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BPI goes “Mobile Web”… and disappoints

BPI just announced that they’re services are now accessible via mobile phones. Though the invitation included a special movie screening of Eclipse, I attended and curious how they implemented the mobile web strategy and wanted to see it in action.

During the media interview, a BPI rep tells us there are two ways to access BPI services on the mobile phone:

One is via a Menu-based system integrated into the carrier/telco. It’s basically an SMS based query — some thing we’ve already seen for years now.

The other one is via the mobile web. You can now access www.bpiexpressonline.com using the built-in browser of your phone. It’s not a Web app, not an iPhone app nor an Android app. Not even a Java app that can be widely supported by entry level to mid-range handsets. It’s just an optimized webpage (lite version).

Ok, so for a banking institution like BPI that’s very strict in security (try applying for a credit card or enroll a 3rd party account), having a mobile accessible website might be a huge leap already.

To be fair, I asked them if they are putting efforts into developing an iPhone or Android app and they said yes. Hopefully, we’d see that coming out soon.

So, let’s put this mobile banking website to a test. All you guys out there who have a BPI Express Online account, go try logging to your account with your mobile phone’s browser. Let me know which phone you used and if it does really work.

Update: Clarification from Eric of BPI below that the mobile app is the Java version you can download and install on your Java-capable handsets. Turns out their mobile web presence has been there for years now. Check out www.thumbworld.com.ph for more.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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127 Responses

  1. iko says:

    i have been using their Java app on my windows mobile phone for over a year now and i must say it has been very efficient. i pay all my bills through their desktop website version too but it wont allow me to transfer funds to a different account. or is it possible with the desktop version?

    i just wish they make everything the same across all platforms. right now you can only

    a. do Gcash transactions through the menu-based system on Globe,

    b. transfer funds to a third party acct through their Java app

    c. pay bills on the desktop version.

    re: a standalone app, i dont know if it’s practical for them to do this since there are a lot of mobile platforms today esp. Android, the most fragmented platform in the planet.

    an iPhone app would be cool though. lol

  2. reiden says:

    @iko, ang dami mong sinabi, pointlez naman

  3. reiden says:

    @iko, andami mong satsat, wala kanamang BPI account

  4. Glenn Santos says:

    ^unwarranted aggression alert

    Tried visiting the site and it’s still the same old desktop version. It might not be live yet. I logged in and the version is still the desktop one.

  5. android_fanboi says:

    nice one BPI

  6. Paul says:

    @ reiden: Wahahaha.. I was thinking the same thing. :)

  7. Teknisyan says:

    hehe.. creating their own apps will surely increase the security when doing online transaction, I only use their web site when checking the balance and the history the different transaction. Its not only BPI that cannot perform fund transfer. Even other banks like PNB and BDO. Though I’m not sure if you need to enrol this service to them. :)

  8. xtian1986 says:

    wait, is iko talking about BPI mobile web or GCash? O_o

  9. Joshua says:

    No effort at all…

  10. iko says:

    @xtian1986 i was referring to transferring funds from my bpi acct to gcash

  11. is that their mobile?
    i use their java app on my blackberry, useful and quick, it can even do 3rd party transfers

    theres also their ican mobile mall but i dont use that

  12. Ton says:

    Eol does not work with opera on symbian. The css pulldown menus (which are actually the only navigation menus) dont, well, pulldown.

    been forced to use the nokia native browser. It displays the ‘normal’ version of the page, but it works. Dont see anything new so far.

    to be fair, their service is better than other banks.

  13. markzter says:

    its a useless app on my e72.. needs more improvement on performance, and the layout is so boring..

  14. bursky says:

    their WAP site *gasp!* is still up naman so for quicker loading times for just simple transfers, that’s where i run to. i guess, for a “richer” banking experience kaya nagawa ‘to.

  15. Rem says:

    I can’t log in using my C901

  16. It does suck. I couldn’t even login using my daily phone, a Sammy U800.

    I never liked their SIM-based Menus or the SMS-based systems. Their old WAP site (which I’m glad is still active) is much more usable and functional than this mobile “optimized” website.

  17. riccillego says:

    works just fine on my hd2…..& even on my nokias-5630 & N95 8GIG…actually the best mobile banking experience….compared to BDO’s buggy mobile rendering…..kudos to BPIEXPRESSONLINE!

  18. mbaron says:

    i’ve been using bpiexpressonline.com over my iphone’s safari for over a year now and it works fine.

  19. Yeboi says:

    I checked it out on my iphone and it’s still the same desktop version. I can already transfer funds with it using my phone. Would be great though to have a dedicated iPhone app.

  20. idlewild says:

    i thought they’re introducing a mobile version of their site. it’s still the same old desktop version which has been working since.

  21. Erin says:

    if it would really allow me to do banking using my SE k618i then I would applaud them. it was a pain when I had to transfer money from my savings account to my primary account to pay for my mother’s hospitalization bills and found out that their website wouldnt work for mobile browsers. I had to walk for 20 minutes to the nearest internet shop.

  22. drealmarlon says:

    gamit ko nokia 5230 ok naman sa built-in mobile browser,naviview ng full content ng tulad sa pc.

  23. SAM YG says:

    basura talaga ang BPI, tuwing umaga, bawal mag-balance inquiry, tapos palaging ang haba ng pila, limited to 20k ang pwede i-withdraw araw-araw, nde pwedeng kumuha ng small denomination, palaging offline on most ATMs pag sweldo time, hassle mag-transfer ng pera to other BPI account holders, kailangan pang i-enroll sa BPI branch, anlaki ng charge tuwing magwi-withdraw sa ibang ATM, tapos anliit nman ng interest pag nagdeposit ka sa kanila… haayzzz!

    kung nde lang BPI ang payroll namin, nde ako kukuha ng BPI account eh… Basura talaga! handsdown!

    I’m a Citibank Account holder, nai-kumpara ko lang.

  24. Eric says:

    Hi! Thank you for attending our special movie screening for Eclipse, as we also wanted you to see BPI Express Mobile.

    Yes. you’re right, BPI Express Mobile has 2 variants: the SMS-Based and the Internet-based. For the Internet-based, we would like to clarify that it is a Java-based application which can be accessed via GPRS or Wi-Fi. To be able to use the service, you have to register first through BPI Express Online, then you will receive a link coming from BPI, which will enable you to download the BPI Mobile Banking applet. After, if you already want to use it, there is no need to access http://www.bpiexpressonline.com via your mobile phone’s browser. Note that the Internet-based BPI EXPRESS MOBILE is a “lite” version, which will enable you to do a lot of financial transactions including:
    -> funds transfer to any BPI account
    -> bills payment to more than 300 merchants
    -> reload any Globe/TM prepaid phone
    -> reorder checkbooks
    and the usual balance inquiry plus a history of your transactions.

    It will be great if you can try the service Ü
    We can help your register for the Internet-based Express Mobile. You can in get in touch with me directly. Thanks.

  25. zena says:

    yeah, this one is new.

    I tried to access http://www.bpiexpressonline.com on my phone. I was able to access but the view is distorted.

    This is meant to be accessed via a desktop..using my phone this lite version of BPI is better. I tried and it works naman on my phone. Just need to do a little tweaking on my phone settings.

  26. char says:

    i use their mobile services to check my balance and transfer money from my account to Gcash very convenient for my online shopping and i also use it in paying my PLDT bills just a few clicks on my cellphone and im done. i just noticed wala ng bank charge pag nag-withdraw sa kanila when i used my BDO atm :)

  27. Maye says:

    I downloaded their “app” the other day and I can’t log in. Error. Kinda scared lang na baka hindi pa siya kasing safe ng paypal for bb app.

  28. Eric says:

    Hi Maye!

    The Java-aplication is safe and secure. And it offers 2-factor authentication. That’s why we can now offer funds transfer even to unenrolled BPI accts or reloading of any Globe/TM phone.

    Would like to assist you in the downloading of the BPI applet. How do I get in touch with you?

  29. Maye says:

    Hi Eric! you may email me at maye[a]globe.ap.blackberry.net :) Called up your csr’s. Baka daw di ko pa na-activate thru atm yung account ko. Hahaha. *stupid* il try again para maka log in na ako using the “app”

  30. yuga says:

    @eric – thanks for the clarification. Didn’t get that part during the interview/demo last time or in the press release. I’ve updated my post above to include that correction. Thanks!

  31. Mule says:

    An iPhone app for bpiexpressonline please! I love BPI. Never had experienced the problems stated by others above. I love their real time deposit ATM’s. Truly a bank of innovation and convenience. Now where’s the iPhone app for mobile banking transactions and the mobile mall, BPI? Been waiting for it since the advent of thumbworld. Ãœ

  32. jjb says:

    signing up and first time use of the online one and mobile service is very disappointing. there you are at your comfy place thinking that you can do your bpi banking or gcash to bpi transfer, saka mo lang malalaman na kelangan mo pala ienroll or activate sa ATM para magamit.

    @ERIC- sure ba na di kelangan enrollment if i use the java app instead? will be very glad if thats the case

  33. jan says:

    @Eric: is there a way to turn off the security feature that forces you to change your password every couple of months? this has really been a pain to deal with.

  34. Eric says:

    @Jan — Great news! We no longer expire the Express Online password.

  35. Eric says:

    @ Mule/Yeboi — We’re still working on the BPI Express Mobile applet for iPhones. We’ll keep you posted.

    Meanwhile, you may to try our SMS-based mobile banking which runs on Globe’s or Smart’s menu. Please visit http://www.thumbworld.com.ph for details.

  36. Eric says:

    @ bursky/Coco Palm Sugar — Thank you for using BPI WAP Banking. This, however, will soon be “killed” as we already have the Internet-based mobile banking which offers more features.

    You can now transfer funds even to unenrolled accounts or reload unenrolled mobile phones – which are not available in WAP banking.

    We can help your register. You can in get in touch with me directly or logon to Express Online and navigate through Other Services > Express Mobile Registration > Mobile Banking.


  37. jan says:

    @Eric: thanks! great news indeed.

  38. Eric says:

    @ jjb — The registration and ATM activaton are part of our security controls to ensure that it is really you requesting for the service.

    If you are already enrolled in Express Online, you just need to do a simple registration to immediately get your Java app. No need to go to the ATM.

    Logon to Express Online and navigate thru Other Services > Express Mobile Registration > Mobile Banking.


  39. Jaypee says:

    For now, bank-gcash transactions are limited to menu-based mobile banking only. I hope that soon, it will also be integrated with expressonline banking and internet-based mobile banking.

  40. ligrev says:

    Accessed bpiexpressonline.com on an iphone. its like the desktop browser version. i don’t see a “mobile” version.. ?_?

  41. Eric says:

    @ jaypee – Currently, GCash to Bank/ Bank to GCash transactions are only for our mobile banking using the Globe menu. In the same manner that our Bank to Smart Money is only available via our Smart menu-based banking.

    Have noted your suggestion though and we will consider that in our future enhancements. Thanks!

  42. Eric says:

    @ ligrev — Thank you for checking out our website. If you access http://www.bpiexpressonline.com, you will really see our full/desktop browser version.

    Our new Internet-based mobile banking is a “lite” version via a Java applet installed on the mobile phone. However, this is not yet available on iPhones.

    You may still enjoy banking on your mobile phone via our menu-based mobile banking with Globe and Smart.

    Should you need help, you contact me directly or visit http://www.thumbworld.com.ph. Thanks!

  43. Maye says:

    Hi Eric!

    I have this in my bb: http://www.mybpimag.com/download_demo_blackberry/loader.html but I always get this error whenever I tried logging in:
    Q: I always receive the error message “401 A connection error was detected while we were processing your request. Please check if you have enough credits or check your signal strength. If problem persists, please contact your telecommunications provider.” What should I do?

    A: If you receive this error, please look for a different location with higher communication signal to have an uninterrupted GPRS connection. If your error is persistent, please call your telecommunications provider. You may need to reset your GPRS and MMS configuration settings.


    Mukha namang ok yung GPRS ko. What seems to be the prob? Tried calling 89100 and I think they have no idea with this “mobile app” so they suggested I register for SMS banking. and I have no idea how to access that. Little help? Thanks!

  44. Maye says:

    Oh wait. I’ve tried the SMS banking na via Globe Postpaid > Specials

    So I guess I’m stuck with the “mobile app” na lang. Hope you can help me with that Eric. Thanks!

  45. Maye says:

    Sorry Sir Abe for spamming your comments section. Last na talaga, share ko lang itong experience ko with bpi’s mobile banking: http://www.iloverainb0ws.com/?p=1023

  46. zoe says:

    Hi Maye. I am from BPI. Thank you for trying out our Mobile Banking facility. It’s really for mobile people like you.

    For the Internet-Based Mobile Banking (the mobile app in thumbworld) we just need to do a little tweaking on the Internet settings of your Blackberry. I can do a tutorial with you. How can I get in touch with you?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  47. Eric says:

    @ maye — how can I or Zoe get in touch with you?

  48. Mai says:

    I was able to download the java app to my Nokia E63. I can log in and view transactions without any problems.

    However, I’ve been trying to transfer funds to another account but the app won’t let me type in the account number and amount. I pressed each and every button on my phone but it still won’t work.

    89-100 was of no help at all.

  49. Marnelle Jalandoon says:

    @zoe, have been receiving the same 401 errors on my blackberry 9700. tried downloading the applet a couple of times. appreciate if you can also send me any instructions that I need to do in order to make this work. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks

  50. zoe says:

    @Mai, for e63, to key-in the account # and amount , your phone should be in numeric mode. Just press the “ala” ALT button at the leftmost part of your keyboard below the Z key and you will be able to key-in numbers in the applet.

    @Marnelle, I will send you an email for the instructions.

    Thanks everyone! Have a nice day!

  51. Eric says:

    @ erin — Our Internet-based mobile banking should work in your SE k618i.

    For details on how to setup your phone’s internet/gprs settings, please visit http://www.thumbworld.com.ph.

    Should you need help, please e-mail us at [email protected].

  52. Marnelle Jalandoon says:


    Sir, any updates on the instruction on how to use BPI Express Mobile on Blackberry phones ?

  53. zoe says:

    Hi Maye, nice talking to you earlier.

    For updates, please visit our website http://www.thumbworld.com.ph or be a fan of our Facebook site, Thumbworld.


  54. Maye says:

    Nice talking to you too Zoe! :) Thanks for calling/clarifying my questions. I’ll wait na lang for your response if puwede na siya for supersurf. http://www.iloverainb0ws.com/?p=1023

    Off topic: Damn you Globe. o_o

  55. Sad to hear they’re going to drop the BPI WAP site soon.

    I just tried the Java applet on a Samsung U800, and I couldn’t enter my password because the applet doesn’t allow me to change the case of my keys.

    I hope that BPI can rectify this soon.

  56. Eric says:

    @ Coco Palm Sugar — Thank you bringing this matter to us.

    We will try to test the Java application on a Samsung U800 and send you feedback. There are nuances on how some Java applications behave on various devices.

    How can Zoe or I get in touch with you directly?

  57. Marnelle Jalandoon says:

    @zoe or @Eric

    Sir, any updates on the instruction on how to use BPI Express Mobile on Blackberry phones ?

  58. @zoe – i have the same problem with marnelle, im using blackberry 9700 and downloaded the bpi app, i always receive the 401 connection. please help me. thanks! you can reach me thru [email protected]

  59. i have the same problem with marnelle, im using blackberry 9700 and downloaded the bpi app, i always receive the 401 connection error. please help me. thanks! you can reach me thru [email protected]

  60. zoe says:

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus.

    For those who can’t log-in or getting 401 in their Blackberry, minor modification on your BB’s internet settings needs to be done. Steps on how to do this are listed below. Please note that GPRS charges will apply as soon as
    you log-in. If you are subscribed in Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), you
    may be charged on top of your BIS monthly bill.

    These steps have been tested in some of the Blackberry models – 9000, 9700,
    8900, 8520 and 8320. Results may vary depending on your phone model version/specification and your telco. We are currently working on enhancements to make the BPI Mobile Banking applet easily available to Blackberry users.

    1. Set the browser to Internet Browser. Note that the default internet
    browser is “Blackberry Browser”.

    To change to Internet Browser:

    > Go to “Options”
    > Choose “Advance Option”
    > Click on “Browse”
    > Under “Default Browser” and “Default MPS Browser” choose “Internet Browser”
    > Click “OK/Save”

    2. Access Point Network (APN) should be your telco’s GPRS. To change your
    access point network:
    >Go to “Options”
    >Choose “Advance Option”
    >Click on “TCP/IP”
    >Check (tick mark) APN enabled
    >Type-in the APN of your telco

    Globe Postpaid: http.globe.com.ph
    Globe Prepaid : internet.globe.com.ph
    Smart : Internet.net or internet
    Sun: Minternet

    Hope this helps.We will be posting this update in http://www.thumbworld.com.ph soon.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  61. tenten822 says:

    HI ERIC..

    gud am.. i’ve been trying to use the menu-based system for Bank-GCash transfer.. but i always get the error message that Globe is undergoing system maintenance.. any alternatives? thanks

  62. Eric says:

    @ tenten — we need to get some detais.

    please email me ([email protected]) your mobile number and 16-digit SIM serial number printed at the back of your SIM.


  63. tenten822 says:


    message sent..

  64. Eric says:

    @tenten – got your email. we already sent the details to Globe. will keep you posted. thanks!

  65. Eric says:

    @tenten – need to contact you. can you please email me your contact details ([email protected])


  66. Erin says:

    Visiting the site from the SE K618 browser fails with “Your browser doesnt support frames”. Would have been better if there is a dedicated mobile site for us with rather old phone models. :(


  67. miaka says:

    @ Eric:
    I can’t download the BPI web browser on my phone.
    My unit is Sony ericsson X10 mini pro.
    Upon downloading, “feedback is: “unable to download. the content is not supported to ur phone”… hope you can help me regarding this matter.. A large amount of load were wasted due to downloading of this… hope you can help me…Thank you in advance…

  68. Eric says:

    @ miaka — Thanks for checking out our internet-based Express Mobile.

    Currently, it is not compatible for use with iPhone and Android phones.

    We are working on an upgrade really, really soon to address this concern.

    Meanwhile, you may use our menu-based Express Mobile (with Smart or Globe).


  69. melanie says:

    @eric: I can’t seem to make your bpi app in my phone. I have a blackberry 8900. I already tried the steps you mentioned above to no avail. What’s even worse is that when I tried to use globe menu-based, I always get the message that globe is under going maintenance and that bpi mobile transactions are disabled. Please help. You can email me at [email protected]. Will appreciate any help from you. :)

  70. zoe says:

    Hi Melanie, I sent a reply for your Mobile Banking queries to your personal email address.


  71. markzter says:

    @zoe, I’m a blackberry user.. i just wanna ask if the BPI applet is a BIS dependent app?..

  72. zoe says:

    Hi Markzter,BPI applet is dependent on BIS in a way that it needs an internet browser for downloading. For you to have the internet browser on your blackberry, you need BIS. Without BIS, the only browser on your phone are hotspot browser , blackberry browser and your telco’s browser.

    To download and log-in, you only need GPRS not necessarily BIS.

    We are currently upgrading our applet to make it work without BIS. We will keep you posted.


  73. markzter says:

    @zoe, it’s not really working with BIS or regular GPRS/3G connection.. You guys should release an update..

  74. cc says:

    downloaded the menu sa X6 ku kaso nd naman sya nagwo-work! hassle naman that i cant transfer my funds easily to other accounts esp if i’m buying something online. kaya nga i enrolled para mabilis i dont have to go to the bank! this sucks!

  75. Zoe says:

    Hi cc, Did you receive an error message when you try to download and/or log-in? Can you recall the error message? We will be needing some info from you for us to check your access problem. We need your registered mobile number and your full name. Please email your details to [email protected].

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

  76. stocksph says:

    This app is not working properly in Nokia E72. The log in page opens but when you submit your username and password then your stuck up in the log in page.

  77. BPI THUMB says:

    Hi Stocksph, for E72, you need to press any of the numerical key first to key-in the user id and password. Thanks.

  78. Kristine says:

    I wish they can make an app for Android – it cannot run Java. The browser only redirects me to the main BPI express online ;(

  79. Paul says:

    @Zoe and Eric, update on the app for Android? Thanks!

    Is this right, fund transfers to unenrolled accounts is only possible through this applet? Fund transfer to unenrolled accounts is not possible on Desktop version right?

  80. Zoe says:

    Hi Kristine and Paul, we are eyeing 1st to 2nd quarter of this year for the applet version in Android OS and iPhone. We will announce here once it’s up. We are excited to launch it very soon.

    Hi Paul, yes, the unenrolled transfer is available in the applet only not in the desktop version.

    Thanks everyone for your support.

  81. lhey says:

    @teknisyan creating their own apps will surely increase the security when doing online transaction? i hope so cuz BPI really need to make sure that all transactions are super private and safe. I’ll try it out on my BB and see how it goes :)

  82. Jotep says:

    works perfectly fine I can use safari to login to my bpi account but I wouldn’t mind an app :)

  83. apple morales says:

    i used to be able to use it in my nokia 5800 and transferred to anyone anytime without any problem. however, when i switched to the iphone,safari wont let me download it. it says safari cant download the file. any help would be apreciated. i tried going to the branch and no one has the answer.i tried calling 89-100 to no avail too. i’m hoping you can help me with this..

  84. erich says:

    Hi Apple!

    Our mobile app is not yet compatible for use with iPhone and Android phones. We’re still working on it. Will advise you when okay.

    Menawhile, you may want to use our SMS-based mobile banking using Globe and Smart SIMs. Please visit this URL => http://www.mybpimag.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=464&Itemid=583

    Thank you!

  85. cooldude75ph says:

    @erich: BPI should consider Myriad’s J2Android to convert the existing java app…

    See http://www.myriadgroup.com/Media-Centre/News/Myriad-New-J2Android-Converter-Fuels-Android-Applications-Gold-Rush.aspx

  86. wynnie says:

    hi, i’m trying to change my temporary mpin in my new sim and the message i always get is “Globe is undergoing system maintenance…”. i can’t use the services such as bal inquiry or fund transfer. hope somebody can help me solve this. thanks

  87. biLLy says:

    Any updates on the iPhone/Android version?

    • Erich says:

      Hi biLLy!

      Our Mobile App for iPhone and Android will be available very soon.

      We will announce here once it’s up.

      Thank you!

    • biLLy says:

      Thanks for the quick response, Erich. Looking forward to the Android version. :)

  88. jun says:

    > bpiexpressonline, does not work on Samsung Galaxy Tab
    > Looking forward on android application
    > cheers,

  89. erich says:

    Our Mobile App will soon work for iPhone and Android phones. We’re now very excited to make it available to you.

    Yugatech will be one of the first to know.


  90. andianka says:

    just wanted to know how i’ll fix my problem.. i was able to download and install java app… i can log in to but only seeing my available balance… when i click main menu, i get an error.

    kindly advise.


  91. erich says:

    hi! please email me your contact details at [email protected].


  92. lisa says:

    hi! I also can’t use the applet on my phone. after inputting username and password, it shows an error. Would have been nifty for the transfer to anyone feature.

  93. erich says:

    @ sam_murillo

    please email me your contact details.


  94. christine says:

    i really hope that the BPI iphone app will be release soon. was excited to try the applet since it would have been very handy to be able to transfer/reload anytime even to unenrolled accounts/numbers but i can’t seem to login. seems like most people in here have the same problem :(

  95. Joanna says:

    i’ve been waiting for this app for the iphone for months now. i hope bpi could release it asap since it would be easier for us patronizers to transfer funds using our phone than going to the bank.

  96. razorous says:

    Why am I seeing a BPI Express Mobile app in iOS appstore but unable to see anywhere on what its asking for. UserID and Activation code?

  97. Bored says:

    On your bpi express online site request for a new link for the mobile app, you’ll receive a text message with a download link. Once you open the link it will have the activation code.

    Run the app you downloaded from the android market or appstore and enter the code and your username.

    Android app on the market was pulled down but it was working already with a crappy ui and a few bugs like not being able to view your balance lol

    • razorous says:

      I’m using an iPod Touch… I’m getting a 35000: Unable to find registration for this service and customer.

  98. Siggy says:

    Hi! We temporarily unpublished the android app to check this error. We will announce here as soon as app is available. Thank you!

  99. Bored says:

    Guess the app was republished today with some UI fixes but still the same JSP 500 errors.

  100. siggy says:

    Hi! The app that was published yesterday is BPI ExpressLink mobile, which is for corporate customers with Expresslink access. We will announce here when we publish the BPI Express Mobile app. Thank you.

  101. Bored says:

    Oh, weird though that i registered using the keycode from the send sms link in expressonline and logged in using my expressonline account and did a transaction in it as well.

    In any case we’ll just wait for the official announcement.
    App is looking good btw.

  102. Bored says:

    Anyway found a workaround for rooted android users


    it seems it uses an app from XDA to emulate java to make older java apps to run on android.

    I’ll post feedback if it works here or not

  103. gio says:

    the BPI app could only run with simbian os like those of Nokia phones. it won’t work with my new samsung galaxy ace with android OS

  104. CID says:

    gio, download mo yung app sa market para mapagana mo sa samsung mo.

  105. erich says:

    To re-download the app, logon to EOL and navigate thru Other Services > Express Mobile Maintenance > Mobile Banking > Send New Link.

  106. erich01 says:

    I’m pleased to inform you that we already have our BPI Express Mobile app for iPhone and Android.

    You may already download/re-download the app so we’ll have more testers for our pilot. Please don’t forget to write your nice reviews : )

    To re-download the app, logon to EOL and navigate thru Other Services > Express Mobile Maintenance > Mobile Banking > Send New Link.


    PS Not yet enrolled for the mobile app? Go to Other Services > Express Mobile Registration > Mobile Banking.

  107. Kim says:

    the iPhone app for Express Mobile works just fine, so far.

    The Android version, though, told me that the applet expired and to logon online to get a new link and redownload from market. Not good.

  108. I will try this app. I badly need this when I am travelling…

  109. pca says:

    Android app works fine with my SE X8. Just a question though, if I want to log in using another account not under my name, is there a way? My wife was trying to log into her account using my phone. App says there is an error, but if I log in using my account, there is no problem. TIA.

  110. erich says:

    as part of our current security, we link a specific user ID with a device (one-to-one linking).

    you cannot access several BPI Express Online accounts using 1 mobile phone.

    thank you.

  111. Greg Moreno says:

    If anyone here is working for BPI, I just found out that my BFB account is not anymore listed in the BPI Express online website when I log in. Is this just a glitch in your website or should I start suing you guys now?

  112. Greg Moreno says:

    If anyone here is working for BPI, I just found out that my BFB account is not anymore listed in the BPI Express online website when I log in. Is this just a glitch in your website or should I sue you guys now?

  113. Erich says:

    mr. greg moreno,

    can you kindly send me your contact details at [email protected]? will ask one of our guys to do a callout so we can check on your concern.


  114. Geekz says:

    App doesn’t seem to work on Android 4.0 / ICS
    keep getting the following error

    the data you have entered may have errors or the server is currently unavailable. please try again

  115. SGS says:

    BPI mobile app for android is not working on ICS..bad bad bad… it’ll be fixed soon..i hate entering SMS queries.. >_<

  116. wowow says:

    last update was August last year? seriously still not working for Android 4.0….

    couple of months from now we’ll have Android 5.0 and it sill won’t be updated.

    no wonder BPI has a lot of 1 star ratings in google play.

  117. zyergsoledseyer says:

    can’t use BPI online with my blackberry. i am using OS 7, but when i type in my userid, it stops working.
    please fix this.

  118. Having issues for day enablibg transfer to anyone..error 35107 for activation code.disappointed.get this fixed please

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