This is how iOS 7 may look like

This is how iOS 7 may look like

While Android may be facing just an incremental update in the next Google IO, Apple may be cooking up a major update to iOS. We posted a couple of reports for iOS 7 already, but we still have no idea how these details will be look like on the new OS.

iOS7 2

The reports called for a flatter iOS, with improvements in multitasking and in bringing information. It’s a little hard to imagine all of that on Apple’s platform – but SimplyZesty seemed to have figured it out, and we like every bit of it.


They have managed to replace those popping iOS icons with a flatter look without having to look like a Windows’ Modern UI. They also introduced new app designs for the calendar and such. Camera, Siri & other apps looked more cleaner with the lighter elements that replaced the darker ones found in the present iOS.


Changes to the lockscreen are also made, and the designer also thought about a pull-down widget center. You can watch their video to fully appreciate it.

We’re hoping Apple’s software team takes note of this and does something better. Commenters everywhere were stating that the whole iOS 7 concept was like an offspring of Android & Windows Phone; would you agree with that? And is that a good thing?

WWDC 2013 will be coming next month, June 10-14, so stay tuned for more coverage.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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26 Responses

  1. red says:

    if this is the case for i07, i urged to revive the symbian os of nokia.. the king of multi-tasking!

  2. yum says:

    Looks plain and boring. The flat ui, at first, looks promising but when almost all manufacturers out there, devs, adapted this flat ui, it looks all the same to me.

    It’d be a lot better to stay with ios6 ui design.

    Well, not bashing apple but stick with your own :)

  3. furion says:

    Nothing more than a blatant rip of Android.

  4. Rabitto29 says:

    looks good.. but.. it looks like android and windows phone 8 had sex

  5. Yusuf says:

    Omg. All hail Jony Ive.

  6. FemmeFatale says:

    But…. but…. It’s UGLY!!!

  7. pendulum says:

    It’s obvious that Apple is running out of ideas ever since Steve Jobs died. How disappointing, Apple.

  8. Justin says:

    Looks like a bad case of Android envy.

  9. Naniniwala na lang kayo sa kahit anong tsismis sa internet? Ang tatalino niyo naman!

    • Not to mention, si Bob Freking ang nagsulat nito. Mga bagito ba kayo dito sa YugaTech (i.e. hindi niyo pa kilala ang panunulat ni Bob) o… mga Bob —-ing fans lang kayo? hahaha

    • Anonymouse says:

      We’ve got a Smarty Pants Over here. -_- Flipping smarty pants replying to his own post. sheeesh.

  10. abuzalzal says:

    I wonder just how on earth are they gonna improve their stale ios without copying Android?

  11. Greg says:

    Nice. I can’t wait to see all those apple isheep and fanboys who’d commit suicide because their “beloved” Iphone looks like android and windows phones when IOS 7 comes out.

  12. SSD says:

    nothing extra-ordinary.they should also revamp internal features of the iphone/ipad aside from relying from its os. i’m sure they’re finding ways to beat sgs4/snote2 in this development. i’ll go for sgs4 if its under ios and not made of plastic…my iphone5 gets boring except to the apps and games i got that are not avail thru android..

  13. Prof. Santos says:


  14. mister says:

    hala! parang windows na pangit! kailangan yatang itaas pa ng apple ang presyo nila para maniwala ang mga tao.

  15. HDD says:

    try this, you can get paid apps on apps store for free…

  16. FinnTheHuman says:

    This is misleading, its nothing but a concept.

  17. eewww says:

    Well, I guess Google(Android) and Windows should make a move. This is like a combined UI of the two OS. Sp who’s a copycat now?

  18. proud apple fan boy says:

    hoy mga ulol .. di panaman yan final..!
    kung maka panget, dissapointed. copying android kayo jan ahh…! XD

  19. Anon says:

    looks like the Tile Launcher for Android..

  20. pxlcrnch says:

    i doubt this one, they might stick with rounded icons and stuff but less glossy and more premium like osx mountain lion icons.

  21. zarne says:

    ‘The reports called for a flatter iOS, with improvements in multitasking’

    LOL, Apple I0s don’t do multitasking so I guess it will be an improvement to add multitasking. Although it is a boring OS, it is simple to use,
    stable, not core hungry, and because it is a closed platform , it’s more secure than androids.

  22. Iya says:

    Oh no! Please, huwag naman sana ganito.

  23. Kent Ryan says:

    looks like Apple experiencing some update problems right now.. Right?

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