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Sony Vaio W launched in the Philippines

Sony Philippines introduced their new line of Vaio laptops for Summer 2009 today. Among them is the much-anticipated Sony Vaio W netbook mini-notebook.

Now that’s a pretty quick local release considering that the Vaio W was only announced globally last July 7. Let’s get down to the specs, photos and price.

sony vaio w


The official specs out of the box would be:

Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz
Intel GMA 950
10.1″ screen @ 1,366×768 pixels
MS Windows XP SP3


sony vaio mini note

sony vaio laptop

It comes with a standard 3-cell battery that only lasts 2.5 hours. It’s also a bit lighter at just 1.19kg and comes in white, brown and pink. Options for 6-cell could be coming later.


The suggested retail price — a whooping Php39,990 (and no, that’s not a typo). I know, that’s very far from the earlier $500 price tag we were told. The Sony Vaio W will hit store shelves by first week of August.

Update: Now I remember — the Asus N10J still holds the most expensive netbook title at Php39,999.

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53 Responses

  1. timetravelers08 says:

    wow too pricey!

  2. loadex says:

    goodluck with their pricing!

  3. Niel says:

    What a price???? crappy SONY. Price na yan ng regular notebook ah.

  4. petken says:

    ang mahal naman… Buti na lang I purchased my new netbook today. I got an Asus 1005HA 2GB RAM. It is so cool and I love the glossy screen, sleek design and longer battery life.

  5. TechPinas says:

    Php39,990 ??

    *scratches head*

    Sure, it’s a Sony — but that’s still a bit too much for a full-fledged Netbook. :(

  6. sky says:

    you were right, crossing out netbook. it definitely doesn’t fit the netbook category with that jaw-dropping price tag. sheesh sony. that vaio logo is getting senselessly more expensive in this economy!!

  7. J Rosauro says:

    in HK, it’s HK$3,980, around Php25,000.00. http://www.sonystyle.com.hk/ss/product/vaio/vpcw115xg_w_e.jsp

  8. Eizan says:

    Don’t like the battery life. At that price, people can buy a notebook with better specs (emphasis on the battery life).

  9. atom says:

    sony FAILS again

  10. Rondon says:

    I once saw a Neo 12″ notebook with a dual core processor, 60GB hard drive and a DVD burner, and it was just P35k. Puts things in perspective (am happy with my P17k MSI Wind u90)

  11. Niel says:

    SONY you have no place in NETBOOK category better not to sell here in the philippines. kakalawangin lahat ng netbook nya. lol

  12. paul e. says:

    Eee rules!

  13. joe says:

    netbook for 39,990. no way!

  14. Pedro says:

    bwahaha…they’re just joking right?.. bwahaha… what? its not a joke?.. OMG!!!

  15. Ardz says:

    Wow! 60% markup! Just last week, I bought an HP dual-core AMD Turion notebook (with DVD lightscribe) for 25k. This new Vaio is highway robbery compared to what I bought.

  16. Victor says:

    Ang mahal! Kalokohan na yan! Or maybe the “sosyalera” would buy that.

  17. Essays.ph says:

    As what they always say…
    “It’s a SONY VAIO!” ^^

  18. Darren says:

    quote from my best buddy in PH

    “who wil buy a netbook with php39,990?”

    LOL, more expensive than regular NB, shitty

  19. john says:

    waaa .. 39,990 for netbook?. ang mahal naman. I’ll go to HP Mini nalang. or hintayin ko nalang yung i rereleased ng asus na netbook.. that up to 10 hrs ang tagal ng battery… :D

  20. yuga says:

    The 10″ Asus N10J still costs Php39,500 in stores after 9 months in the market.

  21. Rome says:

    Weh! Not practical! 39K??? Tapos capabilities nya hindi mo naman maiko-compare sa kahit regular laptops ngayon… Pang-status symbol lang yang Vaio. Masabing Vaio. You can get a better deal with other brands.

  22. dcolon says:

    I knew it’s going to be expensive. Well, it’s SONY!

  23. zitro says:

    Dito lang sa Phil. yan nagmahal.sa US $499 (just like the price of other typical netbooks). ang laki naman ng patong ng Sony Philippines.

  24. demonyito says:

    Yikes! That’s too much!
    I’ll rather go with Acer Timeline series… ;-)

  25. Kaye says:

    I like the colors (yay pink!) :) and the keyboard layout, but at P39,000, that’s the price of Acer Timeline 13.3″ notebook, which I’m looking at to replace my MSI. We could do with better specs at that price point.

  26. ernie says:

    The fact that its OS is XP it sucks IO’m gonna wait for the Google chrome OS or windows 7

  27. emz says:

    the Vaio’s are always stylish and I really like them, but Sony’s prices are just ridiculous. Pftt. I’m not that vain, i guess.

  28. rcsaint says:

    I can’t wait to buy one! San ba mabili yan??? so COOOOL!

  29. rcsaint says:

    I can’t wait to buy one…so coooLLL!

  30. genius says:

    so cool…where can i buy one?

  31. you mentioned N10J which to date one of the most visually stunning netbooks around. my question is, would slapping an Nvidia video card entitled a netbook to covet price tags close to 40grand?

    and given that this netbooks is a Sony, i am expecting an astronomical price point on this as well.

    i may have mentioned it one another blog, Sony has this insane belief that “if they built it, people buy it.”

  32. Calvin says:

    wish i couldve been there for a firsthand look of this one.

    big disappointment talaga yung price. at 25k i think it would really sell pero at 40k and with those typical set-up… i would only recommend it to those with money to burn.

  33. Victor says:

    its not with Sony really.. its with Sony PHILIPPINES and their pricing.. Well, kumikita pa naman sila despite the incomprehensible prices.. Pero they could earn much much more kung babawasan nila yung price kahit 5% lang. Kahit na may tax, tubong lugaw pa din eh. Tsk tsk.. Corporate greed is bad.

  34. minimi says:


    how could you not rewrite the whole article where you committed mistake? IT IS NOT A DSLR for crying out loud! why not correct yourself with this rubbish?!

  35. a.cantos says:

    i believe n10 has better specs?

  36. if they will sell their netbook at this kind of price… they will survive the financial crisis! wahaha! so expensive huh!

    40k??? i’ll just add 5k-8k and i can buy two mid-range powered laptop!

  37. Wow, I just plan to buy a notebook laptop but I think I need to choose laptop very wisely.

  38. ERWIN:-) says:

    grabe ang mahal! hehehe. tapos wala pang black =(

  39. jayson says:

    playstation 3 na lang sana i-official release nila dito. pero dapat mura hehehe.

  40. A9 says:

    Sony Philippines overpriced as usual! Not a surprise….

  41. nenganda says:

    sold!!! hahaha cant wait to get that!!! sooo gettin it!!!! idc bout the price its cute!hahaha (really im that shallow) getting the pink one!!

  42. Rochelle says:

    I have one already and its cute, iba parin ang design nya comparing to other notebook. may dating talaga

  43. BENCH says:

    here in UAE the price tag is 2,195 dirhams..which is in philippine peso is around 25,000…and by the way i dont like the small size shift key..hirap magtype nung sinubukan ko ito netbook..mas ok recommend ko sa inyo to buy the HP MINI 5101..ito ang bibilhin ko pag launch nya..

  44. shebs says:

    wow!so cute nmn..mgkano n po yan ngaung october jn pinas?by d way im here in italy right now..pls.reply po nka2alm..tnx!

  45. Bing says:

    Ang mahal naman nyan…sa US nasa $399 lang yan ang taas ng patong nila…all our 3 laptops are VAIO the oldest E series was bought in 2005 so far wla pa ring akong problem…and will buy this W series this month pero hindi dito sa Pinas kasi huh so expensive.

  46. ma.luz amor says:

    please can i ask something may peke po bang sony vaio pink crocodile kxe po my benebenta sken 25tw na sony vaio pink crocodile windows vista ang gusto ko po sana malaman kung made in china po ang sony vaio kxe nk lagay made in china ang spects po 4gig ram 320 hdd nya tapos processor nya po 2.53ghz ang size po nya 14.1 made in china po ba tlaga ang sony vaio di kya fake yung binebenta nyun or pirate lng??please reply po thnks

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