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3500mAh Power Bank for Galaxy Note

Last week we featured the 5000mAh Extended Battery; this time let’s take a look at the 3500mAh Power Bank for Galaxy Note, which is also a viable option to get more juice out of your endeared phablet.

Just to set things clear here, this is not an extended battery like the first one we’ve featured. This accessory (as its name implies) is a mobile charger enclosed in a hard case, which gives you a little battery boost at times when you’re nowhere near a power outlet.

The SGN, as we all know, comes with an enormous 2500mAh battery pack and anyone would be in under the impression that having a 3500mAh Power Bank would be more than enough to fully charge the phone. Well, not quite.

We drained our SGN down to 10% and after little under three hours of charging using the Power Bank, it was only able to charge the phone up to 70% with minimal use. We normally average at around 70-80% with a single charge which isn’t that bad, but it’s not the same amount of juice we got from the 5000mAh extended battery.


While it’s clear that 5000mAh extended battery is the victor in battery life category, in our opinion the Power Bank bested the former in terms of aesthetics and durability. We think that the flat, texturized surface of the rigid case is more ideal than the curved plain back cover of the former because it adds more protection to your SGN (especially in the corners) and is more convenient to hold.

There’s a hole in the back, which is actually a slot to put in the plastic chip the size of a five peso coin to turn the case into a stand.

This accessory also comes with its own stylus with a rubber tip and compartment that houses it. Albeit far from the S-Pen in terms of looks and functionality, it still adds more value to the accessory and may come in handy if you lost your S-Pen.

The Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note is priced between Php1,800 – Php2,500 and is available in Sulit and local retailer stores.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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7 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    parang iTouch Cpeel ang design ha….hehehehe

  2. rslimjr says:

    Hi! Where can we buy this? Any specific stores? Thanks!

  3. rey says:

    Where exactly is this available? Thanks!

  4. marvs says:

    Sana meron din ganito ang Sony Xperia S.

  5. Pipo says:

    I’ve seen a knock off in a few small stores. It doesn’t have protection around the corners like this one though. But what I find is that it adds too much thickness to the phone. Seeing the Note is already big as it is, I would have liked it if they added the battery around the width of the phone, not at the back

  6. mometleon says:

    hi can you charge your phone without removing the (powerbank) external battery?

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