Pokemon X & Y now available in the Philippines!

Pokemon’s Generation VI games, Pokémon X & Y, are out now for the Nintendo 3DS! It will feature a few new creatures, the new Kalos region, and it will include new evolutions of existing pokemon such as Mega Mewtwo X & Mega Charizard Y.

pokemon x y

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

We’ve heard that it’s going around retail stores now for as much as Php1,750 (Php1,650 for cash). Also, if you don’t have a 3DS just yet, you can try getting a 2DS – which is said to be made available along with Pokémon X & Y on the same date and on the same stores.

{Pokémon X & Y US page}

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  3. Avatar for Clem Clem says:

    I’m scouring Sulit and other online markets for a 3DS. So far the price ranges from 4-6k. The only reason I’m buying one is for the Pokemon Games. I honestly don’t know of any games worth playing aside from that.

  4. Avatar for Natsuno Natsuno says:

    i love pokemon, i’m 20 yrs old but I still want to play it.

    • Avatar for Zepz Zepz says:

      Dude, I am 23, and I’d kill for the X version, I got the Y version though. but the Tyranitite can only be found in X. T.T

  5. Avatar for gamma gamma says:

    I used to play Pokemon before I turned 12.

  6. Avatar for austine austine says:

    Sorry, only 1870 pesos. I had to load up 50 dollars worth of credits. :(

  7. Avatar for austine austine says:

    Yesterday Datablitz turned away a lot of people (including me) since they were out of stock already! Had to buy online, 2,126.76 with tax from the Canada store. :( 1.6GB download well worth it.

  8. Avatar for ckAteo ckAteo says:

    What shops are already selling the 2ds,? data blitz don’t have them yet

  9. Avatar for ianvarivs ianvarivs says:

    Sucks that my 3DS is of Region 2.

    Pokemon X/Y via eShop download costs £39.99 (around 2.8k PHP) (Region 2) that will consume 13,801 blocks of your SD Card (about ±2 GB). If you want a quite cheaper option, buy a download code at Game.co.uk for £34.99 (around 2.5k PHP) (which I did). (Credit Card required.)

    THIS IS FOR REGION 2 (EU/AUS) 3DS/XL users :)

    • Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

      You are not using the internet enough. You’re not using your 3DS XL to its full potential by keeping it vanilla.

    • Avatar for alex alex says:

      san ako makakabili ng eu version ng pokemon x dito sa pilipinas? november pa kasi balik ko sa dubai.. PAL lang kasi pwede sa 3DS XL ko.. EU release kasi e

  10. Avatar for yui yui says:

    i saw it on SM North Edsa around 5pm, they also have the limited edition pokemon x and y Nintendo 3ds xl for 11,999 and for each pokemon x or y is 1,750 :D

  11. Avatar for CJ CJ says:

    good idea posting something like this! :)

  12. Avatar for Michael Michael says:

    I’m going to check this out tom at local gamestore.

  13. Avatar for rowell rowell says:

    Bob, can you tell us which local retail store sell this with that price tag? The last time I bought black 2 was around 2.3k, pretty hefty.thanks :-)

    PS; I Can’t wait to use goodra and dragalge on my team!!!

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