Comparison: Netflix vs iflix vs HOOQ

Netflix has just announced that the Internet TV network has been rolled out in different parts of the world and Philippines is included. Their presence in the country obviously battles other streaming services like iflix and HOOQ. So for those who are choosing between these three, here’s a quick and easy-to-read comparison of their offerings and local prices.


Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series
Hours of contentOver 30,000 hours of content including Netflix original titlesOver 20,000 hours of hit movies and TV series including local and Asian contentOver 30,000 hours of hit movies and TV series including titles from their local partners
Maximum devices per account6 devices5 devices5 devices
Simultaneous streaming on multiple devices1 device for Basic plan / 2 for Standard plan / 4 for Premium planUp to 2 devicesUp to 2 devices
Streaming qualitySD for Basic plan / HD for Standard / UHD for PremiumStandard Definition onlySD and HD
Number of downloadable content for offline viewingNot availableUp to 10 videosUp to 5 videos
App availabilityAny device with Internet connectionAndroid, iOS, desktop, and web browserAndroid, iOS, desktop, and web browser
Telco perksNoneDiscounted price for Smart and PLDT - Php99/monthCould be paid via Globe with up to 2GB allocation
Free trial1 month 30 days1 month
Starting pricePhp370/monthPhp129/monthPhp149/month

Summary of advantages:


  • Includes Netflix original titles
  • Can have the most number of devices per account
  • Can stream up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Can stream UHD (4K) resolution videos
  • Available on virtually any device with Internet connection


  • Includes local titles
  • Most affordable among the three
  • Can download up to 10 videos for offline viewing
  • Php99 for Smart and PLDT subscribers


  • Includes local titles
  • Can download up to 5 videos for offline viewing

Based on the above details, Netflix offers more for its users than iflix and HOOQ. It has original content not available in other streaming services, could throw 4K resolution.

This is why Netflix also has the most expensive starting price at Php370 per month, whereas you can get iflix and HOOQ  for as low as Php99 and Php149 per month, respectively.

What offering do you think is fit for your lifestyle? Are you willing to spend more so you could invite people to Netflix and chill, or would you stick with the telco-partnered services so you could also stream local movies and series?

For FAQs, complete information, and registration, check out their respective websites: Netflix PH | iflix by SMART | HOOQ by Globe

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30 Responses

  1. Avatar for AJ AJ says:

    the best yung Netflix, kasi siya lang yung may “chill”

  2. Avatar for philipeet philipeet says:

    Ayos ung ksi my new movie n for rent prang na kopresyo ng utunes pro ung tagal ng movie s library n kng magkakatalo s itunes ksi 2days lng wla n ung movie if my npanuod kna( bkit nasingit itunes hehe)

  3. Avatar for Jom Jom says:

    This article should be updated. Netflix allows offline viewing.

  4. Avatar for jan jan says:

    iflix fixed it, it remembers the last episode you’ve watched.

    iflix promo: All PLDT Home DSL and Fibr subscribers shall enjoy unlimited iflix access from October 25 to December 31, 2017.

    i Wish more anime titles for iflix.

  5. Avatar for Pixelbuff Pixelbuff says:

    I’m a Netflix subscriber and I can certainly download movies and series for offline viewing (only a few series are for online viewing only.) Great content. Fast download. Great interface. Excellent quality even on SD. The only thing I hate about Netlix is that it makes me go to sleep at 5AM.

  6. Avatar for ruby otero ruby otero says:

    is there anyone here tried the 3 provider with parental control features?

    • Avatar for Gg Gg says:

      I tried netflix with parental control. However it would not even let 1 movie finish. I think my parental control is too strict so i had to remove it. Still trying to figure it out though

  7. Avatar for PwedePadala.com PwedePadala.com says:

    Has anyone tried paying Netflix in the Philippines with foreign credit card?

    • Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

      Netflix accepts paypal. Paypal accepts foreign cards. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/367

  8. Avatar for Alf Alf says:

    I’ve been using Netflix since it became available and I have no regrets so far. Netflix original content is totally worth it.

    Iflix is also a good and cheap alternative. It carries content not offered by Netflix. One thing That needs improvement with Iflix is that it keeps on crashing and if you’re watching a series, it doesn’t remember what episode you’re already at.

    As for HOOQ, I just gave up trying to make it work. Don’t waste your time with this.

  9. Avatar for Bashfoolsqueeky Bashfoolsqueeky says:

    Tried netflix and iflix here in phil with a 3mbps pldt connection. Both works fine. Though I prefer netflix in terms of video quality HD. Tried simultaneously using on diff devices, still speed and quality is ok. Original content of netflix is a go factor for me. But I also like iflix for its asian movies. You can watch indie films not available on torrents! Dats a wow factor since I like phil indie films.

  10. Avatar for Kathy Kathy says:

    Are you kidding me? HOOQ is shit. I’ve tried their free trial and browsed their selections for about 15 minutes. After that, I didn’t log in anymore because it’s really a waste of time. They offer Harry Potter but only 3 or 4 movies out of 8. There are also some series but selected seasons only so you can’t go on a marathon. I just dont get these HOOQ people.

    • Avatar for Jarred Jarred says:

      Troll. HOOQ just started out last 2015, your a dumb ass to compare this to Netflix. You say it’s shit? I say it’s amazing! You are probably one of those average consumers who prefer getting the best of everything for free. If you’re not satisfied you complain even without spending. Pfft. Go hug a tree communist! LOL

  11. Avatar for IS IS says:

    Seriously, with our data caps, who can maximize the use of these services? Watch a few HD episodes of a TV series, there goes your cap. Down to 64kbps. LOL. Patay.

  12. Avatar for www.kusina101.com www.kusina101.com says:

    mukhang di pa kaya ng net namin to, 3mbps lang kami. sa free na lang muna like showbox. hehe!

    • Avatar for Ralph Ralph says:

      Our connection is 3mbps (PLDT) and the Netflix’ HD streams very good! Only problem is that it has only few contents

  13. Avatar for David David says:

    Not sure about UHD, but 720P HD streams start at 2350kbps. You may have a hard time getting that stream with a 3mbps connection, though. 5mbps minimum would be better for HD (720P).

    So far I see the streams coming from other areas, so I doubt they have videos hosted in the Philippines.

  14. Avatar for Oona Oona says:

    Mali to! iFlix supports HD but the quality settings is automatic if your internet is fast enough,

    And Netflix doesn’t stream HD if your internet is slower than 3mbps! Looks like the content is not compressed enough.

  15. Avatar for cruizer cruizer says:

    How fast should your net connection be for Netflix to work with HD and UHD? And are the videos hosted in a server in PH or do these have to use your ISP’s international bandwidth (which is certain to be lower than your subscribed speed)?

    Would be nice to see reviews and observations on Netflix HD/UHD performance in the Philippines.

    • Avatar for Solidad (@Solidad) Solidad (@Solidad) says:

      To answer your question:

      Bandwidth requirements: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/306
      Are the content hosted locally: No. probably somewhere near, like Singapore or Hong Kong.

    • Avatar for Solidad (@Solidad) Solidad (@Solidad) says:

      I am an iFlix subscriber for almost half a year and it isn’t as bad as people assume them to be. I had watched good shows. shows that I would not think of downloading in the torrents, but since I can watch it with one click, what the heck.

      With regards to HD in iFlix, I find it hard to believe. I do know that iFlix and HOOQ do scale their streams based on the available bandwidth. I’ve watched HD streams rips and iFlix doesn’t hold a candle to that regards. I’m not sure for Netflix.

      Then there’s the “telco bias” as I called. I feel that watching iFlix in PLDT/Smart is more robust than watching HOOQ. Since I don’t have a Globe connection, I’m not sure if its true on the other end. I take they are giving priority for their own content service that it is more faster if you use it on their network.

  16. Avatar for vhortex vhortex says:

    Mali ang information jast like Jack said above.

    iFlix only offers discount if availed via Smart/PLDT, point of interest.. don’t get it via PLDT since they will keep on refusing to repair the issues they have with their internal billing database.

    iFlix stream in SD and HD however most of their titles are in SD, iFlix also offer a different way of streaming which made it difficult for PLDT to cache the content but effectively made their content run on even slow connection.


    HOOQ is not exclusive but you get it free if you avail it via Globe, it streams at HD then adjust to SD base on bandwidth speed. Since you count the price for iFlix as Smart/PLDT rate, it is unfair for HOOQ to be displayed on a different pricing instead of the FREE price.


    Does it even matter if you have a working desktop program to stream? iFlix can resume movies that are watched. A similar mechanism is also built inside HOOQ. No idea for NetFlix, it was new to the Phil Market.

    • Avatar for Wanderer Wanderer says:

      Netflix has a resume play functionality. I do recall that Hooq has that, but was not as flawless as Netflix’s resume functionality. No idea about iflix’s.

    • Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

      Netflix is far better from the others. I used the 3 service and i like netflix better, very well coded, better organization, amd better search functionality, server is also faster than the others, that’s why netflix is expensive than the others but its worth.

  17. Avatar for Sheila Sheila says:

    Hi! I’m from HOOQ, and would just like to correct the information that we are only available to Globe, TM and Tattoo subscribers. HOOQ can be used on any internet connection, and payment can be made through Globe or credit card. Thanks!

  18. Avatar for Jack Jack says:

    Geez mali na nga ang grammar minsan, hindi pa na-fact check yung info.

    1) Exclusivity: IFLIX and HOOQ is open for all.
    2) IFLIX’s content can also be downloaded for offline consumption.
    3) IFLIX is P129/mo., P99 if you’re on Smart/Sun/PLDT
    4) Free trial – 1 month at 30 days? Really, anong difference.

    • Avatar for No one No one says:

      Exclusivity: IFLIX and HOOQ is??? open for all (and you had the nerve to play grammar nazi)

    • Avatar for Pieknow Pieknow says:

      Magcocorrect ka na rin lang mali pa. Check your grammar.

      Anyway, 1 month is different from 30 days. You can have more/less than 30 days in a month. Specific yung sa iFlix na exactly 30 days ang free trial (let’s say you opted for free trial on Dec 1 so the end of your trial is on Dec 30 and not 31).

      Wag mag magaling kung mali din naman.

    • Avatar for David David says:


    • Avatar for mabby mabby says:

      hahahahhh… ano napala mo? TABA ng UTAK kasi ei noh?

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