Music in the Digital Era: Buy, Borrow or Steal?

Music in the Digital Era: Buy, Borrow or Steal?

Here’s another interesting poll for everyone — music piracy. Let’s admit it, 99% of us here have had downloaded an mp3 or two (thousand) in their lifetime.

Luis explains the reasons why piracy is not the root cause for the decline of the music industry locally. However, I think the phenomenon is worldwide rather than just domestic though in these parts of the region, it’s more prevalent. I remember downloading mp3s from mIRC as far back in the late 90s thinking it’s okay since I’m buying CDs anyway.

And it’s not just music — movies, tv shows, pc and console games, as well as popular softwares are also being pirated. But, let’s just limit our poll here on music piracy.

So the question is — has your music buying habit been changed because of the digital format and portable media players?


Possible answers would be:

  1. I still buy CD albums.
  2. I buy CDs, the pirated ones.
  3. Never bought CDs or tapes in my entire life. I’m ok with my FM radio station.
  4. Used to buy CDs; now I buy and download music online.
  5. Used to buy CDs; now I download them all for free.
  6. I have always copied my music from someone or download them for free.

Okay, the term free is used here loosely. It means you get your (copyrighted) music from P2P and other sites. The reason for this poll is to determine if premise #5 does exist. It’s what the music recording industry is claiming — that CD sales have gone down because people can just download music almost everywhere and not pay a single cent for it.

And yes, I used to be a music CD buyer too.

Ok, head over to the poll section and cast your vote. Max of two choices per voter.

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25 Responses

  1. manu says:

    no. 4 # Used to buy CDs; now I buy and download music online.

  2. rod says:

    #1 I still buy CD albums.

    specially local artist (except Cueshe)

  3. LiNTEK says:

    I’ll be honest…. its number 6, BUT I don’t share them to others….

  4. spidamang says:

    I buy the ones I’m actually a fan of or the ones that compel me to actually go to the cd store and buy one.

    I am not going to buy a copy of something that’s played over and over on the radio and tv.

    Second, I think the availability of pirated copies just means you could be your own personal dj and listen to some songs you don’t know and then let them rot in your hard drive until you delete them because you need the extra space.

    The industry is kept alive by the fans anyway, and fans pay a lot.

  5. carlo says:

    I always buy the legit copy of the album.

    @rod – haha.. except Cueshe and Hale.. I agree… LOL

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I no longer buy or download pirated music or movies. That means i buy CDs and (will) purchase music online.

  7. marhgil says:

    I still buy CD albums if I really like the artist. Kumita sa akin ang Parokya ni Edgar, MYMP and E-heads collections. :) More on listening to FM station ako.

  8. boddah says:

    combination of 1 & 2 – i buy orig but also pirated (especially those rare albums). i used to download music for free but not anymore.. got tired of getting songs with “freebies” in it.

  9. manu says:

    Excuse me….ehem….

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  10. eric says:


    especially for OPM, and world music CDs like Putomayo

  11. Eugene says:

    I still buy CDs especially the “best of” compilations of my favorite artists.

  12. vance says:

    Radiohead did something we all wish the future of digital music would be, the album was realeased for free then the price increases as the demand for the album increase. ok ba yun.

    Another site that have shown the future of digital music distribution would be The site contains mostly of indie and underground artists but some well known artists have already agreed with amiestreet so that their album would be sold there for free! The site lets the customers download their album in MP3 format with no DRM protection for free but as the albums gains popularity the prices increases.

  13. vance says:

    By the way, one downside for letting the us decide the price of their albums would be selling the whole album at a very high price. Sa I saw one album reaching 20USD kasi sikat na sikat na yung album sa site.

  14. Kuya Kevin says:

    I download a lot of free stuff, but I also buy CD’s if I really like the artist.

    I think the music industry REALLY messed up about a decade ago. Instead of figuring a way to work with napster, they sued it and shut it down. Everyone went to decentralized, peer-to-peer software and all control was lost. Not to mention the outrageous price of music CD’s.

    It’s hard to feel too sorry for artists who drive around in Ferraris and complain about how little money they are making.

  15. just download them for free.

  16. julia says:

    me #5!
    (pero may exception pa rin, kung super gusto ko ung artist!)

    anyway, does putting mp3 download links to your blog violates Adsense TOS? anyone? please answer me..

  17. vance says:

    if your fast enough you can a legit album on some site for free, as I stated above the prices of some albums increases as they become popular. hehe.

    I never answered the question:
    I borrow a someone else cd then rip as MP3. Masma ba yun? Well ethically OO pero its not my fault somebody created applications that can you use for this.

    Medyo malawak ang topic na ito. If ripping the cd to mp3 is illegal then why do we have mp3 players?

    If sharing files through P2P is ileegal then we all should stop lending our friend our CDS and DVDs kasi the same result lang naman yun eh.

    In the end, Morality and Ethics nalang ang basihan natin if what were doingis right or wrong.

  18. Berne says:

    7. Sorry, NOTA.

    Changed my listening habits, abandoning “made” artists. I get mine streamed from Magnatune.

  19. When it comes to Music Albums here’s how I do it.

    First Step: Download free online
    Second Step: If I like it and find it worth buying
    Third Step: Then I buy a legit copy

    Otherwise, I will not buy, and 98% of the time, I also delete the copy because, well, I don’t like it… it sucks in other words (so why keep it in the first place?)

    If the music is good, then I will buy it.

    I buy original/legit copies not because I want to support the writers, singers, authors, actors, etc. I buy it because it impressed it, I like it, and it is worth it.

    So, if they want people to buy legit copies, then they must make it sure that it is worth it.

    When it comes to Movie DVDs, 98% of the time, I only buy legit copies. When it comes to downloading movies, I’d rather spend my time downloading movies that are not being sold locally. Legit movies are worth it.

    Now TV series.. same thing. Worth it? Ill buy it. If Im not a big fan, I just copy (not even download it).

    These NGOs should define the reasons why people do not buy legit copies of their products, from there, they can tackle the problem more correctly and effectively.

    If they keep blaming “free downloads”, they will ultimately go down. We all know for a fact that there are legit free downloads out there made by other people which are as good as theirs or even better.

  20. Thanks Abe for this poll. I’d like to believe that your readers are niche and manages/afford to buy. =)

    Also, I suggest adding an option #6 and even #7

    #6 I don’t buy CDs, I just listen to them online

    #7 I don’t buy CDs or download music, I just listen to them through the radio

    In my upcoming 2008 face-to-face survey, I’ll also be asking the music question and hopefully give a glimpse on consumer’s attitude on music purchases/download/copying.

  21. akeii says:

    #6. sue me now :p lol.

  22. rain says:

    Download all music for free. It its a local artist, I sample the record from a download, and buy the CD if its good.

    Most of the foreign acts I like to listen to are not available locally.

  23. jared says:

    i prefer to download dj mixes
    some 30 tunes mixed into 1 seamless track :)

    and also free music from various netlabels
    cant go wrong w. that

    enuff w. teh mainstream lol

  24. Ochie says:

    Combo of 1 and 5 (and or 6?)!

    I still buy CD albums (yung trip ko lang) but I download some songs for free. Madalas kasi, isang kanta lang ang gusto ko sa isang album. Sayang lang pera ko kung hindi ko naman papakinggan yung iba.

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