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Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know


We’re pretty sure that if not all, most Filipinos have a subscription to Netflix. Everyone knows that Netflix is home to thousands of movies and TV series, but there is more to it that can’t be seen with your naked eyes. We did some digging and unraveled some Netflix tips that might be useful for your binge-watching sessions. These smart hacks apply to both mobile and desktop versions of Netflix.

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Turn on Audio Descriptions

Netflix Tips 2 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

Unknown to many, Netflix offers audio descriptions to its original and self-produced digital content. The option is specifically tailored to the service’s visually-impaired subscribers. It includes narration of the character’s actions, facial expressions, and scene changes. To activate it, just go to the o and subtitles button and select “Audio Description.” The standard available audio description is always on the native language of the title you choose to watch.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Netflix Tips 1 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

Useful for those who prefer to use Netflix on web browsers or desktop version of the app, these keyboard shortcuts grants more control to users on their viewing experience.

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Here are the basic commands that you should know:

Space/Enter – for playing and pausing of digital content

F – for playing movies and episodes on full-screen

Esc – for exiting full-screen

Left arrow – for rewinding up to 10 seconds

Right arrow – for fast-forwarding up to 10 seconds

Up arrow – for turning the volume up

Down arrow – for turning the volume down

M – for muting volume

Sort titles in chronological order

Netflix Tips 3 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

Realme Philippines

Yes, you can arrange titles per category in alphabetical order.  All you need to do is navigate the category page, click the small box with four dots on the upper right corner, and select “A-Z.”  This feature only works on  Netflix’s desktop version and web browsers.

Watch programs offline

Netflix Tips 11 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

This one is ideal for those who have limited WiFi connection or are always out and about. However, the number of devices which can download movies and episodes is based on the type of subscription plan. This limits the user to watch offline on his/her mobile device or desktop that runs on Windows 10 version 1607 or later. Just search the title that you plan to watch and click the download button. For TV series, the icon will appear next to each available episode. Once done, go to the Downloads section of the app. There, you’ll see all the content that you can watch remotely without connecting to the Internet.

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Be in the loop for the latest updates 

Netflix Tips 5 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

Are you wondering about the upcoming shows and films on Netflix? Worry no more! For desktop users, you can search for the newest TV shows and movies added on Netflix’s catalog through the “Latest” page. This also shows new content for the current and next week. Mobile app users, however, can see it under the “Coming Soon” section located at the bottom center part.

Access hidden categories

Netflix Tips 10 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

One clever trick that the audience might not know is the strange system of Netflix in categorizing its content. This is different from the genres presented on the mobile and desktop app, as well as the web browser version. Here, you’ll discover hidden genres such as Film Noir, Satanic Stories, and Stage Musicals. To access this, just type https://netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX to any browser’s toolbar and replace the “XXXX” with actual codes. You may refer to this link for the complete list of Netflix codes.

Manage other profiles on your account

Netflix Tips 12 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

If you have different profiles under one account, you may view their recent streaming activity and ratings, set viewing restrictions, lock their profile, and change playback settings. This feature, which is accessible via mobile app, desktop app, and web, makes Netflix safer for children and teenagers. To explore the whole steps for this, you may read our article here.

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Lock your profile

Netflix Parental Update 1 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

Netflix recently updated its parental control feature. This includes setting a PIN to make a specific profile private from other users. This prevents kids from wandering into other profiles without content restriction. To set a PIN, go to your account setting, navigate to the “Profile & Parental Controls” section, enter the account’s password, and enter your desired PIN. You can only set a PIN through a web or mobile browser.

Customize settings for subtitles

Netflix Tips 6 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

For those who would like to change the font and font size of their subtitles on all connected devices, you may do so by going to your Profile page, click “Account” and scroll down to “Profile and Parental Controls” section. Find the “Subtitle Appearance” to redirect on its main page and apply changes.

Petition a TV show or movie

Netflix Tips 7 • Netflix Tips That Everyone Should Know

Do you have any requests for Netflix? Now’s the chance for you to be heard! Through this link, subscribers may submit up to three movies and TV series recommendations. The streaming service also keeps track of all requests from its members, so there’s no need to submit the same titles again.

And that’s a wrap for our list. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below!

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