Smart revamps SmartBro postpaid offerings

Smart revamps SmartBro postpaid offerings

Earlier today, Smart has announced a new set of gadgets that will be bundled for free with the telco’s SmartBro postpaid plans and will have Anti-Bill Shock features by default. Check out what they got in store for you after the jump.

smart jump

Before we head over to the free devices, it’s best if we check out the three postpaid offerings to see which one fits your budget and usage type.

SmartBro plans


Do note that between the stated allocated hours and Anti-Bill Shock trigger, the usual Php5/15 minutes charge still applies. However, once the ABS feature kicks in, there will be no additional charges. Instead, the corresponding Anti-Bill Shock amount will just be added to the total monthly fee. Oh, and in case that you didn’t exceed the plan’s limit, you don’t have to pay any additional fee.

With that in place, here are the different devices that will be bundled on respective plans.

bundled devices

For an additional Php1,500 cash-out, you can also get an iPad Mini 16GB when you sign up for the SmartBro Plan 999. Other than that, that’s pretty much it. If you’re interested to subscribe to any of these postpaid plans, you can just visit any participating Smart outlets.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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42 Responses

  1. Smokescreen says:

    Hindi maganda ang Smartbro. Even with the corresponding gadget, the frustration is not worth it. Once you hit the cap, the connection is so slow, it’s close to being useless.

    • Wave87 says:

      At least you can connect, unlike Globe’s. Kahit nasa Ayala malls or area ka, di ka maka connect.

    • Smokescreen says:

      Wave87 – You can connect but you can’t very well surf. When you hit the cap, it slows down to 0.01mbps…or even surf. Mas grabe pa rin smartbro. At least yun Globe, maghanap ka na lang ng signal. Yun Smartbro pag nag cap ka na… di lang sa Ayala malls or area…san ka man sa buong Pilipinas, eh parang hindi ka na rin maka connect sa sobrang bagal.

    • WOOHOO says:

      Really? My experience is quite the contrary. Globe tattoo was my first mobile internet use and the moment I reach the 800 mb gap, it’s pretty much useless at that point (be it looking for a good signal and etc.). As for Smart Bro, I do experience superslow connection but it’s no big deal once I unplug the usb and re-connect. Good as ever.

    • Smokescreen says:

      WOOHOO – I think the 800mb you are talking about is prepaid? I was comparing Globe postpaid vs Smartbro postpaid. Both are capped. But maganda sa Globe narerefresh yun speed everyday. Smartbro monthly. So if you are a heavy user, pag naubos mo in 10days yun alloted GB mo, 20 days at least ka magtyatyaga sa basically useless connection. When you hit your cap, oftentimes even doesn’t load. can still detect 0.01mbps…so if di nag load ang speedtest, connection is most definitely even slower than 0.01mbps.

    • Wave87 says:

      The thing is, Globe’s 3G/LTE coverage is very limited. Minsan may signal or coverage nga, but you can barely surf. Unlike Smart’s, they have the widest coverage. Sounds like a line from an ad LOL.

      Well, it depends on the user I guess. I’d choose a capped mobile network that has better coverage and works every time, than a network that has spotty coverage and is congested most of the time. If you frequent Ayala malls during peak hours, you’ll get what I mean.

      It’s always greener on the other side, I guess. LOL

    • Smokescreen says:

      Wave87 = Fair enough. In my experience though, Globe is really not that limited nor spotty. Siguro at worst, 8 out of 10 times ok siya. So I would rather have Globe even if it’s spotty at best and no signal in Ayala malls, Punta na lang ako ng SM and Robinson malls….than only being able to use it only 10 days in a month. Yun other 20 days, di ko magamit ang Smartbro sa Ayala malls, SM malls, Robinson malls or any other malls for that matter. :)

    • leeroyrobles says:

      I had the Globe plan with with “unli” 4g after switchingto smart’s unli lte last july, I said to myself why the hell do people still sign up with globe? After being a globe customer for 5 years, I hate Globw with a burning fire.

    • BSOD says:

      Let me suggest you the following.

      4G USB Broadband
      LTE Sim

      Then subscribe to prepaid LTE 995 to 2200..

      You’ll feel the LTE experienced..

  2. Phil says:

    Palagi nalang may bagong offers but it seems like they never care to improve their actual services. You can’t rely on their internet connection.. :/

  3. Maawa kayo sa sarili niyo mag DSL line nalang kayo kawawa lang kayo sa basurang service ng smartbro.

  4. calebjosh says:

    I’m happy with my SmartBRO for 6 years na. Main use is to provide support sa office.
    We have a very fast internet connection sa office and PLDT is our provider, mabilis yung connection ng smartbro ko going sa office (latency <100ms) since same network lang with PLDT. I setup a proxy in the office that my SmartBRO can use for browsing. Maybe if you are in the same scenario as me you try it.

  5. wooble says:

    Kakaend contract ko lang sa smartbro but I did not extend their services kasi bakit cover ng cap eh unlimited naman yung contract namin. Tapos bigla may extension ng 8 mos without notification sa costumers. Kaya for me hindi ako satisfied sa service nila lalo sa fup na yan.

    • Manny says:

      Its the same with us. We’ve been with SmartBro for several years already. The contract we signed was “unlimited” but last April they implemented this usage cap policy. The worst part, we just extented our contract last January ’13 for another 2 years in exchange for a discounted monthly charges (less than P200/month). It was a wrong move considering the hassle when you reach your monthly cap.

    • Smokescreen says:

      I was with Smartbro for 7 years and just signed an extension last March 2013. Upon implementation of the Fair Usage Policy end of April, I had the contract terminated. Smartbro had no choice but to cancel it as well. Just explained to them that service was supposed to be unlimited and they implemented a policy that contradicted that. Furthermore, implementing such policy which is material in fact that they failed to disclose deemed the contract voidable and violated the laws on contracts. And such material fact that was withheld, would have forced me not to sign the extension in the first place. Ayun based on Article 1390 on the Laws on Contracts, Smartbro had to consider the extension voidable and the aggrieved party has the right to continue with the contract or have it annulled. I chose the latter.

    • Manny says:

      @Smokescreen – How do you request to terminate your (extension) contract? Did you make your request just over the phone or did you visit one their business centers? How did you convince them to terminate the contract without any penalties/charges? Do you think I can still terminate mine even though the new policy was released way back April pa? Do you think its too late already?

    • Manny says:

      @Smokescreen – How did you request to terminate your (extension) contract? Did you make your request just over the phone or did you visit one their business centers? How did you convince them to terminate the contract without any penalties/charges? Do you think I can still terminate mine even though the new policy was released way back April pa? Do you think its too late already?

    • Smokescreen says:

      Manny – Yes Manny you need to go to a Smart business center. It can’t be done over the phone as you need to sign and fill up some forms. Then you need a letter requesting termination and you basis for the termination of your contract as well as firmly requesting they waive the termination fee.

      Here is the definition of VOIDABLE CONTRACTS.

      A formal agreement between two parties that may be rendered unenforceable for a number of legal reasons. Reasons that can make a contract voidable include failure by one or both parties to disclose a material fact; a mistake, misrepresentation or fraud; undue influence or duress; one party’s legal incapacity to enter a contract; one or more terms that are unconscionable; or a breach of contract.


      Yes you can still terminate. Sakin nga last March pa. According to Article 1391, you have 4 years from the time the defect was discovered.

    • Manny says:

      Thanks, Smokescreen! I’ll go a head and visit one of their business centers. Hopefully I can have it terminate.

  6. Innova says:

    Interesting gadgets and bundles. Gulo lang ng table :p

  7. Yeo says:

    Yong additional Php1,500 cash-out for 16GB Ipad Mini? Is one time payment or 24 months po?

  8. jcnjcjcnjc says:

    M using smart bro unli999 on my ipad for almost two years na, hit and miss ang signal nila. But lately parang walang connection always, are they forcing me to upgrade to these new schemes nila. Now mas ok ang globe, since all my phones are globe lines,almost everywhere I go is 3g up ang signal.

    • victor vic says:

      masmaganda pa rin globe pag dating sa internet, sa quezon province signal nya ay 3G eh smart walang gprs ka lang makakakunek, specially sa Lopez, Quezon mas ok ang globe compared to smart. kaya hindi pa rin ako naniniwal sa mga ads ng smart.

  9. Alwin says:

    I hope they don’t force me to this subscription. I’m on Plan 999 and is currently enjoying unlimited service. With this new scheme, I’ll have to spend more to get unlimited WTF!

    • james says:

      katatawag ko lang sa smartbro hotline @ (02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277. na inform nila ako na hindi affected yung Plan 999. unlimited pa rin siya. im a smartbro postpaid user sim plan 999 since 2011. im enjoying their service, fast download speed. no capping and bandwidth limit… you can check my download speed using premium account:

      video 1 –
      video 2 –

      Upload speed
      Video —



  10. nexusboy says:

    this is not a good write up. we’re talking here of broadband plans and no mention of speed. amusing.

  11. hello_again says:

    As I understand it, If I avail of the iPad Mini, I will have to pay Smart 1,500 + 24 x (999 + 600) = P39,876.00 if I will be using internet for more than 80 hours a month.

  12. awdog says:

    F*CK SMART BRO!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the language but Smart Bro really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus their customer service are total sh*t

    Save yourself some troubles avoid smart bro at all cost. Honestly just reading about smart bro brings back violent feelings in me

    Past annoyed subscriber

  13. mongenius says:

    I use Smartbro prepaid via their pocket wifisince last March 2013. I live at Santa Ana, Manila and works at Ortigas near SM MEGAMALL.
    That is the reason I chose Smartbro, because I knew from experience that since Smart has a Jump Center at SM they will have a high capacity antenna placed in there. What I do is enroll at unlisurf for 5 days or 2 days, depending on my needs. For the last 5 months it is OK. At my office, I can surf at an average of 2 Mbps, which is acceptable to me. At home, on “off peak hours” (in the dead of the night around 2-4 am, i can get about 4 Mbps on average. But that was before.

    Since this month started, I noticed slow connection at my house, even on off peak. Last week was the last straw. I am still enrolled to unlisurf but I cannot download anything! connected, yes, usable, big NO. I can only go to the smartbro landing page.

    For now, I am at wait and see, If by november I still can’t get decent connection (basic net only for social connections, news, email, no videos, no torrent), I’ll ditch this sh*t.

  14. red says:

    Im happy with Globe postpaid!! even I live in San Mateo(PROVINCIAL), actually i never exp. caps, I can download 5GB in one day(but depends on time, mine is good on 3AM-10AM & 2PM-5PM) i get 4MBPS with 700kb DL rate. super happy
    basta pwesto lang ako sa 3rd floor namin, kuha ko na lahat ng signal hahahaha

  15. adik says:

    All data connections in our country connects to the world wide web through pldt which is the sis company of smart that makes it > than globe… =)
    Sadyaan hehehe

  16. Angry SmartBro User says:

    One word to those planning to subscribe to MyBro:


    I’ve been a loyal subscriber for nearly a decade. And to show their gratitude they cut my internet speed to an average of 5KB/s for three weeks in each month I pay for. You’re only getting the advertised speed for at most 1 week and in the dead of the night. The rest of the time you have a connection that’s worse than dial-up simply so they can still claim to be “unlimited”.

    False advertising yan. We also have a Globe connection, and even though Globe also has a cap, it’s a DAILY cap. It’s still as slow as the uncapped SmartBro speeds, but at least I can use my internet for the entire month with Globe. Unlike in Smart.

    Dapat i-class action lawsuit na talaga yang PLDT. Kaso, they’re a monopoly at malakas ang connections sa gobyerno at sa big media. Wala tayong magagawa.

    • Angry SmartBro User says:

      At kung hindi klaro yun dahil spokening dollars. Heto para maintindihan nyo:

      First week of the month = internet mo ay up to 2MBps! YAY. Pero sa madaling araw lang. Mga 1AM to 6AM.

      Remaining three weeks = “connected” ka sa internet. Pero ang isang webpage (for example, Wikipedia) ay aabutin ng at least 5 minutes para lang magload.

      In short, you’re paying Php999 for less than 3.5 days of the speeds they advertise.

      I-imagine nyo na lang kung gaano kakapal ang mukha ng mga executives ng PLDT na nakaisip nito.

    • Angry SmartBro User says:

      And to clarify: PLDT = MyBro (previously SmartBro). They now own Smart. So when you talk about Smart, you’re really talking about PLDT



  18. Koalove says:

    Just got my smart bro pocket wifi. Just activated a couple of hours ago. Mabagal ba talaga sa start?


  19. Fuck says:

    Bought smart lte pocket wifi.

    availed the free 7 days unli lte.

    namfotangina, kahit mismong website ng smart hindi magload.


    san isidro makati area.


  20. Tsirk says:

    I notice na wala talagang positive comment about Wireless internet service ng Smart, tapos mahirap maghanap ng point of reference sa mga new user tila naalis sa google at sobrang hirap hanapin. 2015 na at ganun pa din ang services ng Smart from 6Am-12AM ang internet speed mo ay 0.1 -20 kBps only sa madaling araw pumapalo ng ng 0.5-3mbps at hinda sya consistent kasi pa iba-iba sakit sa ulo. ang masakit pa nito ung Throttling nila naka 2GB ka ng DL+surfing walang 24 hours di na makaconnect ang Unlisurf 50 mo na supposed to be 24 hours dahil sa naboost ung DL mo nung tulog ka between 1Am-6Am i dididconnect nila ung sim mo at di ka makakaconnect.

    Sa globe naman Okay sana kaso masyadong maliit ang Data nila, kagaya sa akin, sa isang araw I used 1-1.5GB just for browsing/researching/ and some Browser games. di kasya ung 800mb per day at hindi din ganun kabilis ang speed dito sa malabon.

    So ang talagang solusyon ay wired connection pag ang minimum consumption mo ay 2GB per day, kasi kahit pano consistent ang wired connection. Masakit sa bulsa ang mga Wireless connection lalo na kung malayo ka sa mga tower ng smart at globe dahil talagang by area ang consistency ng speed nila. HIndi wais na gawing back-up connection ito kasi sa madaling araw mo lang magagamit ng matino, kasi madaming ng tulog at maskonti ang gumagamit ng wireless internet.

    Di tuloy masisi ang iba na gumamit ng wireless booster kasi dahil sa false advertising (dapat i-advertise din nila kung saan lang talaga pwede at consistent ang internet speed nila.

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