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PLDT rebrands Residential DSL Packages

Along with the upgrades that I just discovered, PLDT also rebranded their residential broadband packages:


So, they did deliver on the promise they made earlier this year, though it took them 4 months to do so.

The new packages are as follows:

PLDT myDSL Xperience : 384 Kbps at Php 999/month

PLDT myDSL Xcite : 768 Kbps at Php 1,995/month

PLDT myDSL Xcel : 2 Mbps at Php 3,000/month

PLDT myDSL F2H : 5 Mbps at Php 5,000/month

The PLDT myDSL F2H may soon be available in areas of Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park, Essensa and Dasmarinas Village due to some fiber optic cables already in place.

This could be the start of a more affordable high-speed broadband in the Philippines (across all ISPs).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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47 Responses

  1. vance says:

    hi its been out since april if im not mistaken, hehe. I saw the new plans like march panga eh sa tipidpc.com forum nakalagay doon for the thread ng 999 experience plan.. lala lang just want to add info to you.. sana by mid of this year wala ng 384 kbps heheh jump to 512 na hehe.

  2. jhay says:

    That’s a good idea, then again can more people afford it? More so, what to do with that bandwidth?

    More downloads galore? hehehe

  3. vance says:

    we need higher bandwidth hehehe. well streaming shows from ABC USA its one thing to do with more bandwidth especially those shows like commander in chief, greys anatomy season 2 and alot more can be watch with higher and stable connection. hehe.

  4. yuga says:

    Because my connection was intermittent I was searching Google for PLDT’s alternative DNS IPs I can use and landed on PLDT’s site showing me the screenshot above.

    I then tried my connection via PLDTPlay and only found out about the upgrade. The PLDT reps did say before that they do the upgrades in phases so I guess it was Makati’s turn now.

  5. vance says:

    and look at f2h plan grabe ang target nila yung rich community hehehe and for sure beta testing yan..

  6. ashkael says:

    Is PLDT myDSL really worth switching to? I have been using BayanTel DSL (which is powered by SkyDSL) since December of last year, and everytime (which is really a rare occasion) that I’d encounter a problem with my internet connection, one call to their hotline a few minutes later problem solved and then the next day they’d send out techs to our house and check out if our connection is still ok. talk about good customer service…even though they offer lower bandwidth than that of PLDT myDSL (i’m currently on a 256kbps speed and costs my 899 monthly + i get unlimited Wi-Fi access) i’m very satisfied with BayanTel DSL, and now I’m off to buy another 300GB HD coz the 2 160GB i’m currently using is full…lol… =)

  7. diver says:

    For the love of mankind… If what you are telling about Bayantel’s service is true then DO NOT transfer to PLDT DSL. The customer service of PLDT is big pain in the @#$ to contact. The internet speed slows down most of time. This month is worst, I only got to experience my subscribed speed more or less around 3 days.

    If you want to experience lousy customer service, frequent DSL slowdown then I suggest you transfer to PLDT DSL.

  8. hothead says:

    Say, is that PLDT prices VAT inclusive?

  9. Mark Cabahug says:

    Hi, I’m currently subscriber of Globe telecom in trader mode with speed of 1500 kbps sometimes it reached to 1600 kbps.

    It’s a more than a year, I’m still have problems for the inconsistent internet connection, most of my customers would transfer to another cafe because of this problem, i like to apply for pldt but the telephone lines is one problem in our area, as all subscribers here are globe connection.

    I would like to apply for bayantel, but i don’t know how. I’m a resident of Liloan, Cebu with globelines phones available here. Can it support globelines phone, and how much is the cost for 512 or 768 kbps connection?

    As in globe for 1500 kbps would cost me P4000 including VAT and telephone fee.

    Thanks and more power

  10. Marilyn says:

    I’ve been on BayanTel DSL for 2 1/2 years now, I may say I’m a loyal customer because I was the first ones to sign up in my area when they were just launching their DSL services (Pantranco). At that time it was because I just didn’t have a choice. I wanted PLDT sana but my application was declined. Now I’m just so glad I stuck with BayanTel. I never thought I would find myself writing about how satisfied I am with their service. What I thought was poor service for BayanTel turns out to be a dream for PLDT users. The first 1 1/2 years maybe BayanTel was still ironing out the kinks, but the most downtime I ever had was 2 days, and that happened only once. I would get downtimes an average of once every month, but they would strive to fix it within 24 hours, or else I would get a rebate of P500 each day of downtime (I’m on the P2,600 residential plan). There even came a time that I hoped they wouldn’t be able to fix it right away to save some money LOL So far I only had 2 days downtime due to a lightning strike and 1-day downtime due to phone cable wire theft. The other major downtimes was because a tree fell and another because a truck passed by and accidentally cut my phone line but they were quick to respond so no rebate there hehe. Intermittent connection was the major source of headache, usually when it rains. But these things usually resolved by themselves and didn’t last for more than a day. I was quite popular with their customer reps probably because I usually bombard them with my complaints LOL
    Customer service was very good. Report your downtime at 6am, a tech will come by around lunch.

    Around the last twelve months, BayanTel’s internet connection improved further. No more intermittent connection, rain wasn’t a problem anymore. I haven’t reported any downtime. Download speed is good, good customer service plus rebates. What more can I ask for?

    People I think haven’t gotten over BayanTel’s reputation of years past and are wary to give BayanTel a chance. People would still choose PLDT over BayanTel even with all these complaints. I hope this helps in your decision of what ISP to use.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Oh, in addition to what I said below, and it’s good to note that I am a VERY HEAVY user of DSL. no less than 15 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so my comments on the BayanTel service is backed up by heavy hands-on use. Plus my connection is static, No logging in needed. I forgot, I did have a downtime last week, started in the morning and got resolved on its own lunchtime the same day. It was due to a massive downtime of BayanTel’s facilities.

  12. earlboy says:

    Don’t go with PLDT, I’ve been a customer for 2 years. They advertised 2 upgrades already. I’m on plan 1995 and the first upgrade was supposed to be 768 kpbs, then 1.2 mbps, pero hangang ngayon 512 kbps pa din ang speed ko. More tha a year na yung 768 upgrade hanggang ngayo eto ako, nag-titiis sa 512. Kung may malilipatan lang, matagal na akong lumipat. I’m stuck with PLDT. Asar!

  13. Asher says:

    I’ve been having intermittent connection problems with my DSL (PLDT), and it’s been ongoing for the past 2 to 3 days.

    PLDT customer service is very very poor. They’re not that proactive when dealing with customer complaints. And get this, they don’t record your complaints. I just discovered that today! And, you know how it feels when we customers are ignored. We pay their fee and they do nothing. It really sucks. I and my bro are thinking of jumping to Bayantel.

    Let’s see the difference.

  14. ken says:

    hey i think bayantel is slow. our connection is slow damn.. its been for 1 month here in tacloban pls fix our connection damn you i cannot check my email well because of your pesky connection fix this immediately pls for the sake of our city

  15. jead says:


  16. Asher says:

    The speed is relatively faster than cable internet. BUT, their customer and technical service flops down to the minimum. You’ll only get irritated so much with their lousy technical support that you may end up going to another DSL service provider in no time.

  17. oninph1 says:

    this is so pathetic,the Philippines is like in a 5 year lag in terms of broadband speed.. i don’t even know where they put the money subscribers pay them, you pay as much as a T3 connection in another country, yet ur connection is only 2mbps?? Singapore has a three year free Broadband internet in every household, and every where you go is a hotspot with 5mbps the least..

    i just wish ISP’s of the Philippines give their subscribers the type of speed they deserve respective to the amount they pay, or else slash their prices in half.. it’s jus a big rip off

  18. quezacolt says:

    kulang pa,

    PLDT DSL XTRA VALUE 888, 88kbps upto 188kbps


  19. gg says:

    the thing that i’ve noticed in the Philippines is the fact that when it boils down to BROADBAND etc…we’re seriously still in the dark. yeah, i agree with what a user said about paying the same amount some people pay for t3 but still not getting what we paid for. NAKAKAHIYA!!!!!!

    when my relatives came home from the states last year and surfed the internet using my computer, i was already in PLDt’s 999 plan. but they were dissappointed to see that the connection SUCKS!!!! they said they were subscribers of t3, and they told me that their connection is 10 – 20 times faster than these pieces of crap.

    i’m willing to try globelines broadband, but the annoying thing is, here in my hometown (zamboanga), we don’t have globelines here!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr…….

  20. anonym00se says:


    i got the Php 999/month plan and i’m only glocking at 60Kbps! OMFG! big f’kin rip off!!!

  21. gravewolf says:

    PLDT’s customer service is without any question is full of B.S. and im being really nice when im saying this.In the name of all that is holy, people should avoid getting their dsl service if you ever want to get your hard earned money’s worth. Im now browsing for other dsl services since ive been a subscriber for 2 years and now i am able to leave this joke of a dsl service. I have been very unhappy with PLDT and i hope that in time they crash and burn for not being able to fulfiil their promise to its consumers the service that we hard working people are paying for. Please do not avail of PLDT’s dsl service if you wanna go to surfing heaven. Its so hard to believe the fact that this is this countries LEADING telecommunications company…..and it is giving the crappiest service available known to man. I hope someone from PLDT reads this message and know that many people are praying for their complete and utter downfall for what they are doing…………

  22. Jouie says:

    It’s now 2008, and the bayantel/sky DSL keeps on improving. Ooppss,, I mean,,,backward.*LOL*. I am getting almost 86KBPS when I perform a speedtest,,,very high for a dialup!but you’ll detonate a nuclear bomb if you’re a DSL subscriber. Ehem,.I got 768KBPS package P1199 a poor customer I am. Does this mean I have no right to complain? {A residential}(DOES THIS MEAN I HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN?) I’m not that techie person still I feel there’s something wrong with my highspeed connection…I can’t access my favorite websites. Ooppss,,,it’s still connected,,,’what’s happening?’ There’s another one,,,the 500MB file I am downloading,,,where’s that now?Oh cool,,,a while ago,,,my connection was still connected, now woho it’s redialing. Now,,,I’m going to call 4112000 and a very beautiful voice will answer,”hello sir?””What’s your order?”

  23. berto says:

    stupid PLDT, i was a subscriber since 2005 and nag inquire ako bakit di tumataas yung bandwidth ko ang sagot sakin ng CSR eh dahil daw sa mga new subscribers lang daw ma a apply yon so ako 1995 ang binabayaran ko pero 512KBPS parin speed ko dahil old subscriber daw ako hahaha stupid PLDT

  24. patrick says:

    pareho tau old subscriber ng plan 1995…grabe pag meh dinadownload ako ang bagal 7kbps…saan mganda i check ung speed…ang bgal kc sa pldtplay eh…tagal mabuksan!

  25. bazph says:

    you can also use


    im a bayandsl subscriber. so far im still contented w/ their service. =)

  26. george enigma says:

    anak ng puta !!! parehong pareho tayo ng nai-experience
    sa PLDT I only feel worse, kasi tong mga talentadong
    tech support ng pldt inuuto pa ako pag nagpapaliwanag sila, hindi na Management and sinisisi ko dito o PLDT man
    kasi all they need is my dues every month, pero tong mga anak ng putang technical nila di ko alm kung alam nila trabaho nila o pinababayaan lang, pare-pareho tayong may trabahong inaalagaan pag sira trabaho gutom mga
    dependents mo, wala ba kayong pinapakain mga putang ina nyo dyan sa pldt tech support!!! hwuhhh! baka manigas ako sa kapestehan sa inyo tang ina nyo
    hum hah hum hah hum hah… mala darth vader na breath na to

  27. ayla amelia says:

    I must have been too patient. I have experienced intermittent connection with PLDT MyDsl since January 30 of this year. So, it’s been 4 months of kiss and make up with my PLDT subscription.

    I am on their lowest plan, paying P1,800+ with the phone line. I can’t count the number of times I have reported this incident with their ever-inefficient customer service and tech support, ’til now, its perennially intermittent.

    It’s likewise true that they don’t keep records of the date/time of your call. The *uc*ing CS will even ask you when you reported the incident! Que horror!!! You’ll just be reminded of how stupid on your part of not jotting down the date and time of your conplaint.

    One more hoolabaloo is their claim that somebody already went to the house to check on it but apparently, no one answered the door so they just returned back to the office. Whutt da???

    Also, one claim is that when they called up the house asking for the dsl connection if its already running smoothly, somebody in the name of (*****) who’s apparently referring to my mother/subscriber, already confirmed its successful repair. How could
    that be?? She’s out of town!!! ITS A F*CKI*G JOKE!!!

    This is the kind of PLDT service would-be subscribers will most probably experience.

    I already signed up for the bayantel dsl. Im just thrilled to have a better service and a money-back guarantee to top that. My sister said that the CS of bayantel even takes time to call you to follow up on its after-service repair.

    Hope my switch to another provider will be for the better. So far, i’ve been reading good reviews for bayantel, hope they’ll continue to live up with it.

  28. wes says:

    I am wondering why the price of dsl in our country so expensive, other countries like singapore giving a free connection.
    in fact you can subscribe for wireless conn at 1mbps for the price of $G of 25.00(Php 750.00.

  29. DrexlerJohn says:

    I’am very unhappy and became indignant with the service of PLDT DSL specially their so called “Costumer Support” or “Technical Support system”.. Its like a nightmare sitting in front of your damn PC for 1 hour or worse just to get the so called “internet connection”…This damn piece of sonna fucking shit is not the first time. Knock-off the worries and transfer to other good service provider.

  30. mace says:

    I am using smartbro for almost 4months now. and the first few two months is really very well.Yet, when June 16 comes with a very bad storm my connection to be limited and most of the time no connection. Everyday, since June 20, 2008 I always call the customer service and mail my problems but until now I wasn’t able to get the results Ive been waiting. And I am really so damm fuck up! wHAT KIND OF SERVICES IS THIS???

    And to be honest I only try this kind of Brand of connection since my friends used it but all of us I also encourage to change to other network for better connection.

  31. jumel says:

    im residing at caloocan city
    gusto ko sana yung bayan dsl since marami na nga yung may gusto sa pldt dsl (sarcastic, hehehe)
    kaso, hindi yata sakop ng area namin yung services ng bayan dsl

    ano pa bang ibang high speed (kung meron man) internet services ang pwede?

    thanks in advance! :)

  32. catcher says:

    I am using my experience (P999)and I’m so goddam fed up with the slow connection. Ganun ba talaga ang plan na yun, it will take us almost an hour just to watch a 10-minute video from youtube? No exaggeration po, almost an hour sya, usually iniiwan ko na muna pc ko para lang makapagdl. Update lang ng anti-virus 25 mins na.

    We have a laptop and 2 pcs, all of them have good RAM kaya di pd na pc ang problem. We don’t use the connection simultaneously, isa-isa lang sa bagal nga kaseh.
    Kakainis! Have any of you guys experienced the same?

  33. Lui says:

    I’m looking for an internet provider, and I’m thingking of PLDT dsl bundle P999, but with what I’ve read I’m thingking now if is it worth to have that service? Pls advice.

  34. Whaaat??? says:

    PLDT user ako and e2 yung summary ko
    (based on my neighbors statements)


    Bayantel = Slow??? (not sure, based on some comments,but definitely better than crappy service!!)

    Globe = Ok lang daw but mabagal daw.

    Smart = Fast, PERO pag may problem, malala.

    TOP 2:

    LUI mag Bayantel or Smart BRO ka nalang they’re better

    Hindi ka pa lugi!

  35. miguel_sanmiguel says:

    Kung meron lang paligsahan sa bagal ng action ng customer service o kaya concern mo panalo na dyan ang PLDT.

    Sa ngayong tinututukan ko ang request for upgrade ng subscription ko sa PLDT DSL, 9 days na wala pa rin nangyayari, ang sabi kasi sa amin sa business center dito sa may Las Pinas 2 days lang daw ok na ang request kasi simple upgrade lang naman.

    16 times na ang follow up ko sa 171, two times a day na rin ang follow up ko sa PLDT business center personaly , ang palaging sinasabi on process pero ok na maghintay na lang daw, di raw sila pwedeng magcomit kung kailan basta wait at pakiramdaman kung bumilis .

    Next week three times a day na rin ako pupunta sa business office at three times na rin akong mag follow-up sa 171.

    May kasabihan “Pag may tiyaga may nilaga” kaya lang baka sa sobrang tiyaga ko yung “nilaga masunog na”

  36. edith says:

    Me & my sis planning 2open internet cafe next yr might january or feb..So im searching about PLDT’s net connection & really shocked to those message “GRABE” pala..Ganyan ba talaga ang PLDT??
    I dont know & not sure which tel.company i choose na kc im worried about..if in case magstop ang netline mag-back-out un mga custumer dba??at super tagal din palang mag fix un staff ng PLDT??mamamatay ang negosyo yan..Actually im presently residing here in japan since 1989..married to a japanese kaya naman wala alam masyado about telcom sa pinas..d2 sa amin wlang ganyang probs…50~100 speed ng lines..at walang probs na nagstop etc..if ever meron man..super bilis cla sa maintenance..pro-active ikanga..

    others saying ok dw ang BAYANTEL..but others sabi naman mabagal din??which is true ba talaga??nakakalito naman..long hrs na ako search..pls let me know naman..& tanx in advance po

  37. ian manaligod says:

    well kung ako sa inyo guyz better try yung

    bagong nauusong internet connection


    900 a month lang

    internet connection

    plus free telephone and cable

    tapos wla pang aberya

    just sharing lang kesa

    sa pldt bagal ng service

    tapos wla pang pakialam sa customers nila

    tagal ng action


  38. richard javier says:

    ojt q sa pldt and na assign q sa customer service..share q lng ah..endi q agree dun sa cnasabi na wlng pakialam sa customer actually kme pa nga tmtwag sa customer kung ok na ung internet connection nla ang if ever mey aberya nga the management do their duty..1st tinitest nla mismo dun sa pldt kung bket walng net sa customer..then after nun pinapapunta ung mga technicians nla if ever sa nsa modem o nsa cble na ung cra..

  39. JAMES says:

    @richard javier yes SOP naman talaga lahat ganun ginagawa ng mga customer service >_> ang problem sa PLDT yung mga technicians na pinadala nyo kungdi BOBO walang ALAM – BOTH lalo na kapag d na nila magawa – 1 nag payo sakin sir kung d nakayo satisfied nasainyo na kung tutuluy nyo pa d naman namin pinipilit service nmin sainyo.. 2. KUNWARI d ako naririnig tumawag sa phone namin kilala ko sa muka yung pag nakita ko i rereport ko yun sa PLDT or SA dTI

  40. edith says:

    hindi na kc ata ma-accommodate un dami ng applicant or users cge pa rin ang pasok ng PLDT…then mahina naman un lines spcly pagmalayo ka sa tel.company…or else walang mga naka stand na antenna…WIFI nga super pangit sa chatting..kala mo robot ang kausap mo..mahina dw ang signal…ewan sa pinas super bagal pa rin…spcly magkabit ka ng extra pc naku walana..dna gagana ang net nyo…hope magawan nila ng mas powerful at ng masiyahan ang consumer or users….

  41. edith says:

    My sis is using Bayantel so far no probs & netline speed is good…(Caloocan Behind City Hall)..hmm..yes might the Bayantel landline sometimes annoying….then after oks naman dn…


    PLDT mabilis magkabit sa mga unang customer, pero after sales service walang kwenta…. Pati smartbro nila, connected lang pero di makapagsurf. Binabawasan lang load mo. Pati speed hindi consistent.
    I suggest na just get other dsl companies para walang hassle.

  43. joel says:

    Dear PLDT mydsl,
    Kailan mo kaya kami bigyan ng tamang serbisyo, dahil pagkatapos ng bagyong basyang wala na kaming connection ng internet, ang masama pati landline nadamay..binigyan nyo nga kami ng 173, sadyang ayaw naman atang magtrabaho ang mga tao dito…laging recorded voice lang ang aming naririnig…heto nanaman at may billing na dumating..masarap ba sa kalooban nyong kami’y singilin sa serbisyong hindi naman namin napakinabangan…wag naman…maawa naman kau sa inyong customer..wag naman nyong lituin ang kamalayan ng pinoy sa klase ng serbisyong hatid ng inyong pamunuan…sana naman dumami pa ang aking kasamahan na kondenahin ang ganitong serbisyo ng pldt..lalo na ang walang kwentang numerong 173 para sa service and repair….hoy gumising kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Warren says:

    PLDT Landline Plus
    Internet @ Home Wireless

    I can’t keep connection for more the 3-4 hours in a 24 hour day!
    “WHAT A JOKE” at Php990 a month!!!!!!!

    Dropout, Dropouts, Dropouts.

    PLDT should not offer customers this service if they PLDT are not able to supply the required bandwidth.

    Anyone else in this same sinking boat?

    Disgruntled Long Time PLDT customer


  45. Rommel says:

    Dear PLDT,

    Palitan nyo na ang pangalan ng company nyo! Tanggalin nyo na ang P sa acronym nyo! hinihiya nyo ang Philippines!!

  46. Franco says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am really pissed with PLDT’s service. It’s been 3 weeks already and wala pa ring naiinstall na landline sa amin. They kept on promising na 2 to 3 days lang maiinstall na line namin, and until now, wala pa rin. Ganito na ba talaga service ng PLDT ngayon?


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