Samsung Star S5233S Unboxed

Samsung Star S5233S Unboxed

When I first receive this Samsung Star (Samsung S5233S) last week, I thought the LG Cookie has found a new competitor in the affordable full touch screen phone segment. Check out the pictures I took after the jump.

samsung star s5233s

Labeled under the Samsung S5230 line, the Samsung Star doesn’t have much in connectivity — no 3G, no WiFi, no GPS — but has a full 3.0-inch (240×400 pixels) touch screen.


samsung star s5233s samsung star s5233s samsung star s5233s

samsung star s5233s samsung star s5233s samsung star s5233s

samsung star s5233s samsung star s5233s samsung star s5233s

It’s gonna be very affordable and will target Samsung fans looking to try a touchscreen phone without putting a hole in the pocket. Haven’t gotten the official price yet but expect it to be between Php10k to Php15k.

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74 Responses

  1. ed says:

    Its looks great but take at that shape really big ha.

  2. Neobux says:

    Wow. Looks like a Zune/Iphone crossover. I hope it’s jam-packed with useful features.

  3. Snow says:

    No WiFi? I might not buy a phone like this. expensive ito.

  4. proud2bawomyn says:

    The S5233 or the Samsung Star is Samsung’s most affordable full-featured Touch Screen phone to date at a retail price pegged at PHP10,490 and is avilable in Black, Soft Pink and Snow white.

  5. william says:

    not bad. of course it won’t be feature packed and all since it caters to a different market.. if you are looking for a phone with wifi, just save a little and get 5800.

  6. sleepybear says:

    Hmm, a phone without wifi or even 3G is useless.


  7. Reggie says:

    would rather get an HTC Touch Viva but this phone can work for people who don’t need WiFi and GPS.

  8. Official price is P10,490. I was there when it was launched together with the Samsung Style shop at Eastwood last week. Was thinking of getting one (they had a P500 one-day discount that day) but backed out after seeing it lacked some good features. I’d stick with the iPhone for now.

  9. Eizan says:


    Woah, harsh! But, well, for people who don’t need or want WiFi or 3G, they might buy this one, afterall it caters to a different market. Most people just want style and functionality while being able to send messages and take pics, that’s all.

  10. Gerard Banasig says:

    Touch screen and wi-fi should always go together, it plays an important part on the mobile browsing experience, so that u can browse anytime with a decent 3″ screen and navigate on them easier with touch and not scroll them using the joystick.

  11. It’s affordable. Like it.

  12. so you think the “no wifi” and “no 3G” explains the price point?

  13. yuga says:

    @John Ray – it’s segmentation. Samsung does not want this phone to cannibalize their high-end phones like the Omnia and the UltraTouch.

  14. Pipo says:

    Omnia still. Or an iPhone 8gb since I read that Apple brought it down to $299 while 16gb is now $399.

  15. jeffrey says:

    I love this PHONE its worth it, I dont need wifi.whats the use of my laptop and internet connections at home. IM from Bacolod City. SAMSUNG had a big sale in all unit. so i got from 9995 + free 2gb.memorycard and with some other freebies..

    No problem for now. Everything is good
    Negative: No flash for the camera.
    thats all.hehe well whats the use of ur Digicam..haha

  16. Gams says:

    Parang ginaya ang LG Cookie.When will Samsung be “genuine”?Remember the Omnia, like a clone of the iPhone!

  17. lucky says:

    I think that is great phone with full options and a lot of solutions, plus for LG

  18. marky says:

    Ask ko lang po kung where po sa metro manila available yung unit na Samsung star and how much?Meron ba nito sa Sm North Edsa or Megamall?? Thanks!!

  19. Jay says:

    Just bought this phone at a very affordable price of 9990 (for a touchscreen) with free 1GB memory card from Baguio City. Its a great phone actually.
    No WiFi? I guess it doesnt matter, i still can browse the internet ANYWHERE through Smart (Wifi phone needs a Wifi Hotspot).
    No 3G? Who uses 3G anyway, do you even use it everyday? I bet only 5% of Filipinos with a 3G phone use this network-expensive feature.

    Bottomline: Samsung Star (S5230 Series) is a great phone. Cheap Price, touchscreen, huge screen, user-friendly, great features you want to use everyday, and most of all, its Samsung! ^^

    Waiting for the Philippine release of Samsung Omnia HD though..:)

  20. Joy says:

    My mum got this in UK today!
    I think that it’s an affordable and easy to use phone.
    However it only contain two themes but if you dont mind themes then this phone is for you!

  21. coolootsky says:

    reading some comments above seemed to imply that they don’t consider the price of the thing before giving such verdict to it.

    for a price of P10,490 for a touch screen phone is already cheap. consider LG Cookie, it was tagged at P11,990 when launched. but still, it’s worth the price. saw some features of this phone from some reviews, and i think its really a competitor of the cookie right now.

    even thinking of swapping my cookie to this, lol.
    but LG Cookie is much slimmer and the touchscreen is pretty responsive enough, despite some downsides. still a good phone though, for the price.

  22. xxxclyxter08xxx says:

    ask ko lng kung ilang gig ang expandable memory nitong phone na to?tnx :)

  23. lawrence says:

    up to 8 GB according to the user manual

  24. chip says:

    SMS memory capacity?
    only 200?
    like what is said in the website?

    are there ways to increase its message capacity?

  25. swat says:

    i want to know can we use this mobile camera as a web camera…… there any software which i can install and then i can use moblie camara as a web camara…….?please let me know…

  26. Wof78 says:

    Btw need your advice…which better Samsung s5233 vs. LG kp500. I confused to choose one of them….

  27. elle says:

    Better get this phone. fast touch response, no lags, better texting virtual keypad.

    ok ns ok.

  28. crickies says:

    Yung LG cOokie nEed pa i upgrade yung firmware eh.. dami daw BUgs like 110/2.2=49 answer dun dapAt 50.. then automatic restarting ng phone… soBRang struggle tlga!

  29. affanid says:

    like it, I don’t care about the wifi, cause you have to go to place with wifi just to browse,even i hate wifi. iam using edge connection with unlimited usage provider here and i can browse where ever i want, whenever i want, as long as there is mobile signal there.

  30. rickirich says:

    wer talking hir about samsung star and im thingking to get 1, its great i already test one of those, sana may mga theme na available for this phone para mas astig,

  31. Mjay says:

    Please check at wellcom,mura sila,nagcanvas kc ako lang ngaun.Ang sabi ng staff doon ay nasa 8700(cash) 1 year warranty,pero mga bosing kauubos daw kahapon.sana bukas meron na.Cheap compared to other store.

  32. b says:

    does it have bad connectivity with pc n takes long time for transfering filesfrom pc 2 phone n vice-versa

  33. Ritz says:

    im really thinking of buying this phone, kso i have no idea if qwerty keyboard ba to or t9? wla kse sa mga sites na tnitignan ko ang spec na un. i have an xda o2 ryt now kso mejo nagloloko, magkasing-laki kya cla or no? gsto ko sana same lang. ^^ di po ba naghahang? in terms of music ok naman po ba?

  34. karen says:

    hi, is it available na in phippines?

  35. joann says:

    how much is this unit in Singapore?

  36. ken says:

    i just want to ask about the durability of samsung s5233…

  37. yukino09 says:

    i own 1 unit and the keypad is T9 and also qwerty…

    if you will use the phone vertically it will be on T9 mode…

    but if you text while the phone is in vertical angle you can use qwerty keypad….

  38. sweetlove says:

    It doesn’t have much in connectivity.. no usb connection for pc to phone…. bluetooth only.

  39. MecaDiesel says:

    Just wanted to ask if annybody knows abupt impact resistance. If i drop it on the grownd whil it last or will break in an instant??

  40. angela says:

    i was looking for the pink one. do u guys know any shop that sells this color? tia!

  41. blue says:

    hmm it is a great phone can expand the memory up to 16 gig confirmed. cool features, it’s a really really good phone with cheap price

  42. michael says:

    where can i buy this here in pangasinan ?? how much is this .. response please ??

  43. Reddy says:

    Where does the stylus come? The pack of 5233 that have bought provides a big stylus separately.I could not find a slot to keep it in the phone.

  44. exhumed says:

    i live in pakistan , and i hope to buy this one for me, but the thing really gets me crazed up that which one exactly is 5230 n’ 5233? whats exactly the difference.. cud neone here help me on this one?

  45. kAez says:

    Which should i buy, 5800 or samsung star?
    help. tnx :)

  46. tintin says:

    im really considering buying one, pero wala nga xang wifi..but ive read an article na meron na xang wifi. here’s the link, u know if its available here na?

  47. pink.girl says:

    There are 2 types of Samsung 5233- 5233S and 5233W. The 5233W is wifi ready…

    Exhumed, 5233 is the higher version of 5230…

  48. JayR Saavedra says:

    just bought the star 3G (5233W) last week in SM north edsa (cellway)… got it for 13k… im quite satisfied with its features… specially with its wi-fi connectivity…

  49. Jan says:

    I Luv it……..

  50. Leslie says:

    I heard they just came out with a WIFI capable version this season, it’s about 11k I think. Planning to get one for my self this Christmas.

  51. danger's says:

    I got the WIfi version and its really cool. Plus, I like the touch screen coz unlike LG and Nokia, its easier to use quite similar to Iphone. What I dont like though (maybe I haven’t figure it out yet)is that I can’t change the message tone. We are like 3 in the office with Samsung phones with the same message tone. I got the silver one with free silicon case, umbrella, bag and screen protector.. :) (at least there’s a freebie.) And yup, it’s 11k in Samsung Megamall. It’s a good choice for your 1st touch screen phone. :)

  52. danger's says:

    By the way, it has qwerty keyboard,GPRS, and USB connection. I just cant change the message tone.. err!

  53. bimal says:

    its really nice phone than samsung..i try it

  54. JayR Saavedra says:

    you can change the message tone dude…there is a drop down box at the top of the screen when u change the ringtone… just click on that and look for the “New Message” option… then there it is…

  55. nouna says:

    samsung s5233

  56. danger's says:

    JayR Saavedra: i cant find the drop down box on the top of the screen…

  57. el_fili89 says:

    we just got hold of this unit and quite fascinated by its touch screen capability. our kids says it looks like an i-phone, hehe.
    Anyway, is there a PC software that can help store its contacts, messages, calendar, etc.???
    Our SonyEricsson is using the MyPhoneExplorer as its PC based application (SMS, contact, calendar, file management, etc.)

  58. JayR Saavedra says:

    Danger: sorry for the late reply…
    well i hope u have already changed the message tone..
    but in case u havent, here…

    go to settings>phone profile

    the list of profile appears..
    at the right there is the sign “>>”
    click it then you will see call alert type, voice call ringtone… etc..

    look at the top most part of the screen, there is a drop down list…

    click the drop down list then choose “New message”

    then you can now change the message tone/…

    whew.. thats a lot… hehe….

  59. JayR Saavedra says:

    el_fili89: yes there is a pc studio for samsung… you can back up everything in your fone…

  60. xfk2624 says:

    help sa themes ng s5233.. is there any possibility na mainstallan ng bagong theme ung phone..

  61. i have my nokia 5800 so far so good sya packed with specifications that this phones dont have. but unfortunately i am planning to swap my nokia 5800 to this 5233w… if anyones interested u may call or tx me at 09394015155 look for ranuj. uhm my phone is 1 month old. nabili ko sya 16k so i lowered it down to 14k. if you swap theres also a cash na 4k kasi 10k ang phone na samsung as ive seen sa malls… if anyone interes to swap contact me. thanks. i prefer txt message inquiries.

  62. Dave In Jeddah says:

    Help please on setting up WIFI on Samsung S5233W. My provider is asking for phone IP but all I see are zeros (4x).

  63. Patrick says:

    Dave In Jeddah,

    Provider of what? Internet? You should be the one connecting on them, not them connecting to your phone , that’s the purpose of WIFI. Also, your broadband should be connected to a wifi router so that your samsung star can connect to it.

  64. Dave In Jeddah says:

    Thanks Patrick. Let me rephrase my question. How do I find my phone’s IP address? My broadband internet service provider limits connections to paying customers only. My notebook can connect WIFI-ly because my notebook’s IP address is registered with them. I need to give them my phone’s IP address so that it too can be registered. Where do I find it? Help please!

  65. ranuj says:

    hello sa mga nagtatanung kung papanu malalaman ang ip ng cp nyo just go here in your phone browser type this

    i hope this one would help

  66. Dave In Jeddah says:

    Thanks Patrick.

  67. Dave In Jeddah says:

    Turns out, they need my MAC address, not my IP. Found it tho, by turning on WIFI -> search -> the WIFI server that shows -> details. It’s under Device MAC. Hope this helps others.

  68. Dee says:

    Hi guys,

    Sabi nila nagkakaproblema nga daw ang WIFI nya kaya parang nag aalalngan akong bilhin kung palagiang nag aask ng WIFI IP of your own CP then next time you access like for example when I was in Starbucks with my friends, anyway she has Samsung Star with wifi but then it keeps on asking for CP’s IP add.. How come? Its weird. So should I get one? :)

  69. adan says:

    can sms memory increase????

  70. cha says:

    hi there,could anyone please help…. im having trouble with my samsung star [gt-5233w],with the international roaming,,i’ve activated my two sim cards for roaming,they said it is quad band but how come i dont have signal bars on my phone..though while i was in hongkong i was able to use it,but as i arrived in u.s i cant use iy anywore,i tried transfering my sim to another phone {samsung sgh-j700i],it actually worked there.what’s the problelm with samsung star??,,i hope u could help me fix this one..thanks in advanced.

  71. cha says:

    share ko lang guys if you want some good applications and games sa samsung star niyO,,or any 2g or 3g phones… just go to this site..

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