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Data shows Android users are hornier than iOS users

After seeing that Philippines ranked among the top viewers of the number one porn site Pornhub, the data released by them also shows that most of these are Android users rather than iOS and other platforms. We have the breakdown after the break.

Their statistics point out that desktop users have been overtaken by mobile users, and from this, almost 50% are Android users. Apple’s iOS is second at 40%, while Windows, other platforms, and BlackBerry are at 2.6%, 6%, and 1.4%, respectively. Check out the graph below.


But although Windows only has less than 3% of share, it had the biggest change in mobile OS traffic from 2013 – 2014 which saw a 52% growth. BlackBerry users, on the other hand, plummeted down by 47.6%.


As an additional and interesting info, their report shows that the top pornstar Filipinos look for is Maria Ozawa — looks like we really dig that asian look, huh?

Check out more facts from Pornhub’s Insights.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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22 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    I love how they use the term “hornier”. As in there’s no other subtle word for it. LOL

  2. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    Lexi Belle > Lisa Ann > Maria Ozawa.
    True story, bruh.

  3. Tony says:

    Ok na sana yung stat kaso mas dominant kasi android in terms of platform if all brands combined. 40.2 is also a huge number for a platform from an only one company.

  4. XTN says:

    Though I find this blog hilarious. The title “Data shows Android users are hornier than iOS users” isn’t neutral. Stating the fact that android powered devices are way way economically friendly than Apple’s. A proper title for this would be like “More Android users visit Pornhub than iOS users” or something around that context.

    Also please put a [NSFW] tagging if you are linking some porn-sites. JEEEEZ! I visit your site from work. Though its flagged, our system can still track which sites the user accesses. Luckily I hovered first to check the external URL before clicking.

    • Pier Betos says:

      Tama. The title would have been more believable if it’s “Horny Pinoy users are more likely to use Android instead of iOS”. The level of intellect of iOS users browsing porn sites, to me, is questionable, actually. Uto-uto naman silang magki-click ng kung anumang naka-sulat na “Download Now” sa site.

    • dyimmy says:

      Yeah, and the term hornier is just erm distasteful. Maybe a better way to word it is porn consumer.

    • Pier Betos says:

      @dyimmy Your call, I guess. I don’t do “save face” when not needed. We are so better than that seemingly weak Chinese trait.

  5. Name: tesda says:

    Must be because iOS users are fags

  6. x says:

    because there are more android users than ios? more pinoys can afford android devices, hence more fils are detected as “hornier”. But the stats tell us there are really lots of ios horny peeps!

  7. wired_boy says:

    HORNIER TLGA!?? wala bang male top pornstar??? lol

  8. pc says:

    This is because those types of sites are still stuck with Flash Player technology to deliver their videos. Android is the only mobile platform that has Flash player support. IOS is deliberately crippled by-design when it comes to video playback support.

  9. Rome says:

    the word “horny” was misused in this article. just because you visit pornhub does not make you hornier. i visit other sites and sometimes i just want to wank whole day, and yet im horny.

  10. pinoy says:

    PG 13 na ang yuga, dina safe basahin ng kids

  11. gian says:

    Such a disgraceful article.
    Di naman dati ganito yung yugatech.

    • fce says:

      The article is fine but the headline was off base and nothing to do with the article at all.Nowhere in the article mention anything about android OS users as hornier than Ios users. Data just shows more android users visited porn sites period. Does it mean they (android users) are hornier? If yes, where is the proof or link that says so.
      It’s just like saying the Chinese and Indian are the horniest people on earth because they have the most population.
      Just a click bait headline I think.

  12. silver says:

    Android user here, but if you look deeper…more brands using android..and much cheaper devices…for me ios users are hornier since it is only one company unlike android os,…MISNOMER…

    just a thought…

  13. David Clark says:

    Ah, pornhub, my fav site for fap entertainment together with titplanet and http://theporndude.com/. :D

    I assume that a less expensive mobile internet subscription(more/unlimited data traffic) + the availability of faster 3G/4G networks plays a big part for the increase in mobile visitors to their website.
    Personally, I still rather watch porn on a PC, but I assume younger people these days use their cell for almost everything.

    Anyways, pornhub should upgrade their server park. Most of their vids are still not watchable in HD format, which should be a must in 2015.

  14. stella says:

    I am not surprised Android phones are cheaper. Therefore most of kids have android phone. Whereas iphone is mostly with well do people or oldies. Who do you think would be hornier ?

  15. Micheal Veerten says:

    That doesn’t sound as a big surprise to me, I personally love to get my porn on the go, probably because I use to travel a lot for my job and I’m a big porn user, I use to get porn on my phone, as many young guys do. Don’t know how reliable the Android versus iOS results are, probably Android is simply more popular as it’s cheaper, but what I’m sure about is that with my backpack, my phone and a sneak peak to http://mypornbible.com/ I could happily travel the whole world with no concerns.

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