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Next Windows 10 update to feature Timeline, Focus Assist

The next big Windows update is upon us and no, it will no longer be called “Spring Creators Update”. Instead, it’s named “Windows 10 April 2018 update”. While the name may be a bit bland, the features it brings are actually quite interesting. The update can be manually downloaded on April 30, while the automatic rollouts will occur in May.

First up, the introduction of Timeline. It basically lets users access any file from up to 30 days ago in a more streamlined fashion. The new Timeline tab records and stores any accessed files, even e-mails checked via Microsoft Edge, by date. This makes searching for files, photos, videos, and e-mails a lot faster. Apart from that, users can pick up where they left off on Office 365 or Microsoft Edge on their mobile to their Windows PC, provided that they are signed into their Microsoft accounts.

Next up, Focus Assist. Think of the new feature as Airplane Mode but only for notifications. Basically, when Focus Assist is turned on, the user won’t be receiving any notifications, whether it be social media or any other form. It can either be toggled manually or set to automatically turn on at a certain time. After the feature is turned off a summary of the notifications will be present. Users can, however, choose to list notifications that can bypass Focus Assist.

Microsoft Edge will also be getting some juicy updates:

  • Audio can now be muted on tabs with sound
  • Books, PDFs, and Reading View pages can now be viewed full-screen
  • Address, payment, and other information can now be securely saved with the option of autofill on web payment forms.
  • Addition of a “clutter-free” printing option
  • Addition of Grammar Tools, which provides several comprehensions aids on grammar.

Then we have Dictation, a more improved Voice Input feature. This allows users to “type” using their voice by pressing the “Win + H” keys. Other than the aforementioned features, Microsoft is also adding in a few more simplified IT management tools and will be updating Cortana to be able to access smart home appliances.

source: Microsoft

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