Promate 240 Indoor Power Station Arrives in PH

Promate 240 Indoor Power Station Arrives in PH

Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated has recently announced the arrival of the Promate 240 – an indoor generator which will definitely come in handy during power outages.

promate 240 philippines

At the heart of the Promate 240 is a 24,000mAh sealed lead acid battery that can simultaneously charge/power up three USB devices and appliances thanks to three full-sized USB ports and a pair of 400-watt 220V outlets. Heck, it can even jumpstart a car!


Charging the Promate 240’s battery can be done using conventional means (by hooking its charger to a power source) or by harnessing the energy from the sun thanks to its built-in solar charging port.

promate 240

Another notable feature of this indoor power station is the built-in LED digital display that provides information about the Power 240’s status (power output, battery percentage, voltage, etc).

The Promate 240 Indoor Power Station will be available locally starting next month and will set you back Php9,999. It can be purchased through at major existing Promate retailers in the country and will be covered by the manufacturer’s standard 1-year warranty.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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15 Responses

  1. X says:

    24,000mAh ?? anu to dalawang power bank ?

    • quick brown fox says:

      No voltage rating = hindi directly comparable sa dalawang standard power bank. Assuming na yung lead acid battery sa loob eh 12V tulad ng battery ng mga kotse, parang katumbas eh mahigit limang “10,000 mAh’ USB power bank, disregarding efficiency nung converter to 5V. Kung gagamitin naman yung power station as 220Vac @ 400W, siguro tatagal ng kalahating oras bago maubos ang batt depende sa kalidad ng inverter.

      Dapat talaga ang specs ng mga powerbank ay naka Wh instead na mAh.

    • X says:

      thanks for the explanation bro!

    • painkiller says:

      Thanks for that info, fox. Just a question, if it were you, assuming you won’t be using this to jumpstart a car, would this Promate be more useful for you or the Aniva 100,000 Powerbank seen here at lazada ( What would your decision be based on?

  2. Pwede na yan, pang emegency, tapos bili ka na lang ng solar panels to recharge it.

  3. Weng says:

    I thought it would be something similar to the Tesla Powerwall. I was sadly disappointed.

  4. jzmiz says:

    Will this be a cheaper alternative to the Goalzero power stations?

  5. denise says:

    For P9,999, I’d rather buy around 10 pcs of decent 10k mAh powerbanks than this. Mas portable pa at kung sakaling masira ang isa, I still have plenty more to spare.

    • lsp says:

      sige nga, try mo jumpstart ang kotse mo using your 10 decent powerbanks.

      hehe :-P

      You’re missing the point. this is not competing with powerbanks. powerbanks are mainly used for your mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones. This one has many other uses which normal powerbanks can’t do. Like:

      1. Charge your laptop (via its 220 AC source.)
      2. Powers up your modem and wifi router during brownouts so you can stay online using your gadgets.
      3. Power-up your Cable box and HDTV pag nag-brownout para matapos mo ang episode ng favorite teleserye mo kahit nawala ang kuryente.
      4. mag-init ng tubig sa electric kettle mo para may pang-kape ka habang naga-antay magka-kuryente.


  6. Mr A says:

    Good. I can hook our DSL modem during power outage and use it for plugging an AC fan when needed.

  7. Douglas says:

    In no way is this a generator. It’s a small car battery with an inverter plus a 5V voltage regulator in a pretty box, way too expensive for what it really is, not what they say it is. It does not generate any power on its own, it has to be plugged in to a wall socket, car or solar panels to charge the battery, so by definition, if it does not generate its own power it is not a generator.

  8. Andy says:

    For this price, pede ka na mag setup ng sarili mong emergency solar powered generator ( and the good thing is that expandable ).

  9. remy jovwero says:

    Obsolete na iyan. Dapat lithium ion na ang battery inside. Mas magiging quality at gagaan pa.

  10. donski says:

    its basically an inverter, charger, and battery in one box. what id like to know if pure sinewave output niya since ang mahal niya. also, how does it maintain its battery? kc batteries are good if malimit siyang ginagamit ie charge and discharge cycles. i had a spare car battery and an inverter,same as this one it was good for brownouts. naiwanan ko lng siya ng 2months, the battery went dead. one cell shorted out. so are these really good as standby power? or are they best in areas plagued by brownouts?

  11. Ideal siya pag may rotational brownouts. Nasa website nila ung specs ng Promate 240 dito:

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