How to activate Facebook Messenger's hidden Dark Mode

How to activate Facebook Messenger’s hidden Dark Mode

We’ve found a cool way to activate the promised Dark Mode feature in Facebook Messenger.

Promised as a feature to be introduced with the Messenger’s fourth major version release, the dark mode touts an all-black screen with only images and text gaining brighter colors.


To activate the said feature, send a crescent moon emoji (:crescent_moon:) to any of your existing chats, and a falling moon animation will pop up. Once done, head over to your messenger settings and toggle it on. Be warned, though, that not all features have already been converted to a dark mode mention as a popup will warn you of such when you toggle it on the first time.

The said easter egg is available for both Android and iOS variants of the messenger app. Facebook plans to officially roll out this feature in the coming weeks or months to all users, so you may use this method the soonest if you want to have a fresh look, or want to save energy with your AMOLED display.

With reports from Heland Ortega

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22 Responses

  1. James says:

    I have the latest version still not working

  2. drex says:

    how about the full page keyboard?
    any idea how to dea with it?

  3. Arcy says:

    Sent a crescent moon but nothing happens.

  4. Jo ker says:

    Activate my dark mode messenger please..

  5. Rayquaza says:

    It is working. You need to use beta version. Visit apkmirror for download links

  6. cleriza gonzales says:

    Activate my dark mode In messenger please..Its cool .Thanks

  7. Kimmot says:

    Andamot ng messeger na to., pati instant games wala ako..

  8. Chat UI still white tho ??? weirdest dark mode ever

  9. tin says:

    biglang nawala sa kin nung narestart phone ko :(

  10. mema says:

    nagawa ko na ito dati pa, modified ko sya using apk editor. dami nian sa forum site

  11. AGNELL MAAGAD says:

    Not working on my friend’s android M phone. I updated the app, sent a crescent moon emoji, pop up message appeared stating dark mode has been found, but its switch does not exist in the settings menu.

  12. Deyb Santos says:


  13. Deyb Santos says:


  14. chaos1 says:

    It’s too dark for me. It could be more like Android Messages’ dark mode.

  15. Delia C says:

    Did this setting in my iPhone X dark iOs12 but no falling crescent moon nor dark mode happened. Although this is the latest version

  16. Turtl3s says:

    I did mine on my Pocophone F1 and it works… Had trouble looking for the crescent moon emoji but I found it, sent it to 1 of my chat groups, falling moons appeared, went to settings and “Dark Mode” is on top.

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