Neo Shift N81 Review

Neo Shift N81 Review

Dual-boot-capable tablets, those that can run Android and Windows, are very nifty devices that are perfect for those who wants to experience the beauty of both operating systems in one gadget. However, these 2-in-1s are still uncommon. And one of them is the Neo Shift N81.

The Neo Shift N81 was released by the company earlier this month. Unlike some dual-boot devices in the market, this one comes with a keyboard dock which transforms it into a mini laptop and accepts a SIM card for 3G connectivity.

Design and Construction

The first thing you’ll notice about the N81 when you take it out of the box is its metallic build. It’s body is all plastic but the lid has a matte metallic finish which gives off a premium look. The sides are accented with checkered silver strips on both ends perhaps in an attempt to make the device look more interesting.

From here you can also see the 2 megapixel camera, tray for the nano-SIM card, and the NEO branding. From the left, you can see the Windows home button, microSD card slot, headset jack, micro HDMI, microUSB port for charging, and speaker. Also found here is the standard-sized USB 2.0 on the keyboard dock. Now on the other side are microphone and another USB port on the dock, while situated on the front are the power/lock and volume buttons.

Open the lid and you will be greeted by the 8.9-inch display with HD resolution, 0.3MP camera and notification light. If you remove the tablet from the dock, you can see that it connects to the keyboard using metal contacts guided by a couple of plastic tabs onto a hinge. The hinge design is a combination of the design found on the ASUS Transformer Book T100T and Acer Aspire Switch 10.


The docking process is easy to do as you just slide it in and it will lock in place. However, it doesn’t feel totally secure. Hold the keyboard and tilt it upside down and the tablet will easily detach with a light shake. In addition, the hinge doesn’t provide much tilt and it’s wobbly which sometimes causes the keyboard to disconnect.

Speaking of the keyboard, it feels cramped especially if you’re used to using wider keyboards but you will easily adapt to it after a while. The keys are comfortable, quiet, with decent tactility. You can actually do some serious typing on this once you get used to the size and layout.

As for the touchpad, like the keyboard, cramped and small. It’s smooth though but loses sensitivity at the edges, still our pointer can cross the screen in two or three swipes. It’s clicky as well when you’re using the left and right click functions but feels plasticky.

Overall, the N81 has portability got right. It’s small, thin, and light enough to be carried around. It misses a lot though when it comes to the build of the keyboard. The tablet part is ok and actually feels better and easier to handle than the Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab, but the keyboard feels really flimsy which will surely disappoint buyers when it breaks down.

Display and Multimedia

For your viewing pleasure, the N81 has an 8.9-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 or 170ppi. The screen is bright with good colors but no auto-brightness. It has acceptable viewing angles but very susceptible to glare. No mention of any glass protection so our best guess is just a regular scratch resistant glass. If you like watching movies, the large screen should suffice most users.

As for its tiny speaker, audio quality is acceptable but falls greatly when it comes to loudness. It’s audible but only to the confines of a small room. In this case, we certainly recommend a good pair of headphones or external speaker.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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39 Responses

  1. 1cho says:

    Have you tried playing Modern Warfare 2 or Command and Conquer 3 on this?

    • Kurt Rainer says:

      Not sure about Modern Warfare, but this ran Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 pretty smoothly on low settings, there’s a good change it can handle CnC3 too.

  2. perry says:

    Does it read/access portable hard drive? if Yes, up to what size you try?

  3. pips says:

    one thing that sets this apart from other convertibles in the local scene is the 3G connectivity. It would have been nice to be included in the review. As in, how is the performance of the 3G connection? Is 3G available on both Android and Windows OS?


  4. Ne-Yo says:

    hi what’s your routine battery test? i wish you could also do some pc gaming and record its performance and battery life

  5. ninja says:

    Do you have a video review for this one po? :)

  6. lol says:

    when you said that that the shift N81 is a ‘dime-a-dozen’ tablet, you basically said that its worthless, lol.

    that aside, great review. would love to see more windows tablet reviews. neo is still a shitty brand to me.

  7. Bert says:

    I have seen one sa Octagon with the same price above. Pinatry sakin ng staff doon. Very portable etong Neo kasi nga dual boot. As for the keyboard medyo flimsy nga at ang gaan. Un touchpad siguro makakasanayan na yan ng user kapag madalas na gagamitin.May 2 usb port and nagtry ako ng external hard drive since may dala ko that time at naread naman . Ang panalo dito kasi may sim slot kaso nano sim. Yun UI ng android at windows ok para sakin at ok to para sa mga students o mga taong on-the-go lagi.

  8. I like where this is heading, but I’ll wait for more devices to choose from.

  9. POSEIDON says:

    Do I need to get a SIM card for this device to get full functions on its features?

  10. vhines says:

    How can I shift windows back to android? I’m new with this OS T.T

  11. diane mae tumapang says:

    how does screenshot work for this product

  12. Anj says:

    Hello got this yesterday and i’m just wondering if it’s normal that the wifi keeps turning on and off? The only time the wifi connection stabilizes is when it’s situated right beside the modem. When i’m in my room the wifi connection is faulty. I have 2 other devices as well and I have no problem with their wifi connection when I’m in my room. Is it possible that I got a defective unit? Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

  13. angel grace yude says:

    Pwde po ba iconnect ito sa lanline???? Troubleshoot sa modem ko??? Pwde?

  14. bjorn says:

    what is the problems with my tab. why cant i change it to front cam?

  15. chebum says:

    Who can run/play Pokemon go app here in neo shift n81 while in android boot?

    Thank you all for your response. August 12, 2016 8:23 PM

  16. Lec says:

    neo n81……Can this be install the sofewares of Government agencies like bir, philhelth, sss softwares?

  17. bjorn says:

    pwede mag ask about this tab? may alam ba kayo paano ang shortcut sa pag SCREENSHOT keys? nakalimotan ko kasi.. aside from using snipping tools po ha… thank you

  18. ver says:

    Musta po ung tablet manipis din po b katulad ng ibng tablet o makapal po…ung gilid

  19. wins says:

    …is there any way to boot to windows directly via bios/uefi? i see it in the stores that you need to boot to android first…

  20. millicent says:

    pa help po .. ni reset co ang windows now dina gumagana ang windows .. tablet na lang ang gumagana pls help :(

  21. AJ says:

    Parehas tayo randy ng problem pero sa akin ayaw talaga magboot. Nasa warranty pa naman yung akin try ko ipatingin. Wala naman akong ginawa sa tab ko. Ayaw lang magbukas talaga. :/

  22. dheiz says:

    Hi . my neo n81 stock in android I can not shift it back to window what will I do?

  23. randy says:

    how can i store my apps in the sd card in android mode?

    • Will says:

      Does yours have Android 6. 0pre-loaded on it? I had mine Fixed under warranty and returned my unit “Upgraded.” It’s a nice touch,, however, it runs a non-rooted Android 6.0 which has External Storage restrictions (they fixed it on 7.0). and for a device with only 4.0GB internal storage for android.. it’s utterly useless. unless they roll out any update that gives the device root or 7.0, we’re stuck with a useless Android on a Dual Boot

  24. ber says:

    May mabibili bng keyboard ng neo shift n81 sn ako pede mkbili nyn…ng msg ako s neo d nmn sumasagot o replay wl ytng pkealam

  25. Antz says:

    Wil, san ka nagpaservice ng neo m na inupgrade nla sa android 6.0?

  26. Daphney Patena says:

    Hi! Can I ask what will I do when I want to screenshot ?

  27. Patrick Oriz says:

    hi.. may i ask what are the possible solutions for my neo shift n81 which is not turning on but there is still battery life left

  28. Aveil says:

    Hi can you please help me where I can bring my Neo N81-3G to be fix to remove passcode and change the battery I reply on my email would be nice thanks…

  29. Aveil says:

    HI… Help naman po saan po ba pwede dalin ung Neo N81-3G ko para maalis yung passcode at para mapalitan na din yung battery. please reply on my email thnks

  30. hello much a price this neo brach

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