Samsung SyncMaster LD190 USB Monitor

Samsung SyncMaster LD190 USB Monitor

The first time Samsung sent in this SyncMaster LD190 LCD monitor, I didn’t know what to make of it until I found out it can also be connected via USB instead of just the usual analog video port. Normally, you can have multiple monitors with your PC if you have several VGA/DVI ports from your graphics card (or a VGA extender box).

samsung ld190 monitor

That means you can hook up several of these into a PC or laptop and tile them up serially or in parallel. The Samsung LD190 has a native screen resolution of 1366×768, 5ms response time and dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000:1.


samsung ld190 monitor

Unlike most other LCD made by Samsung, the LD190 doesn’t have a base stand. Instead, there’s flip-out reclining stand at the back. I only have one unit but the manual says it can be connected up to 6 USB monitors in parallel or 4 on serial connections. The software that comes with it, UbiSync, allows you to manage all the connected monitors and extend them in any direction. That means you can tile 4 of them up into a bigger square instead of just horizontally or vertically.

samsung ld190 monitor

Don’t have any retail price for this yet but I reckon they’d cost close to their regular-sized counterpart.

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21 Responses

  1. Neobux says:

    Very nice finish! And a USB Monitor? You’ve got to be kidding me! ^^

  2. benison says:

    please recommend a lcd tv w/c will serve as tv and computer monitor

  3. John Alvero says:

    This could be useful for setting up multi-seat linux or windows workstations. I have not found anyone on google doing this on linux or windows but come 6 months, things might be different.

  4. Bon Layug says:

    According to a member of Philmug.PH, these monitors are priced at P8,500 for the 19-inch model and P12,500 for the 22-incher at Power Mac Center SM North EDSA. (see

  5. I wonder how many watts does it take to use that monitor…

    It might be astonishing if it only comes from the usb power… :p

  6. @Bon Layug
    If that is really the SRP, this makes this LCD a great steal!

    I’m just assuming here but I believe it has a separate plug. The USB connection only serves as the “data transport” from your computer to the monitor. :) A separate plug should come with it more or less!

  7. Jhay says:

    If there’s a base for this unit instead of just the stand, then this one’s a real bargain. Otherwise, how could you tile them in one big square?

  8. Gerard Banasig says:

    Is this the display link technology? and is there a way to tilt this up or down I guess not.

  9. Glenn says:

    I was the one that posted that at PhilMug. That’s the price in the brochure so I guess it’s the highest price for this item. And yes, no hits in TPC yet. :)

    Sammy might start selling mounts for this for the square tiling but knowing Sammy, they never make VESA compatible monitors often. I checked, this one can’t be mounted normally. The kickstand can adjust the tilt.

    Data comes from USB, power is still the regular plug to the wall. Clocks in at 22W for the 19″ model as per the leaflet.

    @yuga, I’m really interested in this since it works with Macs so you can easily add extra monitors to your MacBook/Pro setup. Please post up a review for us! Thanks!

  10. yuga says:

    @Bon – thanks for the update on the price.

    @Glenn -haven’t seen this in stores yet. I only have 1 unit wiht me so I cannot really test the UbiSync that allows me to tile the monitors serially or in parallel.

    @Gerard – yes, the stand allows you to tilt it vertically in notches but that’s it. You can’t tilt it sideways — that would have been way cooler.

    @Jhay – I guess by wall-mounting it? There’s a computer table that have brackets for wall-mounting several monitors.

    @virtualstefan – still uses a power cord separately and the 22watts as stated by Glenn is correct.

    @benison – check out my previous post about Chimei monitors.

  11. calvin says:

    it cannot draw power source from usb lang diba? may sariling power cable or kukunin din sa power supply ng PC?

  12. Bon says:

    Abe, please test out how well graphics intensive apps such as games will work on the Samsung via USB. I’ve seen USB to VGA adapters overseas and most of them don’t work very well with games (or even with video sometimes), as USB throughput is a bit limited for digital video output.

  13. Bon says:

    One more thought: This monitor may be the solution that HP Mini 1000 owners have been looking for, given that the netbook doesn’t have VGA out built in. It would also obviate the need for Mac users to buy a mini-DVI to VGA (or mini-Displayport to VGA) adapter (assuming that performance of the monitor via USB is adequate).

  14. BungeeJump says:

    Can I get one of these, match with a TV tuner(stand alone type) and make it a cheaper LCD TV?

  15. very nice at a cheap price..

  16. kron says:

    this is very interesting. i hope you can do a review on this with regards to performance with games.

    i’m sure this will do well with office-type workloads, but will it do for gaming ?

  17. jude says:

    very nice,magkano kya yn?..

  18. @Gerard Banasig: yes, this is based on DisplayLink USB graphics technology. It uses the new DL-165 chip:

  19. Fidel Bago says:

    Bro. I am a staying here at Sigapore and like you i have a Macbook and this Samsung Monitor, just like to ask on possibly how cpuld it work on the Macbook? because I am trying to connect it to my Laptop but it doesn’t work only for Windows … can you tell me or teach me how do yours work??? thank you so much

  20. Fidel Bago says:

    Bro. just like to ask for your help and like you i have a Macbook and this Samsung Monitor, just like to ask on possibly how cpuld it work on the Macbook? because I am trying to connect it to my Laptop but it doesn’t work only for Windows … can you tell me or teach me how do yours work??? thank you so much

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