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NTC holds Public Hearing & Consultation

The National Telecommunications Commission will be holding a Public Hearing & Consultation regarding the Memorandum Order on Minimum Speed of Broadband Connection. Details after the jump.

We already discussed it in detail here, but this is your chance to be heard in a public consultation.

What: Proposed Memorandum Order on “Minimum Speed of Broadband Connection”

When: January 11, 2011 – Tuesday, 2:00pm

Where: NTC Executive Conference Rm., 3rd Floor, NTC Building, BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City

If you are for or against this proposed memorandum, I’d encourage you to attend and air your side for consideration by the NTC. Remember that this is just a proposal and can be amended based on public consultation.

This issue stemmed from the recent stories on Globe’s 800MB daily cap, Smart Mobile Internet’s 1.5GB monthly cap and BayanDSL monthly cap of 100GB to residential customers.

The bandwidth caps only affect residential accounts. Business accounts are not capped.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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68 Responses

  1. milanaorly says:

    NO! to broadband capping!!

    i wanna go, pero taga La Union ako.. :(

  2. jun says:

    yes.. no to capping.. kawawa ang mga legit users.. if gusto naman nila i block ang mga pirate download kaya naman nila eh.. di yung mga legit users nag nag work sa bahay..

  3. Mark says:

    Hahaha… I can’t believe I’m actually considering ditching work to go to this public hearing. I still got a week to think about it.. O.o

  4. abraham-uplb says:

    – Minimum (UL && DL) Speed is maintained
    – dapat i-bucket na lang ang internet pricing… since gumagamit ng power,etc ang telcos na consumables in providing internet access (which is not unlimited), and malulugi din sila if the real definition of unlimited is followed…

    on the part of telcos, removed that “UNLIMITED” in their advertisements and explicitly state what you will get for what you’ll pay..

    My fellow Filipinos, we should just be contented with what we pay. You might reason out that in some countries, there is the Utopian internet service(s), but consider though we are a third-world country as of the moment….

  5. Tim says:

    the articles of broadband capping is for mobile broadband internet right?

    how about the NTC hearing? is it also for mobile broadband or ALL types of broadband?

  6. yuga says:

    @tim – I think it will be for all types of broadband internet connection.

  7. Mat says:

    Right now, I’m on the fence with the idea but who knows what this could lead to in terms of future applications. It might not matter to me now, but it may, eventually.

    I think what people should talk less about “sob stories” and present options.

  8. destroyer says:

    i gonna bombard and blow that building!

  9. vince says:

    If capping works, then there should be no wi-tribe subscriber who is plagued by slow speeds, even if the cap has not been reached yet. Do you see that happening?

  10. Jay says:

    Sir Abe, i suggest that for us who cannot attend the hearing, maybe you can send all the concerns written or those that will be written on your blog in the next days prior to the hearing. Most of these entries are valid and worth studying. Thanks

  11. Henry says:

    Who will go on this hearing?

  12. Mr.A says:

    How can I join the hearing? Is there any form of registration or reservation for this?

  13. BrownBear says:

    @isonski e tarantado ka pala eh, wala naman palang laman yang utak mo.

    yang pinagmamalaki mong “totoong internet working-class heroes, sa mga sysads, network admins, developers/programmers, project leads, MIS/IT/ICT personnel and techs” sila ang unang-unang maaapektuhan nang capping na ito.

    hindi mo alam kung pano? eh natural hindi mo malalaman kasi obvious naman na panggap ka lang na “totoong internet working-class”. letche may nalalaman ka pang “totoong internet working-class”, EEEENNNNAAAAMOOOO!!!!

  14. BrownBear says:

    awwwh, maling post. ulitin ko na lang, gusto ko talaga i-post kumukulo dugo ko eh.

    paki-delete na lang ‘to kung pwede.

  15. Maling Akala says:


    Mas tarantado pag mali ang post, eena mo, haha

  16. ^_^ says:

    ok, sinong may balak pumunta? hehe, nagbabalak din ako.

  17. Jonathan Loresca says:

    Pls sir ABE air our side.

    Sometimes I telecommute. I use my residential subscription to access my files at the office. These are massive databases so the 800mb cap of Globe may not be enough.

    Pls sir. Be our voice.

  18. GsmAngel says:

    Hindi ako pupunta small time blogger pa lang ako. tsaka na kapag kasing lupet na ako kay sir Abe…

  19. JunAlquis says:

    they should follow the minimum broadband speed set as standard in the U.S as 768 kbps, no more below than that in the Philippines para tumaas ang average internet speed ng Philippines

  20. Teknisyan says:

    I’ll go for no cap but pay as you use service!! :)

  21. mindyQ says:

    Sana may mga pumunta sa public hearing. Hindi lang puro dakdak sa cyberspace na hindi naman binabasa ng mga taga-NTC.

  22. Paul says:

    > The bandwidth caps only affect residential accounts.
    > Business accounts are not capped.

    I wouldn’t be so careless to make that assumption, sir yuga.

    As it stands the draft memo makes no such distinction.

    5. Service providers may set the maximum volume of data allowed per subscriber/user per day.

    Nowhere in the document does it differentiate between residential and business accounts. Just because Bayantel set their corporate accounts as uncapped does not mean that’s how the rest of the telcos agreed to bandwidth capping with the NTC.

  23. Johnny says:

    Sistema bulok ng pinas….kakabadtrip lang

  24. yello says:

    @Maling Akala
    Ganda ng website mo ah! 5/5 Stars!

  25. yello says:

    @Maling Akala
    nakita kita sa website mo ah..ilang lalaki ba ang nang-gang-bang sayo ah? 10? ganda ng eksena mo lol parang she-male!

    please delete “Maling Akala” here in the comments because his site is too dangerous for this clean site.

  26. Omar Mendoza says:

    I want to go too but I’m in Baguio!!! ano ba yan.. walang ganyan na consultation but buong Pilipinas ang apektado. I’m a homebased medical transcriptionist by profession– putting a cap on my internet connection would hinder me from doing my work. Sa size pa lang ng audio files na kailangan ko, maliit ang allowed bandwidth na yan.

  27. adrian says:

    gusto ko sana pumunta kaso nasa overseas ako. please guys pumunta kayo, to fight for our rights.

  28. manaka_junpei says:

    naka-wifi nga ang bahay ko, marami nga nag-internet nang sabay-sabay, nanood nga ako nang anime sa anime video streaming sites habang iba’y nag-facebook, lalagyan nang limit, diba masyadong unfair ang capping, maganda yung 100GB bandwidth cap a month pero dagdagan pa sana para patas, hindi naman kami’y masyadong massive sa kaka-download, upload nang photo’s sa facebook malamang.

    yung 384kbps DSL, hindi ka makaka-youtube sa ganyang speed, talagang magagalit ka.

    pero huwag lang abusuhin ang technology, learn how to control your craving.

    nakaka-degrade daw ang fiber optic sa kaka-uncapped, malamang ayon sa urban legend, isipin na lang yung tubig sa gripo, kung pabaya kayo sa kakabukas at kakatagas, ganoon din sa internet na laging bukas.

  29. jeysee says:

    as of the moment, we are no longer considered as a third world country according to former national treasurer up prof. briones and the world bank.sorry, correction itch.

  30. moi says:


    Please paki confirm lang po kung ung sun cell eh nag iimplement ng capping. It’s a big issue if SUN does not implement capping and other networks cap their services.

  31. Mystery Shopper says:

    I’ve heard that telcos are planning to use this bandwidth cap to make more money on consumers by making plans on increasing bandwidth like on wi-tribe.

  32. Epstein says:


    Correct me if I am wrong but I guess SUN is the first to have a fair usage policy.

  33. Maling Akala says:

    Uhm, mga futang ina ninyo. bakit d na lang kayo pumunta imbes na magreklamo? Umm

  34. rsa1 says:

    @maling akala, bakit di ka na lang matulog kaysa mag mura? Umm..

  35. vince says:

    re: the NTC public hearing

    this is a very very iportant issue which affects filipinos all over the country. This should be televised and phone in, text in and IM in questions should be entertained. If not, then the NTC is treating it as if it were a mere local ordinance. People from other parts of the country would be “disenfranchised” so to speak because they would not be able to air their views

  36. vince says:

    lok at this pic which compares price per 1mbps around the world for major countries


    unfortunately the big version of the pic is down. my dsl gives me 1 mbps (in fairness 1.3mbps) for 1000 pesos or around $23 a month. That puts me off the scale since the scale only goes up to $20 a month per mbps. #1 is japan with $0.27 per 1 mbps

  37. JAY says:

    Yes if its fair. Like 1mbps at 15 pesos per month.
    After all japan cost 13 pesos equivalent for every 1mbps a month. while US 1mbps internet cost 166 pesos.

    Speed must also be consistently fast.

  38. Armor says:

    I hope that service scam should ceased to exist. Guilty

  39. Kenneth says:

    Got this article link in another forum:


    In the US, ISPs pushing for capping internet access would not like to compare internet service with the phone/voice service, since mabubuko sila na di talaga kelangan ng cap sa internet service. At ang reason lang talaga nila is solely to increase their profit by selling more subscription to new customers, the cap will allow them to do so w/o needing to upgrade their facilities. Otherwise kasi w/o the cap madami na makakaramdam ng pagdegrade ng services nila.

  40. hissatsu says:


    Dude… On what dsl/broadband plan you are currently subscribe?

  41. oh hi guys, I hope you won’t waste your time going there. Let’s expect for the worst. They will implement capping, let’s just rely on how these telcos compete like Abe’s post about Bayantel’s “generous” 100GB cap limit. Let’s see how other broadband companies will follow and how would they improve their service and competitive prices.

    abuse? Let’s see…
    I have bots running on different servers and different companies. These bots downloads a full Blu-Ray disc of random TV series…lol…jk!

  42. Nik says:

    Most of my friend it say if this implement it well come to stone age on the Philippines.

  43. doinks says:

    In response to the reasons:

    1. First, this is absurd. I’m pretty sure the contract for residential connections restrict it’s use commercially.

    Second, it doesn’t really matter how a residential subscription is used. 1 computer using the full extent of the line uses the same bandwidth as 100 computers sharing it; you cannot get faster speeds or consume more bandwidth than your plan allows.

    2. Spot on. Note that the bottom line for the ISPs is to hit a certain amount of revenue. Overselling does not make them unprofitable, just less profitable than what they could be by taking in as many subscribers as they can regardless of the impact too many subscribers will have on the service as a whole. It’s pure greed.

    3. This is an outright fabrication. If you are on an unlimited 1Mbps line, it should not be considered an abuse to maximize it’s use since that is exactly what you paid for.

    The concept of “abusive users” is made up to act as the ISP’s scapegoat. The reason the network is strained is because there is just too many subscribers on it. You know there’s something wrong with with the network’s capacity when 2% of it’s subscriber base degrades the whole service.

    Instead of making excuses and using these so-called abusive users as an excuse to cap bandwidth, they should upgrade their capacity.

    4. This is a reason to cap bandwidth? Seriously? If an area is getting more bandwidth than it’s users can consume, the logical thing to do is to re-appropriate this excess bandwidth to areas that need it, not impose bandwidth caps on everyone.

    5. Again, pure greed. They know what their network capacity is. It is obvious from the spotty service that the network is already strained as it is and still they want to add even more subscribers in?

    I’ll explain the scenario in a metaphor. It’ll be simplistic and not mathematically accurate but the idea is the same.

    ISPs are like eat-all-you-can buffets. For example, they buy 100 crates of food. These 100 crates of food can feed 100 people since the few people who eat more than what they pay for are offset by the vast majority who eat less then what they pay for.

    So now, the ISPs have been slowly and steadily letting more people in without buying more crates of food. So they end up making much more money with the same amount of crates of food. Of course, with more people eating, there would be less for everyone so people start complaining.

    The ISPs in turn, instead of buying more crates of food to accommodate everyone as what is the proper thing for them to do, they start telling people that some of the customers are abusing their eat-all-you-can buffet so they have to start limiting how much everyone eats. So they effectively advertise as an eat-all-you-can buffet and charge people the premium for that and yet rations the food into servings.

    This is essentially what the ISPs want to happen here.

  44. JAY says:


    35% fast internet
    40% Customer care
    90% Customer illegal detention
    100% Capping
    100% Disappointment
    1 Mbps – Mega Bucks Per Second $$$
    Cheap ,Cheat and with free promisses
    Unlimited migraine edition
    Guarantee screwed up

  45. Phenomenal says:

    Quoted is the long description of Sir doinks:

    I love your comment sir and that fuckin’ rocks!!!!

    That is the full definition of ISPs!!!!

    Imba sir!!!

  46. thanks for this post sir abe. and i strongly following up the comment of sir Doinks…

    @doinks, very well said sir.

    bandwidth capping is not the answer…period.

  47. trickz says:

    Hmmmm im half-agreed with the bandwidth capping since there are a lot of abusive users here in the philippines. TELCOS should omit the word “unlimited services” and i already talked to my cuz who is experiencing it, its fine with him:)

    i also agreed to the article posted by Kenneth. But who really knows the hidden agenda of the TELCOS. I hope one of the honest and just admin of TELCOS will share something what’s the real deal of bandwidth capping.

  48. Fitz says:

    mas ok pa ako sa p2p blocking/shaping kesa bandwidth capping… like sa singapore..

  49. Paul John says:

    No to capping..

    gusto ko din pumunta kaso busy pa ko..

  50. Fitz says:

    Live Steaming: NTC holds Public Hearing & Consultation with regards to the issue of broadband capping…


  51. Henry says:

    The hearing is already finished. Pero ni isa sa mga taga ISP/telcos eh hindi nag defend puro panay “it’s included in their position papers”.

    Talagang panay written nalang balak nila para umiwas lang sa mga arguments tsk

  52. mandy says:

    “work in progress” lang ang MC so wag ma praning! mukhang nakikinig ang NTC sa hinagpis ng konsyumer. kaya bigyan natin ng pagkakataon. sana madagdagan ang ang public hearing. let’s go NTC!

  53. John says:

    It’s clear that the NTC has the country’s best interest in mind (e.g. a much-improved broadband internet experience).

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