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Thanks to YugaTech Sponsors!

I’d like to give a shout out to this month’s sponsors on YugaTech.

McDonald’s Online Delivery. Check out their new big-sized fries.

Samsung Philippines. Samsung is giving away a free UltraTouch if you join their contest and vote for the best style icon.

T9 Nav is a mobile search application that provides fast, easy access to features, applications content and data stored on your device, as well as to information and content available online.

Realme Philippines

Nokia. Check out the new 5 megapixel NSeries phone, Nokia N85.

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Pfingo Bounce of StarHub, Singapore. Bounce is a new callback service from pfingo that converts your expensive outgoing calls into incoming calls.

Sony Cybershot.

Globe Business. Check out the new Globe Blackberry Personal Plans (now available with the Blackberry Storm).

IBM Project Light.

SEAir. With over Php100 Million in discounts, get as much as Php1,400 off per flight to any destinations of SEAir.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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12 years ago

It is nice to hear of pFingo sponsoring your site. How can I get them to sponsor my site at:
VoIP Softphones

My site setup for the purpose of promoting the use of VoIP, especially around Asia and in Singapore. We also strongly recommend the use of VoIP on cell phone, as opposed to the common practice of having VoIP on PC.

13 years ago

burger burger burger!!

13 years ago

wow! congrats mater yuga!

tama, pa-burger ka naman!

13 years ago

Hi sir Abe gud day to you,i think you remember me last time i sent message for you via txt.Sir i have some question. Is really important the billing information from google adwords to make complete and to run my adwords properly.I mean fulfilling the information as Master Card or any Cridets CaRds?


13 years ago

pahingi naman ng ibang sponsors mo! :)

Internet Marketing
13 years ago

hala! Na caught ng akismet na bot ako? haha! geh keep it up na lang sir yuga!

Internet Marketing
13 years ago

Sir Yuga deserves it, he is really passionate in doing reviews. mas mainam nga kung ito na trabaho ni sir yuga.

@sir yuga.
keep it up!

13 years ago

Neobux kano ng kinikita mo diyan? ako umaabot lang ng $40 – $100 monthly. Paramihan ng refs! haha.

I am wondering magkano ang ibinabayad ng mga sponsors ni yuga sa kanya monthly. hhmmmmm

13 years ago

Oh, and my I also thank Neobux for giving me an opportunity to be rich! Hahaha. Pa-plug lang noh, Yuga. I really owe this company a lot.

13 years ago

Pa burger naman jan! Burger!, burger!, burger!.

13 years ago

Plenty of sponsors. Wow! I hope more come, as your site is a fitting place for mutually informative ads.

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