Ding Ding Technology to Make its Local Debut Soon

Ding Ding Technology to Make its Local Debut Soon

A new company that goes by the name of Ding Ding Technology Philippines has recently opened its official Facebook page, hinting that they will make their local debut soon.

Ding Ding Technology Philippines teased their upcoming 4.5-inch smartphone which, according to the newcomer, will the “smallest 4.5-inch smartphone”.

ding ding technology philippines


Along with this, the company teased a smartphone with a similar back panel as the LG G3. Meanwhile, another FB post suggests that their smartphone will have a thin bezel.

It’s still uncertain if Ding Ding Technology Philippines is pertaining to a single handset with all of the recent teasers or they’re planning to unveil multiple devices in line with their impending local debut. We’ll standby for any further details about the new local player, as well as their upcoming devices.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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25 Responses

  1. Red says:

    Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

  2. Raxxia says:

    sunod sunod yan e., windows nauna, tpos ngaun ding ding, sunod pinto, bubong, lamesa, kama.. anu ba yan bubuo ba sila ng bahay?? hahaha

    • eric jay says:


    • Phillip says:

      Wahaha! This made my day. Kala ko pa seryosong usapang OS nung una, langya parte pala ng bahay.

    • dingding says:

      ahaha. not being elitist, but i won’t be proud to say ding ding when someone asks me what my phone is. same with oppo and firefly.

    • aztek says:

      You forgot to mention, the most important part of a house – the toilet room. And that’s where this brand will go because of its shitty-sounding name.

    • c says:

      Sponsored ni firefly yung mga bumbilya

  3. skeptic says:

    Pangalan pa lang, siguradong may impluwensyang intsik na. Pass ako dyan.

  4. Easy E says:

    Ang bato, ang bato!

  5. cagari says:

    Ahahaha. Kakatakot pangalan palang. Sana nagisip nalang sila ibang name. Hindi enticing.

  6. NotaSheep says:

    I hope they know where the market is flowing because our current local markets right now are failing miserably.

    • aztek says:

      This. It’s pretty much risky to invest into smartphone/tablet-related business unless you’re a well-known, established brand like Asus, Sony, Alcatel and the list goes on.

      No doubt that this newbie company will fail miserably.

  7. paul says:

    baka SK1 or SK3?

  8. aztek says:

    Wow, another brand…um, I mean a re-brander that will help fill the earth’s wastelands with electronic waste. We’ve had enough of these “toys” manufactured from some shady, unethical, no-name factories in Shenzhen, China. I couldn’t be happier! /s

    Seriously, it’s pretty much suicidal at this point to build a smartphone-related company here in the Philippines because the market is pretty much overflowing with local brands being annihilated by the international brands.

  9. igniculus says:

    mas marami pa din ang walang alam at mahirap dito sa pinas, konti lang kayong mga techie techie

  10. archie says:

    Hindi ba kayo nagtataka bakit meron pa ring CKK, Torque, ZH&K, at Blackview kahit pinagtatawanan natin sila? Ibig sabihin may market pa rin sila sa majority. Malay natin, baka si Ding Ding pa ang magdala ng top quality phones sa atin na tatapat sa Asus.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Well, just to let you know, those brands you’ve mentioned only care about selling their “shit” to us, the customer. Once the product you’ve bought from them conks out, that’s where things go really messy.

      Establishing a company isn’t just selling your product; it’s also about how you care for them if something goes wrong with your product. Sadly, none of those brand you’ve mentioned have a pretty much non-existent aftersales.

    • aztek says:

      Guess you don’t know the real power of “money” right? The only thing those damned companies you’ve mentioned is money. They don’t give a fucking damn on what we think about them.

      Business will always be business.

    • anon says:

      The existence of gullible people doesn’t give anybody the right to screw them.

  11. aa says:


  12. tuco says:

    hindi kaya si hector salamanca CEO neto?

  13. abuzalzal d original says:

    This is an Ilocano owned company.

  14. Pogi ako says:

    baka nmn sing tibay ng dingding talaga yan kaya ding ding ang name nya aa hehe

  15. Sexy says:

    nabasa ko sa blog ng malaysia ang meaning daw ng ding ding is the sound of the bell, which is attractive to people when they hear the dingding, and i guess di nila alam ang meaning ng ding ding sa tagalog kaya gnyn ang name.

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