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PLDT Home and Smart Launches iFLIX in PH

The partnership between iFlix and MVP-owned companies PLDT Home and Smart Communications has finally come into fruition as the Southeast Asia’s leading internet TV service finally hits Philippines.

PLDT Home and Smart subscribers can enjoy unlimited streaming for Php99 a month and choose from a wide range of movies and TV series from iFlix’s top studio partners which include Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. just to name some.

iFlix is available to all existing PLDT Home DSL and PLDT Home Ultera subscribers, not to mention Smart postpaid and prepaid users, as an add-on option. The iFlix subscription fee (Php99) will be added on top of the user’s monthly amortization or deducted from their prepaid load (for Smart prepaid subs).

On the other hand, PLDT Home subscribers who’ve upgraded to TVolution or Telpad plans, as well as existing Fibr Plan subscribers can get iFlix at no extra charge.

To get started with iFlix, simply register an account via www.iflix.com and receive a 14-day trial of the service. The service is also available on Android and iOS devices through the iFlix app which can be downloaded on the links provided below.

[iFlix for Android]
[iFlix for iOS]

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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22 Responses

  1. carloxy says:

    Too bad theres no option to watch the shows in HD :(

  2. andre says:

    I highly doubt if typical Philippine broadband speeds can handle HD streams, so there.

    • carloxy says:

      well atleast make it an option to those who has an internet capable of streaming HD ala Youtube with its options to either play 360p, 720p or 1080p :)

    • andre says:

      that is probably the next step, however long it will take to get there.

      licensing fees are higher for HD, so I can assure you that the monthly fee will not be PHP 99 when HD finally comes out. it will likely be a premium service.

      anyway, it’s a good start. Here in Singapore, we still do not have a TV/movie streaming service. So in that respect, the PH and Malaysia are ahead of Singapore ;)

    • carloxy says:

      actually, just checked the FAQ section of Iflix and it seems that you’re right, the HD streaming is still being worked on, hopefully it will be implemented soon as watching 360p videos on a 1080p screen looks crappy as heck hehe . :D

    • andre says:

      let’s just hope NTC does right and pushes the country’s ISPs to provide better quality service. then maybe HD streaming will become reality :)

      but still…this is a step in the right direction. and no one should complain about the price.

  3. abuzalzal says:

    iFlix = Para sa mga tangengot na hindi alam mag Torrent


    • carloxy says:

      haha so galit ka rin malamang sa spotify? :D

    • andre says:

      tayong lahat ang magmumukhang tangengot pag nagsara ang mga film companies dahil di na sila kumikita dahil sa piracy.

    • otot says:

      just so you know…hindi ako tangengot at alam ko mag-torrent…i subscribed to iflix because i hate piracy…the price is very cheap for the pleasure (without guilt) that you’ll get.

  4. abuzalzal says:

    I use Spotify, point ko lang, hindi naman lahat ng latest Movies at TV shows i-stream dito, so why pay for a crappy service…..eh di mag Torrent ka na lang, andun pa lahat, libre pa

    • carloxy says:

      pero di rin naman kumpleto ang Spotify e hahahaha but i assume dun ka lang sa free, but anyways, ok lang naman ito, for 99 pesos, kahit sa cp mo pwede ka manuod ng movies o series ( un nga lang need mo wifi, or nasa 4g hotspot ka ) di pa mapupuno ang storage mo, mahal kaya ng harddrive! hehe :)

    • MemeNa says:

      So you admit you are a PROUD pirate who don’t support multimedia industries?

    • andre says:

      right now this service will appear crappy because it does not have the rights to all film companies…yet. pero pag nagka-critical mass ang subscribers, dadami din yan. for example, yung itunes music store, di naman lahat ng songs available na dun sa kanila nung una. masasabi mo bang crappy yan? maaaring oo pero hindi habambuhay na crappy yun. ngayon dahil sa laki nila, karamihan andun na. same thing dito.

    • anonymous says:

      common pinoy logic: buys phone/gadgets worth thousands of pesos, can’t buy app/service worth less than a hundred…

  5. carloxy says:

    @andre i agree, tsaka sa halagang 99 pesos o 129 kung di ka naka PLDT, ipagkukuripot pa ba naten? Mahal pa magazine ng FHM e o ung isang kape ng starbucks e o isang bucket ng SMB e hahaha :D

  6. AA says:

    Hindi ba covered to nung mga plans na may data cap?

    • carloxy says:

      yan ang magadang tanong! sa PLDT may chance pa e panu sa ibang provider? hmmmmm. kaya panget talaga may cap e

  7. Mr A says:

    I used iFlix. Yeah luma ang shows, but it has a lot of interesting old shows that I would watch. If I can get all season of Friends, why would I bother downloading each of them?

    I am watching most of the A&E (American Restorations, Pawn Stars, the Pickers) shows adding also Comedy Central shows (stand-up comedy with John Oliver, Family Guy) to name a few.

    As for the streaming quality, it’s adaptive. Kapag ok ang internet mo, its HQ SD. Pag hindi it throttles the quality. I have 3mbps, unless may nag 2 YT sa bahay (we have 6 computers and many Smart devices), tuloy tuloy naman.

    I’m also guessing PLDT also prioritized iFlix bandwidth, so it appears faster than YT.

  8. Wa8 says:

    merong app sa android na parang gani2 pero libre, showbox pangalan

  9. andre says:

    ayos ito, magandang simula, sana magkaroon pa ng ibang competitors.

  10. Hahaha says:

    Netflix pre!

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