5 Favorite Torrent Software We Love To Use

5 Favorite Torrent Software We Love To Use

In order to get what your downloaded torrent file has, you’ll need a torrent client. Clients vary, some are featured-pack, some just simply do the task at hand. Here are 5 torrent softwares you may check out.


Important: YugaTech respects the rights of copyright holders and publishers. These softwares are legal to use. We don’t promote, in any way, illegal contents.

We begin our list with the most popular one.

1. uTorrent

This is probably the household name for torrent clients (aside from BitTorrent, but they’re basically the same) and the easiest to use. It is also very light to download at just 1.29MB for Mac or 1.6MB for Windows. Despite its simplicity, you can still tweak your preferences with its customized settings for each download. Be careful though, there’s a request for an optional browser toolbar during installation.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Download here

2. Opera

While its primary task is web browsing, Opera also download torrent files within the browser. No more clients needed or even plug-ins. That is though if you would prefer using a new browser aside from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or even Internet Explorer.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Download here

3. Vuze

Vuze is your all-around torrent client with more features you can imagine. It even gives free content when you install it. It doesn’t only searches and downloads content, but also converts for your media device like the iPod, PSP and more! Plus, it has featured HD contents too. If this is just overwhelming, you may opt to try its lite version called Leap.

Oh we almost forgot, it also acts as a file burner on your CDs/DVDs for a premium.


Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download here

4. FrostWire

Remember LimeWire? Well it’s already gone, then FrostWire gained popularity. FrostWire resembles LimeWire pretty well but it is in blue. Within the application, you can search, download, and play your media. It can also be your dedicated media player especially if your contents are from it.

Aside from that, they also feature free and legal music content from partner artist which is also a promotion of indie music.

Available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Android. Download here

5. Tixati

If you are looking for a clean, ad-free client, you may want to check this out. While looks can deviate some users, Taxati is simple and straightforward to use. It is also easy on resources when running. Whenever you feel the need, advance settings are present.

Available for Windows and Linux. Download here.

Special Mention:


An online torrent client. That means there is no need to download additional software. What’s good about it is that it gives unlimited yet free storage with no expiration. Pretty neat, right? But there’s a catch.

In order to get a free account, you must have a lot friends in Hive. Moreover, it just came out of beta. When we tried to register, we had to wait for our slot.

Access the site through this link –> Hive.

We understand that users have their own software preference, so leave your chosen client in the comments below and share it with the other readers.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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23 Responses

  1. ocommon says:

    of course utorrent ako. light and easy to use.

  2. stoic says:


    err, proof-read first before excitedly posting..

    It’s Tixati for crying out loud..

    • Anony Mouse says:

      Akala ko pa naman ito na yung preferred torrent client partner ng Uber at iba pang taxi service apps.

  3. Karl Mac says:

    Should be software instead of softwares.

  4. charaught says:

    Sa experience ko sa Vuze, maganda sana kaso ayaw mauninstall using windows uninstaller, nag install nako ng ibang uninstaller software, ayon nagkanda loko-loko na laptop ko, no choice kundi ireset to factory settings.

  5. phonebuddy says:

    I’m using Torrex Pro on my Surface RT. And that makes my surface an excellent entertainment device. Whether during flight or at living room attached to my TV.

  6. Nick says:

    Been using Transmission for the longest time now on the Mac. Good, no-nonsense UI. It just needs auto-shut down, however. And Vuze on my Android phone.

  7. denden says:

    I use Transmission for Mac. Very simple, clean and no ads

  8. Name: says:

    its tixati

  9. someguy says:

    qbittorrent for me. I’m actually surprise people are not using it. It’s literally a utorrent without the annoying ads, deserves to be on the list. At least for me.

  10. rom says:


  11. igniculus says:

    bittorent or torch browser

  12. jm says:

    I’ve tried many torrent clients and I prefer Bitcomet. Dunno why but compared to other clients, this is the fastest (for me anyway). You have to sign up though, but good thing its for free. Give it a shot guys :)

  13. phtorrenter says:

    qbitorrent for me…simply because it has torrent search within the app. no need for searching from the browser.

  14. c says:

    transmission torrent client in Ubuntu is decent. Also shout out to yts.re and thepiratebay.cr – your usual source of movie torrents

  15. linux user says:

    KTorrent FTW!!!

  16. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    The original bit torrent for PC’s because it’s efficient besides learn to accept what the hand feeds.

    But for Androids: Ttorrent is the way to go.

  17. featured-pack says:


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