All the 7 Philippine ISPs to Choose From

The call for a more open competition in the internet service space is becoming louder as major players started to shift into volume based charging. While most people might think there are just 2 players in the Philippines, we tried counting and found 7 significant ISPs to choose from.

There are actually way more if we count the regional ISPs but these 7 we’re listing are the more prominent ones.

PLDT/Smart/Sun Cellular. The biggest player in the group is the combined force of PLDT with Smart and Sun Cellular under its hood. The latest subscriber count is close to 4 million broadband users. PLDT DSL Plan starts at Php999 for 1Mbps.

Globe/Innove. The second largest service provider with a subscriber count of at least 2.8 million broadband users. It is a joint venture between the Ayalas and SingTel. Plan starts at Php999 for 2Mbps with 10GB bandwidth.

realme philippines

Eastern Telecoms. Eastern Telecoms provide DSL, evoDSL and IDS services in Metro Manila, Laguna, Baguio, Cavite, Batangas and Cebu. Plan starts at Php1,000 for 2Mbps and Php1,500 for 4Mbps.

Bayantel. Owned and operated by the Lopezes, Bayantel provides DSL, leased lines and nomadic wireless internet. Globe is bidding to acquire Bayantel, a move that PLDT is opposing. They service parts of Metro Manila and Bicol. Plans start ar Php999 with 1Mbps, Php1,099 for 2Mbps, Php1,299 for 3Mbps, Php1,699 for 4Mbps and Php2,099 for 5Mbps.

Wi-Tribe. Wi-Tribe is a Qatar based internet services provider company operating in Qatar, Pakistan, Jordan and Philippines. In the Philippines, they are part of Qtel and San Miguel. They started operating in 2010 by offering WiMax services in Metro Manila and neighboring cities/provinces. Plan starts at Plan 598 for 1Mbps.

Destiny Cable Internet. Aside from providing cable TV services, Destiny also offers residential internet, starting with 1Mbps for only Php799 a month.

Sky Broadband. A subsidiary of Sky Cable, Sky Broadband offers cable internet speeds of up to 200Mbps, the fastest residential offering in the country. Plan starts at Php999 for 3Mbps.

There a lot more smaller players scattered across the country. One that’s been in our radar for some time is ICT Converge which has been offering fiber internet starting at 6Mbps (1Mbps CIR guaranteed) for Php2,600 right up to 100Mbps. However, they still have limited coverage in Metro Manila, Bataan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Bulacan.

While the top 2 are the biggest players in the market, there is a lot of opportunities for the 3rd to the 7th players. That’s not counting the smaller ones that may just need a sizeable investment to grow and scale.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Sash says:

    If You search a provider with the wurst service and unstabile connection then take Pldt, there you are welcome to pay for that.

  2. ICTLOKBUConverge says:

    Pinaka nakaka P***tang*na yung ICT Converge. Ang panget sa GAMES!! lag naddc pa pag peek hours. tapos lakas pa mag padala ng bill pota halos d ko na nga magamit ng maayos! panget pa ng costumer service!

  3. wiljohn says:

    anu po magandang plan na pwd sa pangmalayuan sa tower.longranged connection pero malakas?
    gamitq kasi as of now ee yung 1299, ng globe lte broadband .. ang hina padin .almost 40ft antena na yun ..

  4. Vin says:

    Hey ms ok regular plan799 ng globe (consumable 1299) have a gosurf999-8gb then 300php consumable, my line from globe use it for internet only inside globe lte portable wifi or pede gamitin basta lte device para mag benefit sa globe lte site, usually mga non lte device d mapakinabangan globesites, swerte malakas lte signal samin and also sa mga frequent location na pinupuntahan ko, data ko umaabot 100gb no throttling, bale plan799 plus 501php on top of bill lng for data anti bill shock, bill ko monthly w/o calls 1300php only, di pino promote ng globe yan dahil interest ng company, pag tatoo data sim bibigay ng globe gosurf999 plus 501ontop if bill kya 1500php, you can save 200php for plan799…:-)

  5. Fyi says:

    Globelines 8mb Dsl line has high Latency
    Calls to tech support go to a call center staff by people with a check list with no computer knowledge at all.
    Trying to explain latency by using trace routes and pathping to see the hops your data goes thru is not covered on their tech support check list.
    The Download and Upload speeds pretty much all they can handle.
    While visiting web pages like facebook you might not notice a problem but once you connect to a online game you see the problem high latency instead of 200ms which seems to be the best they can manage you are playing with 1000 to 20,000 ms latency which means when you hit a button you wait for 30 seconds before your character reacts.
    My problems are always in Makati where my data bounces from one server to another then another before it leaves for Hong Kong or Singapore or whatever, Somewhere in those multiple hops in Makati i get packet loss which does not show up in so it’s beyond the capability Globelines tech support.

    Tech support can’t even understand what you are talking about so good luck getting it fixed or them filling out a trouble ticket when they can’t grasp the concept.

    Had serveral so called techs inform me that i was over my data cap limit when in fact i was not and proved it by speedtesting the connection. If it is not on the paper they will just say anything to get off the phone even if it does not make sense or address the issue.

  6. Hello says:

    Umm sir all of this given ISPs are shit, is there any else??? Look, 1Mbps is NOT OK. Its basically a snail running an wifi. Please, give more decent WIFI Providers.
    *FYI I tried most of this and this are shit, mostly PLDT with its stupid customer service.*

  7. Paano po mag upply SA interet ung 799 po

  8. Frank says:

    I have Converge in Angeles. Very poor service for gaming. Max speed is 2Mbps which is fine for me when it works.

    Issues: No way to contact the company online when having issues. Have to either go physically into the local office and wait in line 2 hours or try to get through on their crappy phone system. Texts for help are commonly ignored. This gets old as the service hours down about once a week so contacting Converge gets painfully bothersome.

    The internet service itself is ok when it is working with one major issue it is over subscribed. During peak hours the service drops packets up to about 10% which makes the connection pretty unusable. When contacting Converge support the techs have no idea what packet loss is and can only state “No problems Sir”

    Overall a pretty incompetent company.

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