Galaxy Note 5 on Globe, Smart starts getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Galaxy Note 5 on Globe, Smart starts getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

We’ve been receiving reports that telco-issued Galaxy Note 5 devices are now getting updates for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The update is about 1.4GB in size and should be pushed via OTA.


The SKU affected is the SM-N9208 under Globe, Smart and Sun. Screenshots of the update notification shown above. Do let us know in the comments if your devices are also getting one right now.

Hat tip to John de la Paz.

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9 Responses

  1. Dan Rivera says:

    Yup, already updated last Saturday :-), smoother transitions than Lollipop but faster battery drain. Will give the OS a few days to settle.

    • Maria Annalou Morcillo says:

      How bad is the batt drain issue?? Is it bearable or worst??

    • Dan Rivera says:

      The batt drain is bearable. Overnight standby drain (mobile data and WiFi off) is almost the same with Lollipop (2-3%). On the average, I end up with 20-25% batt life after eight hours with MM, 35-40% with Lollipop (both with mobile data on). But it’s been three days only since the update, I guess it will get better once my phone gets accustomed to the new OS :-D.

  2. I got mine this morning, and I’m keeping a close eye regarding battery drains and WiFi connection issues like the forums before said.

  3. Pooochitooow says:

    I lost mobile data after the upgrade. Nothing works even edge. Solutions available on the net all failed (airplane mode, reboot, sim card replacement). I’ll talk to Globe support next. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

    • raTor says:

      i experienced the same major issue. visited the service center twice. they replaced the motherboard upon the first visit, but the problem recurred after 7 days. the 2nd visit, i asked that the OS be downgraded to Lollipop but issue persists until today. i am at my wit’s end, but i will visit the service center the 3rd time this weekend.

      was your issue resolved?

  4. albertgni87 says:

    i updat?d mine last week big issue for me is ung battery drain. if normal use ang I charged it sa umaga I will charge it around 3 or 4 pm with 15% remaining. but the rest of the new features is ok to me

  5. Poooooochitoooooow says:

    @rator – turns out i had my line cut off by my service provider which explains the connectivity issues. Upgrade has not affected my phone after all. You may want to check in with your service provider if you got the same issues as mine.

  6. Ronald says:

    Bat sa sun cell wala pang update? Pwede ba gamitin yung sa smart.

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