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Nikon D60 announced

Just a couple of days after the Canon 450D was announced, Nikon made their moved and announced a newer model of their prosumer dSLR series — it’s the 10.2MP Nikon D60.

The last time Nikon released a camera along this line, it was last in August 2007 with the 12.1MP Nikon D3 and the D300. What’s funny is that Nikon also has the D80 so I don’t think the D60 would be anything really that spectacular or surprising considering the nomenclature is sandwiched between the earlier models.

Nikon D60

Likewise, the Nikon D60 might somewhat be compared by consumers against the upcoming Rebel XSi by Canon. And to think, Nikon is touting this as the smaller digital SLR ever. So, let’s look at what this baby has got to offer:

– 10.2 Megapixels
– 3 fps continuous shooting
– Active Dust Reduction System with Airflow Control
– 2.5 inch LCD display
– Stop Motion video
– ISO 100 – 1,600
– Shutter Speed 1/4,000 to 30 seconds

Now, compare that to the Canon 450D and see which one’s better.

Nothing much actually except for that snazzy stop motion video. It’s as if Nikon introduced a new model just to say they have something fresh to line up against Canon. No suggested retail price (SRP) yet though.

Nevertheless, this is good news for those Nikon-lovers out there or maybe the ones who are inclined to get a Nikon dSLR soon as this will mean the earlier models will drop in prices.

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21 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jitender Kumar Jitender Kumar says:

    I want to buy used/second hand Nikon D60 camera w/without kit, pls contact me. my number is 092830*****. thnx.

  2. Avatar for meroze meroze says:

    how about the nikon d3100 is it ok?

  3. Avatar for Jona Stumpf Jona Stumpf says:

    help me!!!!!!!! My digital camera lens into the dust, but I can not wipe their dust removal. I live in a very remote village, how can I do?

  4. Avatar for toybotz toybotz says:

    whats more nicer sony HX1 or nikon d40x

  5. Avatar for natalie natalie says:

    how much is the price of nikon d60 nowadays?

  6. Avatar for Efren Efren says:


    halos same lang sila ng specs..try mo testing yung dalawang camera na yan..magugustuhan mo..nahirapan din ako dyan sobra!..pero nagCanon 1000D ako..kasi madami sa mga friends ko nakaCanon..pang beginers daw..wahahaha

  7. Avatar for Ronneil Ronneil says:

    26500 sya sa hidalgo ngayon, peo may nakita din aq na 28500 ang benta.. sa SM 33500 ata un??

    Anu puh ba mas maganda?? nikon d60 or canon eos 1000d? naguguluhan aq kung anu bibilhin q.. hehe

  8. Avatar for wendel wendel says:

    go to http://www.testfreaks.com/digitalcameras/
    #4 ang D60 for $385

  9. Avatar for puretuts puretuts says:

    Think its around 30 in Hidalgo, Quiapo

  10. Avatar for dwonderer dwonderer says:

    Mag-kano ba ung D60?? Plinaplano kong bumili ng D40x pero my brother said sirain daw ang flash noon ??

  11. Avatar for karla karla says:

    the stop motion video interests me. still, i won’t make a switch to nikon. :D

  12. Avatar for dementia dementia says:

    Maybe the D60 is weather-proof

  13. Avatar for Ferdz Ferdz says:

    Not that much impressed on this D60 release which is supposed to be replacing D40x. I bet Nikon still have something under their sleeves to replace D80.

    Same goes to Canon 450D specs isn’t much impressive. For an entry level, I’m a bit surprised they only implemented the Spot metering now. And I think they don’t even have the 1-touch white balance or manual kelvin temperature controls like say Olympus or Pentax entry levels. Sony’s new Entry level seems pretty much impressive in terms of specs even Pentax entry level with weather sealing. But of course, due to brand popularity CaNikon will sell like hotcakes.

  14. Avatar for Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    My own guess is that it will cost between 30k to 40k.

  15. Avatar for LiNTEK LiNTEK says:

    Any idea kung magkano ang SRP nito sa pinas?

  16. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @noems, yay! you buy this one since it’s lighter!

  17. Avatar for ScIoN ScIoN says:

    Sayang, I have just bought my D40x last Dec 31. I could have waited for the prices to drop once this new product comes in.

    Highlighted features for this product would be the dust reduction in which earlier Nikon entry-level dslr models (d40, d40x) lack of.

    Also, they’re going to release 3 new lenses.
    (24mm T/S, 60mm micro and 16-85mm VR)

  18. Avatar for koolitz koolitz says:

    confusing na ito…meron din Canon D60 eh…lumang model na…

  19. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    you think this model is good for newbie like me?

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