Philippines ranked in top viewers of Pornhub

Philippines ranked in top viewers of Pornhub

As part of Pornhub’s 2014 Year in Review, the number one porn website has released statistics showing different data focusing on search trends and user interactions for the concluded year. A part of this is their top 20 countries that have the biggest share in page views and yes, Philippines made it to the list.

Based on the Philippines’ standing from 2013, our country made 8 ranks up which puts itself in the 19th spot for 2014. Our visit to the site isn’t as frequent or repeated as other countries like the United States or United Kingdom, that comes (no pun intended) in at 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Check out the rank change below.



Other than which countries made the list, they also provided data of the most popular searches for 2014 with the top 3 being “teen”, “lesbian”, and “MILF” (no, they weren’t researching about the Islamic group we have in the Philippines).

For more interesting facts, you may view their whole report here. They’re SFW, by the way, so don’t worry.


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22 Responses

  1. wired_boy says:

    isa na ko dun… kaya nga ang lagkit na ng keyboard keys ko sa laptop tsk tsk. in fairnes hindi nakasali China.

  2. totoybibo says:

    ok na ko sa GDP! lol

  3. noypi says:


    wohooo! wala talagang tatalo sa pinoy!


  4. Clover says:

    “We’ve since collected some new, specified data which breaks down the Pornhub viewership proportions by gender in our top 20 countries. Topping off this list is Brazil, which has an impressive 29% female viewership base, a solid 6% above the 23% world average. Of particular note are the Philippines and Finland, both of which are home to populations featuring over a quarter of female Pornhub viewers. This is interestingly juxtaposed to the most recent Global Gender Gap Report compiled by the World Economic Forum, which reports Finland in 2nd place and the Philippines in 5th of all countries in the world as having most successfully closed the gender gaps. It looks like these countries are getting closer to sealing the same gap here too as far as porn is concerned!”

    Ummm… Yey gender equality??? :)

  5. Atom says:

    “The Philippines really stood out, where the average visit duration spans a leisurely 12 minutes and 40 seconds.”

    Yeah looks like we really…stand out. iykwim LOL

  6. Pornhub says:

    What a coincidence. I’m currently watching vids at pornhub.

  7. charaught says:

    Sana magpasurvey kayo sa readers kung ano favorite nilang category? akin…..CREAMPIE :)

  8. Wikipinoy says:

    Pengeng link nman :-)

  9. I really wouldn’t be surprised.. :)

  10. Easy E says:

    Ano ba yan? Parang ngayon ko lang nalaman na may ganyan. Lol.
    12mins dahil sa kakapili.

  11. secret says:

    Walastik philippines laki ng improvement, +8. .epekto siguro to ng free fb kaya daming buffer mode. .hahah

  12. Abuzalzal says:

    Xhamster pa rin ako daming japz na yummy

  13. waka says:

    #pinoypride #puso

  14. wakawaka says:

    my friend there so many sites , just try asking google

  1. January 10, 2015


  2. January 22, 2017

    […] “Philippines still number one on Pornhub in most time spent per visit in 2016!” the headlines blared, the country’s record unblemished for a second year running. […]

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