Toshiba outs Portege T110, T130 Ultraportables

Toshiba outs Portege T110, T130 Ultraportables

Toshiba introduced their own version of ultraportable notebooks powered by Intel CULV processors and boasting of battery life of up to 11 hours — the 11.6-inch Toshiba Portege T110 and 13.3-inch Portege T130.

portege t110

Portege T110 specs:
11.6″ WXGA @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Pentium Single Core SU2700 @ 1.3GHz
1GB DDR3 RAM (up to 4GB)
Intel GMA 4500M up to 828MB Memory
Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3 USB 2.0 ports with Sleep-n-Charge
HDMI port
5-in-1 Card Reader
6-cell Lithium Ion battery

Weighs about 1.58kg and has Windows 7 Home Basic is pre-installed. The Sleep-n-Charge feature allows you to charge devices (phones, camera, etc) over the USB port even if the laptop is shut down.

Portege T130 specs:
13.3″ WXGA @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Pentium Dual Core SU4100 @ 1.3GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 @ 1.3GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 @ 1.4GHz
2GB DDR3 RAM (up to 4GB for GS40 and 8GB for GS45 chipset)
Intel GMA 4500M up to 828MB Memory
320GB and 500GB SATA HDD
Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3 USB 2.0 ports with Sleep-n-Charge
HDMI port
5-in-1 Card Reader
6-cell Lithium Ion battery


This model weighs about 1.76kg and has Windows 7 Home Premium is pre-installed.

The trackpad has multi-touch feature with gesture support. Asked about the claim of 11 hours battery life, Toshiba Product Manager says this is under optimal settings (meaning WiFi, Bluetooth turned off and low light) but real-world tests showed 5 to 6 hours of continuous video playback.

The Portege T110 will have a retail price of about Php39,000+ while the Portege T130 will be around Php49,000.

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21 Responses

  1. Pinay says:

    Problem with Toshiba laptops is their battery sucks. I got a 2 year old toshiba, bought at P60k. Wala pang 2 years, I had to replace the battery na.

    But performance wise, sulit. Matibay din. Mabilis lng mag init, must have been exhaust problem daw.

  2. herbert says:

    Toshiba, 15.6 percent failure rate as per study. Pweh. I’ve been a tech support for Toshiba for more than a year, and they suck.

  3. domob says:

    Wow, the keys on its keyboard looks awfully arranged. :/

  4. domob says:

    Wow, the right half of the keyboard looked awfully arranged. :/

  5. Brian_B says:

    I thought porteges were made i Japan. The Toshiba above look like it’s made in China.

  6. Anthony says:

    Ganda naman nito! Yung grafix card ba ng mga ito at video card have no problem editing movies. Kailan kaya maging efficient ang mga laptops to match the movie editing of the MAC?

  7. yam says:

    i just bought a toshiba t130 for my cousin 2weeks ago… i used it twice and battery was working long hours… it has everything i wanted for a laptop… except for the cd/dvd rom… it’s perfect for those who likes travelling as you can take it with you anytime…:)

  8. Gelo says:

    herbert, you should have posted the whole study rather than bad-mouthing the company you are working for.

    Here’s an excerpt from Yahoo’s Tech News:

    SquareTrade has more detailed information (the full PDF of the company’s study is available here) on the research on its website. But here are some highlights about how, why, and which laptops fail:

    > 20.4 percent of failures are due to hardware malfunctions. 10.6 percent are due to drops, spills, or other accidental damage.

    > Netbooks have a roughly 20 percent higher failure rate due to hardware malfunctions than standard laptops. The more you pay for your laptop, the less likely it is to fail in general (maybe because you’re more careful with it?).

    > The most reliable companies? A shocker: Toshiba and Asus, both with below a 16 percent failure rate due to hardware malfunction.

    > The least reliable brands? Acer, Gateway, and HP. HP’s hardware malfunction rate, the worst in SquareTrade’s analysis, is a whopping 25.6 percent.

  9. Lilith says:

    Anyone knows where you can buy the CORE 2 Duo models?

  10. Kim says:

    I’m planning to buy a Toshiba Satellite T115. Which is better, this Portege T110 or the Satellite T115? They look the same kasi pati specs.

  11. allan says:

    Ive been using toshiba sattelie for a year now. I think it’s the AS355D not really sure of the model number but it was the toshiba laptop that is using a harman kardon speakers and man it is awesome. It never gave up on me even for a single time. On this model, there is also a dedicated soft touch lighted portion on the keyboard for media playing and DVD playing. The sound is so crisp. I like to have one of these but Im more of a normal laptop user than a netbook.

  12. Ralph says:

    I just bought a toshiba protege T110 slim last Dec 7, 2009. Main problem with this model are the small speakers and built in camera. Sound is too weak even at maximum volume. You will need an external speaker to listen to music or video (or hearing aid). The video camera output is really below my expectations compared to my other laptops. You need to switch the camera setting to night mode for you to see (a dim) image of yourself. In normal mode you will be surprised to see a dark shadowy image of yourself. I attemped to return my new toshiba T110 to the supplier but I was surprised to see other T110 having the same problem. The dealer, Silicon Valley, said my Toshiba has no defect since other units have the same manifestatio. Hahaha! So if you are a frequent music lover or video camera geek, then BEWARE, I suggest you carefully test the Protoge T110 speakers and camera before you make a purchase.

  13. John says:

    Ralph, aside from your bad experience with the speakers and webcam, how is it in terms of performance and battery life?

    I’m torn between getting the Toshiba Portege T130 or the Acer Ferrari One 200.

  14. jam says:

    @John: we have almost the same problem! i am currently torn between a toshiba portege T110 and an acer timeline 3810.

    but i saw a recent review here on the acer timeline 1810 (which is not available here…yet?) and i think THAT’S what i’ll be getting.

  15. my only gripe is the sub-branding convention. nowhere was i able to see Portege T115 in the TAIS(Toshiba USA) website. this is obviously marketed as Satellite T115 with price point ranging from $479 which is roughly Php23,000 as compared to the landed price of the Portege which is Php39,000. insane. either the people in Toshiba or folks at Tricom Dynamics are fooling us.

    the weak audio would be the least of my concern since there is a work around on that which is to remove the Conexant Pebble drivers and just leave the sound HDMI driver.

    grainy webcam? there’s nothing we can do with it but i am not always on a webcam so i wouldn’t mind.

  16. who wants to buy portege t110 brandnew complete set.. just txt me if u want ok 09055544211

  17. jake says:


    thanks for clarifying the misleading claims of this herbert. although herbert is a tech support guy for toshiba (as he claims), he might have been working for a BPO which is not directly linked to Toshiba. that’s probably why he has such gall in badmouthing Toshiba.

  18. Tanya says:


    For those who own T110, how does it fare on youtube? Is it laggy or normal? And how about movies? Please answer I am planning on buying one this weekend already. I am in dire need of a new laptop! My Compaq conked out on me only after a year and a half of use!

  19. Bullsheet says:


    It’s quite fine and for those who have problems with the sound volume. I have the solution. It’s all in the control panel! There’s that SmartAudio application :D

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