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Send them a bill!

Anton Sheker emails and points to a blatant copyright violation by a major news daily (guess which one). Read more about his story here “Major Daily Violates Photographer’s Copyright and Intellectual Property“.

See two photos after the jump, and decide for yourself.

Realme Philippines

Manila Bulletin
Photos used in the publication, dated March 21, 2007

Original photos taken by Anton
Anton Shekker

My advise — send them a bill. Best way to teach violators a lesson is by punching a hole in their pockets.

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Next question is — how much are the standard rates for each photo when used in print?

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Anton Sheker
14 years ago

We have setup www.copyright.ph for those people that need to get their story out and need protection from copyright violators that infringe on our basic rights..

Help us build the site by adding your stories to the list so we can educate and get our stories out and hopefully put a stop to all these copyright infringment.


Thanks for your input on the copyright issue!

14 years ago


I answered your post on my blog.. here it is again..


Travel and Tourism is different from the Picture Perfect Section… they operate independently.. my feature has nothing to do with my complaint …

it was during the interview when i raised my copyright concerns.. and i was told at that time that the travel and tourism section was reorganizing…

14 years ago

just one question…
how come even after he complained, he still came out in manila bulletin’s picture perfect as their featured photograher??

14 years ago

Well, I thought you wanted a public apology. Class action is the answer.

14 years ago

Since they didn’t even bother to ask for permission, don’t go for the standard rate.

Instead, go to a stock photo site and get the rate for downloading a similarly sized image. Find the lowest rate you can find if you’re feeling generous – that will probably be a dollar or so.

Once you have that rate, multiply it by the claimed circulation of the broadsheet. That’s what you bill them.

That’s the added fee for not asking for permission.

Oh, you can also check out this PopPhoto Flash article on defending your copyright.

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