NBA 2K15 arrives in PH!

NBA 2K15 arrives in PH!

The highly-awaited franchise of the popular basketball video game is finally here in the Philippines. With MVP Kevin Durant presented proudly on the cover, the NBA 2K15 is here to bring more adrenaline-pumping game with new modes and added improvements to its gameplay.


The NBA 2K15 introduces a new mode called MY League which lets you play both single season or even up to an 80-year franchise experience. An exclusive to NBA 2K15 PlayStation 4, XBoxOne, and PC, it lets you control every aspect of how your very own league plays out.

The game also includes an expanded list of Euroleague teams, amounting to over twenty in total. The Pharell-soundtracked game offers a number of improvements in different aspects as well as introduces a new way of shooting.

Animation: This year’s game will feature approximately 5,000 new animations, with a core focus on NextGen movement.

Control: Players now feel more engaged in every basketball decision and action, with control over rebounding, steals, blocks and the like.


Defense: Improved floor game, more contact in the pain and better locomotion, including an all-new defensive AI system to deliver a more realistic flow, to rotations on defense and contextual decision-making.

Smarter AI: New team-specific play sets and the introduction of the Sit Tech play system.

New Shooting System: Timing used to be just one factor in the calculation, but now all shot factor are fed through the shot meter, making timing the ultimate determiner as to whether a shot is a make or miss.

NBA 2K15 will hit store shelves tomorrow, October 9, 2014, and will be available in PlayStation4, PlayStation3, XBoxOne, Xbox360, and Microsoft Windows PC. It’s worthy to note that this is the first time in franchise history that the PC version will be the same as the PlayStation4 and XboxOne versions.

The NBA 2K15 will be available in the following retailers:
Gadgets @ Xtreme
Game Gizmo
Game One Gadget
The Landmark
Lee Plaza
NBA Store
Planet Toys
Toys R Us
Toy Town
Toy Kingdom
Toy Kingdom Express

There were no official store pricing released as of yet, but you can find it at Steam for Php1,999. For the consoles and PC, they could go for the same price as the NBA 2K14 when it was previously released – that is Php2,395 for the PS3 version, Php2,195 for the Xbox, and Php1,295 for the PC. But as explained earlier, the PC version might end up having the same price as the consoles’. We’ll update this article once we get the details.

In addition, you can also register your box codes at Xplay’s website to join upcoming tournaments, exclusive events, and promos.

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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  1. ravadaw says:

    Goodluck 38Gb haahahha

  2. NBA FANATIC says:


  3. garz says:

    Is it true that when you buy it in stores you won’t get the DVD but instead a Steam ID/number and then use it to download the game? Man, that large a file would take me days to download it.

    • Hen-Sheen says:

      True. I want to buy Ultra Street Fighter 4 for the PC, but its a Steam! The filesize for that game is 11GB (plus the current Internet speed in the Philippines), won’t ease the burden at all!

  4. Ryan says:

    Meron na pirated version din for PC. got one :D

  5. barbie says:

    sex lang yan

  6. Ben says:

    Be warned. If you are not using the new gen consoles xbox one or ps4. You are not getting the new gameplay for my career.. basically if you are using xbox 360 or ps3, its the same as 2k14. different music lang and updated roster. too bad I cant return it to data blitz. I felt robbed!

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