Liquipel can practically waterproof your device

I could not believe this when I first saw it but Liquipel promises to make your device practically waterproof by treating it with a nano coating.

So, basically, you just send in your phone (limited devices for now but includes iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S) to them and they will do the treatment and send it back to you.

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The treatment costs $59 for a device and they send you back your unit in a couple of days.

The Liquipel coating looks pretty impressive if you base it on this video.

Of course, Liquipel does not guarantee that your iPhone won’t get wet anymore (or convince you to take underwater photography with your iPhone 4S). What it does is help prevent accidental spills or exposures from damaging your device. Not a bad deal actually and for high-priced devices, it could be a good protective insurance to get.

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  1. Mark Alcaraz says:

    Would you know when will this be available in the Philippines?

  2. benchmark says:

    Di nga kaya ito yung technology ng Motorola Droid Razr? It says kasi its not really waterproof but the internal os coated with something and can stand for spills, etc. Also the unit can be soaked in the water for a maximum of 10 minutes. And if that happen, one must remove all the water inside and let it air dried before turning it on again.

    I never tried it, and no plan in dipping it in the water. If accident come, that will be the only way I would know it. :)

    By the way, just a tip, if your device is accidentally saoked in water. Turn it off, remove all excess water then burry it 24 hours in a UNCOOKED rice (bigas)

  3. Franco says:

    Sir abe? How long does the protection last? Will it wear off eventually?

    For an additional 20usd, you can buy yourself a lifeproof casing. Im waiting for tge lifeproof to be locally available in singapore.

  4. Would it be possible to combine it with Invisible Shield(Zagg screenguard)? Liquipel’s Waterproofing + Zagg’s ScratchProofing = HAPPY CUSTOMER?

  5. Kit says:

    sir abe does it really work? have you tried it?

  6. Kit says:

    sir abe does it really work? have you tried it?

  7. Chuchu says:

    Nagpalagay ng ganyan yung pinasan ko sa states ayun nung sinubukan sa running water ayaw na umandar nung iPhone niya. Dinala sa apple ayaw palitan kasi daw hindi covered ng warranty sabi naman sa liquipel ang kasama lang sa warranty nila ay yung nano coating nila yung lang daw mapapalitan Haha! Crazy!

  8. Mica says:

    this is insane! totally hooking myself up with one of these! :D

  9. anone says:

    i sold my ip4 then got a nokia5320.

    ip4 is the new nokia!

  10. walang kakwentakwenta naman kasi ang mga apple products, mabilis masira.. di tulad ng nokia ko, matibay. waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, rustproof, at meron pang anti-theft feature!

    Di nakelangan ng mga paganto-ganto pa. bolsyet!

    • jaiconruedas says:

      Bulletproof din ba yang nokia?
      Pwede ba siyang PAMATO sa tatsing?
      Aba eh gusto ko yan…para may weapon na ako sa aking mag kaaway!!!

  11. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    what about those open ports like 3.5mm headphone jacks and microUSB ports?

  12. ogago says:

    may ganyan na ba dito sir abe?

  13. bOkz says:

    wow! this is nice!

    sir abe, is SGS2 included in the list?

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