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Microsoft unveils ‘Creator Update’ for Windows 10, includes Paint 3D

Microsoft has unveiled its newest Windows 10 update called the ‘Creators Update‘, highlighting a lot of new features that would ignite the imagination and creativity among its wide user base.


First off, the Creators Update allows users to work in 3D spaces with the new Windows Paint 3D app.  With the use of a mapping app on a smartphone, one can take on physical objects and photos as 3D models into their devices and enables them to use it as 3D memories via Paint 3D. You can also share your 3D creations on a new community made for the specific function and on social media, as well as grab models for your own use, or display them on augmented reality with Windows Hololens or on virtual reality with Windows-certified VR headsets. Speaking of Paint 3D, the reinvented app takes more on the space with functions such as turning your photos into 3D objects and creating 3D shapes out of 2D lines.

The Creators Update also provides more functionality for both XBox One S and Windows 10 PC gamers as there will be more functionalities for gamers such as support for 4K resolution play, built-in live broadcast functions via an integrated Beam software on Windows 10, and create custom tournaments with friends on XBox Live. Furthermore, the new update will bring Dolby Atmos support on the XBox One S’ 4K Blu-Ray player.

The new update will also keep your most connected contacts closer to you —  The new “My People” feature highlights a handful of close contacts in the bottom toolbar, making it possible to drag and drop content to share them directly with people, via Skype, Mail, and Xbox to start.

The new Creative Update for Windows 10 arrives this week to users subscriber to Insider builds, while the rest of the world will have to wait until early 2017 for a free stable release.

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  1. Marcus says:

    This is what Microsoft is for: PC OS.
    They’re not for manufacturing smartphones.

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