Smart's Unli BB Plan 549 to compete with Globe BB Max

Smart’s Unli BB Plan 549 to compete with Globe BB Max

According to a source that talked to a Smart CS, the carrier is about to introduce a new Smart Unli BB Plan 549 that will directly compete with Globe’s BlackBerry Max 599.

The Smart Unli BB Plan 549 isn’t up yet on the Smart website but it is now being offered as retention plan to subscribers.

The current BlackBerry Unlimited Data Plan on Smart is set at Php1,200 per month. The Unli BB Plan 549 will definitely undercut the Php599 pricing with Globe BlackBerry Max package.

If you’re on the Smart All-In Plan, the Unli BB Plan 549 can be included in the package with the remaining balance as consumable credits.

Updated: We got a copy of the new Smart All-In Plans BlackBerry Edition. Here’s the chart I created for the new plans:


Here are some of the restrictions and fine print:

– Unlimited BlackBerry services (“Unli BB”) include local mobile browsing thru (BB APN), email thru, Social Networking sites for BlackBerry, and BlackBerry Messenger. Unli BB covers activities on (BB APN) only. Browsing charge of P10 per 30 minutes will apply if the Subscriber uses SMART and SMART Internet APNs.

– Access to Wifi is not allowed. Limited to phone browser’s APN only.

– The Plan is fully consumable. Subscribers of these Plans can register to additional services listed below via SMS registration. Fees for these services will be deducted from the remaining available consumable. Any amount on top of the remaining available consumable fee shall be paid by the Subscriber.

Hat tip to Bon Karis Etabag via Twitter.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. Bon Karis says:

    Thanks for the credits Abe! :)

  2. Edu says:

    Very nice! Competition is good. It always benefits the consumers.

    • Bon Karis says:

      and I am one of them who benefited from this.. I may be one of the first few who have acquired this plan or maybe the first! hehe.. :) who knows? lol.. I got it this morning.. ^_^

    • ANTI everyone says:

      WOW!! LOOK AT ME!! I’m number 1!! WHOOO HOOO!!
      I guess you want a medal now..

  3. Nice! Ayos na! Makakapag adik na!

  4. devoted2mc says:

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  5. jm says:

    Globe BB Max still better kase surfing using globe’s apn is included compare sa smart beyond bb apn may charge sila so Globe Parin! Smart okay sana kaso ang pangit ng service nila

  6. Jologs says:

    Will they still have BB social for 299php?

  7. batman says:

    Sun’s offer is better kasi 350 Full Unli BIS na with unli BB APN Browsing. Whats good about the plan pag ng mobile internet ka thru WAP your bill is cappped at 749 so your bill wont get higher than 749 :)

  8. mabusisi says:

    kaso yung 549 nila wala pang unlimited mobile internet, just unli BB browsing. So same ang Smart 549 sa Sun full blackberry 350? rip off pa din ang new Smart offer

    Yung Globe BB 599, unli mobile internet na din ata yun…

  9. metal1369 says:

    can you do a comparison of all three telcos blackberry offerings. i’m planning to get one myself. thanks sir yuga.

  10. a9828 says:

    is this already being allowed by smart? i remember asking to migrate to this from the all in plan early dec and sabi nila hindi pa raw puwede ibigay. smart has this tendency to release newspaper ads even to announce offerings even if wala pa naman talaga.

    pardon my ignorance, what’s the difference between unlimited mobile internet and unli BB browsing? hindi ba since forever namang nasa yung APN, forever na ring gagamit ng BB browsing? would appreciate clarifications, thanks

  11. batman says:

    Ingat kau guys dyan sa ganyang mga plan na unli BB APN browsing. Why? There are certain apps that connects via your carrier’s APN. ex.4square, ubersocial etc. Meaning you will incur data charges.

  12. Francis Josef says:

    WHAT THE! The 50 php difference is more then set-off by the fact that it isn’t clear whether streaming videos is included or not, AND why restrict wifi use???

  13. a9828 says:

    i just had this activated and confirmed with smart, covered daw ang streaming videos.

    what i don’t understand is wifi, parang wala namang kinalaman yan sa service, purely sa device lang.

    is whatsapp / kik covered in the 549?

  14. bb newbie says:

    Hi, I just have a question re the free browsing as long as the subscriber is using BlackBerry’s APN settings. What’s the BlackBerry APN? I recently availed of this plan but the BIS logo (BB) logo disappears when I’m browsing.

    Help please?

  15. Sonofa says:

    Eh tethering?

  16. Rob says:

    Is this available na ?

  17. Gelo says:

    Sp what happened to this?

  18. jaszaonnnn says:

    I suggest you go with globe BB Max. You can connect your BB to your laptop and get a torrent download speed of up to 380kbps with no cap and your only paying 599 a month!!

  19. kristel says:

    yung bbm max ba pwede sa q5? yung BlackBerry social kc hindi daw xa pwede ung 300 nasayang tuloy.

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