Poll: Who makes the best Android phones?

Poll: Who makes the best Android phones?

Several years ago, we asked our reader who they think makes the best Android phones. This year, we’d like to re-visit the survey and asked our readers the same question in the hopes that we see a different trend, considering that there are a lot of new global players.

Let’s dive in right away and jump into the poll below. You can also leave a comment to share and defend your choice. We’ll limit our choices to global brands so that even our international readers can join in.


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You may need to login to FB, Twitter or G+ in order to vote. You are allowed to pick a maximum of 2 brands.

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71 Responses

  1. diorarat says:

    Hindi ako fan ng Samsung pero kala ko leading si Samsung sa pinas.

    • Zander says:

      Samsung leads in android market because of the mobile phone ranges and low price ( some samsung phones) but in terms of design quality and design elements Sony has seemed to make a more sleeker design thats tantalizing to the eyes as well as it gives a more “whats that phone your carrying” pop to the phone. It gives more features and less irritating features like you don’t need unlike the other.

    • PhSMASH says:

      dre cguro leading sa benta si samsung, pro ung tanong ko cnu ung the best sa pag gawa ng android phones,

      sa Quality, Features at Price tingin ko mas angat Sony not bias, but base on what i compare

    • diorarat says:

      Agreed mga sir. HTC first ako then Sony after. Sa ibang tao kasi alam lang nilang magandang android is the sgs4. Maganda naman flagship ni Samsung pero overhyped lang, malakas nga specs ngunit hindi optimized sa system.

  2. OpTiMuS_BlAcK says:

    LG = best displays, innovation and sweet UI features~
    HTC = awesome build quality with attention to detail~

  3. Mr. Curious says:

    why is there an iPhone 5 in the picture? and where is the Sony xperia z / ultra?

  4. RJ says:

    HTC makes the best Android phones today, although they are a bit underrated because they do not spend much on advertising. Motorola’s new Moto X is also great. =)

    • wew says:

      tingin ko di naman siya underrated,pero tama ka kulang sila sa pagaadvertise nito…kayangkaya pa naman nila pataubin ung sgs4 pag pinush talaga nila kasi marami sa mga bumibili ng phone ay hindi lng dahil sikat kundi maganda ung design =)

  5. abuzalzal says:


    tubong-lugaw FTW! hahaha

  6. charles says:

    why there is bb and iphone on the image? they are not android phones right?

  7. abuzalzal says:

    Hands down, none of them is the best Android phone maker because Cherry Mobile is the best. It amazes me how Cherry Mobile manages to make good smartphones at uber-affordable price and that’s the reason why it’s our preferred brand for my car aircon business.

    Haha, everybody’s talking Android now and no one talks about that crap, piece of shit, antiquated Windows OS.

    I pity those people still using Windows because they’re like using a fucking Steam engine while we android users are like using a hybrid technology. Windows is so old and only those dumb and stupid people deserve it. Real professionals always turn to Android because of apps and games. While Android users are getting new apps everyday, those stupid Windows users can’t even get a new app per week.

    Android is the best operating system ever and I’m proud we’ve delpoyed the use of Android in my car aircon business.

    Die stupid PC users losers suckers and burn in hell! Hahahaha!

    • sean says:

      so the credits go to Micromax then, the OEM of chery mobile

    • Gian Austria says:

      Not all Cherry Mobile devices are from Micromax, however. For example, ung original CM Blaze.

      And I don’t want to argue with anyone, but go look at Lenovo, no matter how they seem to perform poorly. PC quality is mirrored in smartphones. Ung iba bibigay na sa isang drop test lang. Lenovo has proven na kaya nilang magbigay ng military-grade quality na gadgets.

      If Samsung and LG are feature-wise, HTC and Sony sa build design and quality, Lenovo is more on durability and usability.

      Case closed.

    • john says:

      ang pinaguusapan po dito ay smartphone makers. hindi smartphone distributor. haha sorry for the term. hindi naman kasi CM ang gumagawa ng phones nila. nagrerebrand lang sila. at di po ibig sabahin na nagbebenta sila ngmurang phones pero kay magandang feautres eh the best na sila. dapat din nating isali sa usapang ang quality. alam naman natin na karamihan sa mga cherry smartphones may defect.

      para sa akin ang da best smartphone maker ay huawei at lenovo. kasi mura lang ang phones nila pero magaganda parin ang specs. kasi pati ang mga low end phones nila may decent specs(example lenovo a706 at huawei g525. at ang high end phones nila di rin masyadong mahal. kagaya ng ascend P6 at ideaphone k900. yung samsung naman, yung magaganda nilang devices ay mga high end phones lang nila. yung low end phones nila sobrang pangit ng specs. example galaxy star. haha. pati yung midrange ng samsung overpriced pero di naman masyadong kagandahan ang specs kagaya ng galaxy grand.. hehe yun lang.

    • H. Lane says:

      Spoken like a true professional.

    • troy says:

      I doubt that. Have you seen how much people are waiting in the Cherry mobile repair shop in SM north Edsa?? hahaha

    • pikacu8 says:

      indeed cm is not a smartphone manufacturer and just only a distributor and rebrand from oem…they release phones quickly that they didn’t care about software and hardware issue may expose…and most of all some phone they make believe that has ips screen even not…liars

    • john says:

      @pikachu yes tama ka. yun ngang Flare, IPS panel daw pero ang totoo, TN TFT lang pala.dami pa namang nakabili. daming naloko. hahays. yun ba yung pinagmamalaki mong best android manufacturer abuzalzal? nakakahiya

    • wew says:

      CHERRY MOBILE WTF Guys hayaan nyu na c abuzalzal anu ba magagawa naten kung yan lng afford nya?HAHAHAHA GO TO HELL BITCH

    • wew says:


  8. rgmdaemon says:

    sony and htc.

  9. wew says:

    sir do we need to login to the following social networking sites in order to see the poll?or dapat sa pc kasi dot dot lng nakikita ko sa mobile browser ko…

  10. Cuaki says:

    Sony and Samsung are the ones who make best android phones.

  11. daniel says:

    Samsung & Sony for me.

    Samsung, for its hardware.
    Sony, for their outstanding designs.

  12. sean says:

    i have an hTC so i know how good the brand is

  13. sean says:

    sana meron na lng Disqus para madali ang comment

  14. ariel says:

    Hands down its HTC especially their carrier unit the HTC ONE and HTC One mini…ang iba so chaka like samsung alcatel naman walang consistensy sa kanilang mga bagong labas na model parang + or – lang, last model me ganitong feature ngayon maglabas wala na yung feature kaloka sila …bilib na sana ako sa lacatel eh nasira ng makita ko mga bago lanbas nilang model nawawala na ang magagandang features nila sa unang editon…

  15. jepoysr says:

    SONY and HTC

  16. Lee17 says:

    HTC… Nothing else compares.. maybe Sony. NEVER SAMSUNG %@&@[email protected]&%@[email protected][email protected]%@

  17. Benchmark says:

    I will go for motorola… :)

    • diorarat says:

      Maganda nga hindi naman naglalabas si Motorola ng handset sa pinas.

    • Benchmark says:

      Yup, i agree, kaya sa local online market ako buy ng moto ko. :) umalis na din kasi ang moto dito kaya ayun, mahal sobra ng moto kahit na outdated na yung model nila (i am refering to the local store dito sa pinas na nagbebenta ng moto)

    • diorarat says:

      Saan ka bumili? I gave up sa Motorola nung hindi nila nilabas sa pinas yung razr maxx hd. And razr m kahit sa online stores.

  18. someone says:

    One should also factor in the after-sales support provided by the manufacturer.

    The first android based smartphone i bought was the Samsung Galaxy i5700. Samsung didn’t even bother to release software updates for it. I jumped ship and bought HTC’s flagship phone, Desire HD. Again, the manufacturer decided not to release an update (ICS). LG did offer an ICS update for their Optimus 2X, but it took them a long time.

    Based from the articles I’ve read, Sony’s doing well in supporting older models. I think this is worth mentioning and should be considered before purchasing your next smartphone.

  19. diorarat says:

    HTC first. Excellent build quality ng one. Meron akong one na walang casing na till now walang kahit isang gasgas sa aluminum body hindi tulad ng sa apple na nagbigay ng bad impression sa mga aluminum phones.

    Sony next dahil sa execellent overall quality ng mga phones niya especially sa lower and middle range.

  20. reddmakers says:

    LG G2

  21. paolo says:

    I’m sorry, people who think they will get allergies from holding a ‘hyperglazed’ phone, but Samsung is the only company that TRULY gets what people want.

    Sony. Beautiful and original design, but (relatively) tiny battery and relatively bad battery life.

    HTC. Your One is beautiful and fast, but the camera is, well,… terrible compared to Samsung’s, or Nokia’s, even Xperia’s.

    LG. essentially Samsung’s doppelganger (nature-centric UX, plastic build, terrific performance, plastic)

    Samsung is the better company because:
    1. The phones scream performance.
    2. User-accessible batteries (It is a right! It should not be exclusive to the mid-range!)
    3. They have (one of) the best displays, period.
    4. They hold the Gold Standard in Android photography.

    • diorarat says:

      Sorry bro, I have to disagree sa ibang points mo. I had a gs4. Laggy siya compared sa one. For whatever reason hindi siya smooth for siguro hindi optimized. Top nga ng benchmarks pero may daya so hindi na natin malalaman tunay na capabilities niya.

      User accessible battery for what? Mas mahirap pa magpalit battery kesa magpowerbank na lang. Plus points lang madaling palitaan pagtumanda na.

      I have to agree sa display, maganda siya and I like how Samsung addressed the saturation issue.

      Hyperglazed backs niya madaling magasgas. All the while kala ko pwede idala ng walang case kasi indestructable polycarbonate daw.

      Lastly, bakit lahat ng Samsung mukhang gs3? Nakakadegrade ng premium feel ng flagships nila.

    • gian says:

      Im replying to a fanboy, yes? Baratin na kita. Open ur eyes men. Samsung has lost its prestige as the best Android OEM. Puro labas di man lang matest ng maigi sa labs. Buti pa si Sony, slowly but surely.

      Naging mas pangit pa ang reputation ng Galaxy. Nagkalat na ang mga counterfeit Galaxy S3 Note 2 S4 (meron na nga daw Note 3 ee). Para sa akin, ang reputableng OEM hindi kayang gayahin ng counterfeits. Kudos to Sony and Lenovo for that kind of innovative integrity. Magagawa ba nilang gawan ng counterfeit si K900 or si Xperia Z?

    • carlo says:

      when it comes to design and build quality, bagsak ang Samsung dyan compared sa iba. mukha syang OEM phones lalo na yung mga latest releases since 2012. in short – PANGET.

    • someone says:


      true, maraming fake na Samsung phones. Since plastic and medyo plain yung design. Pero naisip mo ba kung bakit sila pilit kinokopya? Hindi sa madali silang kopyahin, dahil maraming may gusto nito. Gusto ng mga tao ng s3/s4. The manufacturers of these cloned phones want to ride the popularity of Samsung.

      The same thing happened when Nokia was still king of smartphones. dozens of nokia smartphones can be seen in malls and shops even claiming them to be authentic. no one wanted a Samsung phone back then so naturally, manufacturers of cloned units copied from nokia.

      to summarize, yes pumangit reputation ng samsung because of the proliferation of cloned phones. but you can’t deny that they are producing the best phones today (minus the looks or physical appearance).

    • dazzle says:


      Popular si Samsung but doesn’t mean it’s the best. Maraming clones ang Samsung kasi siya pinakanarerecognized na brand ng average consumers. Pagnagbabasa ka sa website na ito I assume hindi ka part ng average consumers na alam lang iPhone or galaxy.

    • wew says:

      Abuzalzal samsung-version =)))

  22. AdrianU says:

    HTC makes the best Android Phones in my opinion.
    …Though my last 2 Phones are Samsungs.

    My first Android phone was the HTC Nexus One. Excellent build quality. My S4 looks like a toy compared to the HTC One.

    My only gripe about HTC is their naming scheme.
    They had the first Nexus; the Google HTC Nexus One. Later they release the HTC One X. A year later they release the HTC One. They should come up with something a bit less confusing.

  23. puhgeh says:

    HTC for the HTC One.

  24. pauldiapz says:

    Samsung, I guess makes the best phone for now.. since they are flooding the market with there numerous phone models giving options for customers to choose from. It is just like nokia before.. hehehe.. mas madaming parts pag samsung eh… opinion q lang..

  25. ironyuppy says:

    Sony and HTC

  26. silentwarrior says:

    Like I mentioned on another thread, the best mobile phone is the one we hold and we use everyday. Ang sagot sa tanong ng article ay opinion, at walang opinion na mali. It is a personal choice what mobile phone to buy, it is not too different from a person’s choice what brand of toothpaste or laundry detergent to use.

  27. lord_cykb24 says:

    Sony and HTC
    Sony because it’s waterproof while HTC because it’s premium quality built reminds me of my primary phone… :)

  28. moonshines says:

    i must say, oppo made the best android phone unfortunately its not n the list.

  29. Aoiak says:

    Cherry mobile ftw

  30. JC says:

    +1 for Cherry Mobile kaya lang wala sa list.
    CM Flare still working and smooth.

  31. chinitoguy says:

    Sony makes the best hardware for Android phones. Kahit nung Sony Ericsson pa siya or even Ericsson palang siya super loyal ako. I’m even planning on buying a Sony Xperia ZR this year.

  32. Kim says:

    Sony & Samsung here

  33. One says:

    Samsung! So classy with their plastic phones and choice of colors.

    Very opulent.

    And the design, oh gosh, it’s so beautiful especially the S3 and S4, very classy indeed.

    The most respected phone manufacturer is Samsung when it comes to design. Plastic, wonderful design, and multiple cores, and the phone easily heats up to warm your palms on cold nights. Perfect.

  34. Theodore says:

    Prefer ko ang Samsung and LG because they offer heavy duty smartphones. Although the build quality lacks, they are all feature and specs packed devices

  35. HiERARCH says:

    in terms of innovation.. Samsung na! lagi silang may bagong feats na iniintroduce

  36. Blitz says:

    It’s hard to justify which is the best Android phone kung iisa lang naman talaga yung phone mo dahil ang mahal kaya bumili ng smartphone. So parang popularity contest na lang dun sa mga nabili mong phone na nagustuhan mo talaga. Like for me tatlo lang talaga puwede kong pagpilian: Samsung, HTC, at Huawei. So Samsung and HTC for me.

  37. Wakocoke says:

    this is an unfair question. this will only be a good question if it ill be addressed to people who own the FLAGSHIOP PHONES of ALL BRANDS. otherwise, people will say that the best manufacturer will be those that have only been influenced by other opinions and other second hand sources of information instead their first hand experiences.

  38. drew says:

    HTC.. Sila kasi yung pnaka unang nagpalabas ng Android phone and in my opinion HTC Sense is the best UI for me. Yung badside nga lang sa ibang units nila is non-expandable yung memory..

  39. mostafa says:

    JUST LG G2

  40. ingenious says:

    Sony. They have the most catching designs, imo. They also have technologies that can compete with Samsung’s (BRAVIA Engine, CyberShot).

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