Poll: What's your music streaming service of choice?

Poll: What’s your music streaming service of choice?

We’ve been noticing for the past several months that a lot of people we know have changed their music listening habits. Some have stopped from buying albums from iTunes while many have forgotten to download songs from torrent sites. It seems like music streaming services have changed people’s listening habits. So, we wanted to take a poll to see how far and wide the changes are.

The major players in the local market are Spotify, Spinnr, Deezer, Rdio and Guvera. We’ve tried all of them and know a number of people who’ve been using all on the list.

Spotify has partnered with Globe while Smart has Deezer on top of its own Spinnr (read: With Deezer’s arrival, what will happen to Spinnr?), Rdio is preferred by Chromecast users as it’s supported by the device, Guvera is fairly new and doesn’t seem to have something unique of its own.


So, let’s get it on with the polls — which music streaming service are you using?

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Do leave a comment below if you have some thoughts on why you’re using your preferred choice.

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30 Responses

  1. john says:

    iheart is the best.

  2. ross says:

    spotify.. because of a state of trance by armin van buuren..

  3. gadgeteer says:

    wala, I download the music I like, save them to my memory card and play them when I like. streaming music eats up your bandwidth!

    • gadget? says:

      kung hindi lang asana pirated ung music na nilalagay mo sa memory card mo noh?

    • aze says:

      you can actually download if you subscribe to them, for just 2-4 dollars monthly :) this helps the artists and keeps the music industry alive. i stopped downloading pirated music after discovering spotify.

  4. SunCell Subscriber says:

    Spinnr: Music library sucks, interface is hideous, cheapest. Only Taylor Swift fans uses this
    Spotify: No Taylor Swift songs, decent music library, constantly updated, most affordable premium service, the HYPE
    Deezer: Clean UI, could be a great Spotify competitor, but bundled in shitty offerings by a carrier
    Guvera: Accidentally installed due to a pop-up ad
    Rdio: WTF?

    • Summer says:

      I love this comment. Bwisit yang Taylor Swift na yan.. Dun sya sa cheap, pirated, shit.

  5. lol says:

    Spotify premium is the best, i just download playlists then delete them when i get bored. Plus its all legal :)

    I hope netflix arrives here soon, if they offer local content i’m gonna ditch my cable subscription

  6. fadsa says:

    I use subsonic because I can.

  7. review mo says:

    mas maganda siguro kung ire.review nyo isa isa un mga nasa poll. para mapagkumpara natin un mga available music services natin dito sa pinas. para malaman din ng mga readers ang pros and cons. :)

  8. Easy E says:

    Spotify is the only music steaming service that I tried and I am OK with it.

  9. FRR says:

    Using the Spotify app for Linux. Rdio has a nice web interface. Both free.

  10. FFE says:

    my 1st ever music streaming i actually signed up for is spotify… and boy, never thought of changing it..

  11. igniculus says:

    spotify because my hipster tendencies is satiated by them brits indie music bands. luyyah!

  12. Robin the great says:

    SPOTIFY Premium. Created my own playlists and so glad kasi ang dami nagsubscribe especially ung 90’s girl bands and boy bands playlist ko. check it out. Just search agramonovsky. :)

  13. teng says:

    I tried spinnr but i didnt like that i would have to pay 30/day to listen to a full song. If you just go for the free app it will only play a snippet of the song.
    Spotify is good even for the basic/free one because atleast you can enjoy the whole song. I’m now subscribed with the premium and happy with it. I dont mind paying 120/month. Service fee is more reasonable compared to spinnr.

  14. spiderman says:

    Google Play All Access

  15. benchmark says:

    i go for Spotify…yun ang nauna kong nagamit and it was all ok naman. using the wifi of the office kapag hinde nagana ang TuneIn…

    I didn’t know na wala palang Taylor Swift ang Spotify…hehehe

  16. ParengHIlton says:

    Spotify Premium.
    kahit walang taylor swift ok lang..
    mas ok kung naka Spotify family. 5 members 77 pesos each lang..

  17. 'em says:

    Been paying monthly Deezer Premium for 6months already and I’m pretty much satisfied. Kahit yung mga super old and hindi famous artists na gusto ko nahahanap ko sa collection.

  18. I use “Radio Tunes”. Free service (with premium option) that just requires you to sign up.

    Works for portables devices (like smartphones,tablets) and for PCs (just go to the website).


  19. Takira says:

    i was able to try spinnr, but music library really feels lacking. I’m guessing smart isn’t actually targetting spinnr to be a streamig service, but a preview channel so you could buy a track/album that you liked.

    however, I’m much more accustomed to spotify’s model. as I do not feel the need for mp3 files anymore.

  20. aze says:

    Only thing that i didn’t like in using spotify are some OPM songs like 90’s and early 2000’s that are not in spotify. some old great albums of cool bands now are not present

    • mr ian says:

      Kaugnay sa kulang ang content ng OPM sa Spotify kagaya ng Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar, etc. di kasalan ng Spotify iyan. Bitter lang ang Universal Records at PolyEast Records na sila ang responsibilidad sa pag-block ng kanilang kanta sa pinas. Mas gusto pa nila sa Spinnr, Deezer at Guvera.

      Halos lahat ng music streaming site maliban sa Rdio nasubukan ko pero Spotify lamang ang pumatok sa akin kahit wala si Taylor Swift at ibang OPM tracks. Bakit kailangan ko pa magbayad ng 49/month para lang kay TS, PNE pero walang Hillsong, Ed Sheeran, Cash Cash, etc. kung may 129/month ang Spotify kahit walang TS, PNE, Gloc 9, Kamikazee. Deezer, mahal ang 250/month. Guvera 129/month din pero parang di papatok ang free version nito.

  21. 1cho says:

    I still use the FM Radio App, always FREE

  22. Siyempre Spotify! The best yan hehe… Tapos install ka ng musixmatch to get the lyrics of the songs while playing it.. Ok lang kahit walang taylor swift songs :) maganda naman ang Spotify Premium experience :)

  23. mondeq says:

    Trying Rdio. So far okay naman siya. The subscription fee is not that pricey.

  24. GlenArnds says:

    ok ang Spotify pero kulang sa OPM like parokya ni edgar at Hale…
    yung Deezer halos kumpleto sa OPM pero d stable yung mobile app, daming bugs….

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