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Will Nokia go Qualcomm for WP7?

Had a chance to have a private lunch with the Country Manager of Qualcomm last week and our talks revolved around smartphones, tablets and 3G devices (since these are the main business their company is into anyway).

We also discussed how the popularity of the iPad (and the newer iPad 2) might have also spurred the tablet movement with Android tablets coming in at a close second.

The result, more manufacturers turning to Qualcomm to provide them with the chip to power their tablets — and thus the Snapdragon chip came to the immediate rescue. While the upcoming tablets this quarter will feature dual core processors from Qualcomm, the company has already announced their new quad-core chips (how cool is that?) as well.

Then, there’s the topic about Nokia going for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. So far, Qualcomm has 100% market share of all Windows Phone 7 devices — from LG, Samsung to HTC.

The next question is — since WP7 requires some relatively high specs, Nokia will have to push their own chips to go faster or go out and seek readily-compatible processors like the 1GHz Scorpion chip from Qualcomm (similar to what is used in the HTC HD7).

If I am not mistaken, Nokia’s fastest chip on their handset is the one on the Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 (a 680MHz ARM 11 processor). Going for Qualcomm and using the Snapdragon platform may be faster and easier for Nokia. If that happens, we might be expecting 1GHz chips running on Nokia WP7 handsets in the future.

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19 Responses

  1. Benchmark33 says:

    hmmm what about intel or amd in smartphones? :-) maybe in the near future…

    imagine…a phone with a sticker at the back “intel inside”. :-)

  2. michael says:

    nvidia’s tegra 2 is much better!!!

  3. 21 says:

    Nokia is making their own way to get d attention of the market.

    i don’t know if these will work since, many consumers don’t know this kind of things..

  4. achter109 says:

    intel chips please

  5. Fleeb says:

    There are advantages to using ARM over x86 in the mobile space, otherwise manufacturers would already have settled for Atom.

    Tegra 2 platform is also nice.

  6. mary says:

    Isn’t there a company specializing in batteries?

    I wish someone would do something about the 1-2 days lifespan of smartphone batteries instead. The screens are beautiful and the applications responsive enough already.. :(

  7. deuts says:

    Quad-core? That’s nice. I wonder though if that’ll last a day. As mary is saying, there has got to be a way to lengthen the battery life of these smartphones.

  8. john says:

    we will see a 1ghz nokia phone since 1ghz processor is the minimum requirements of wp7.

  9. Berns says:

    Hi Yuga,
    Does the posted picture shows the actual picture of the product or just a prototype?

  10. Benchmark33 says:

    With regards to battery…perhaps phone manufacturer do what the watches are built…probably a gyro charging device in the phone unit…if you need an emergency charge, all you have to do is shake the phone some times to produce that gyro charging.

    But then again, can gyro charging can produce the watts/voltage the phone need when charging? I doubt it.

  11. kamote says:

    I hope the posted picture is the actual unit of WP7. The phone looks nice. The interface looks like the Zune. I can’t wait to buy this phone!

  12. Ethan Tremblay says:

    Man its about time to upgrade. Nokia is now making its way through the competition. Glad they won’t be left behind again. Guess they’ll be closer by a mile now from HTCs and et al.

  13. Gumz says:

    Nokia really preparing for something…

  14. KennyV says:

    Nice imagination there bro haha! Astig nga if ever merong ganyan :)

  15. Potpot2 says:

    An ot comment, will nokia still release the dual sim c2-00?
    I hope that nokia will at least announce something concrete regarding this model.

  16. Switching might be better or worse, take the risk and make it better. http://ineduchange.webs.com/

  17. popomaster says:

    my biggest guess is that nokia sticks with their current suppliers, unlike other phone makers (esp samsung) w/c uses a lot of suppliers. so qualcomm might be a long shot here, unless the current nokia suppliers cannot deliver

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