am not alone in this situation. Mabagal talaga sa boot up but once it has booted up mabilis na even the shut down time is reasonably fast.
    With regards to the camera, you have to install the “simple camera application” utility in order for this to work. you can find it here:

  19. JMontes says:

    nice looking!
    another good thing about this is affordable.

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