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Fast Five: Apps for the Fitness Buffs


Still on your conquest to achieve a healthier and better you? #Laboracay may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop on working out. In this week’s Fast Five edition, we take a look at some of the best fitness apps for those with active lifestyles.


If you find those ridiculous gym fees absurd and want to stay fit without having to break the bank, these five apps are worthy companions for creating and executing workout plans, and monitoring your overall progress. We’re deviating away with some known fitness apps and try to provide a varied list for your perusal. The list is not in any order.

Runtastic (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


Using your GPS, Runtastic provides a very comprehensive way of tracking your runs in real-time, including plotting roads and routes you’ve been into, detailing distances you’ve ran, and monitoring your overall progress every single session.

Sworkit Lite (Android, iOS)


For those who want more than just running, Sworkit provides sets of exercises that are designed to cover each and every part of your body. You can choose from a given curated sets of exercises, or create a custom profile that will suit your needs. There are also instructional videos available so you can properly execute those moves.

Realme Philippines



If you like it a little bit rough, Carrot Fit for iOS provides rewards and punishments after what is touted to be a grueling compact seven-minute workout. If you blimp up or slim down too much, the in-app character, Carrot, will blurt out mean words that might hurt your ego. Not for the sensitive people, I guess.

Noom Weight Loss Coach (Android, iOS)


Living in an active lifestyle doesn’t just revolve around exercises, as it needs to be complemented with a healthy serving of food. Noom Weight Loss Coach helps you with that by offering to be your virtual food diary — calculating all food you’ve put into it, and offer tips for better weight management.

Spring (iOS)


Working out doesn’t have to be boring, and the last app rounding up our list can attest to that. Spring on iOS creates interval-based running with music curated by some of the best DJs around the world. These music fit for the speed of each interval you’ll be doing. Who says you can’t enjoy with that?

And that’s it for some of the best apps that can help you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. We’re pretty sure there are a lot of fantastic ones out there that aren’t mentioned in this last, so hop down the comments section and recommend them to others.

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