Samsung Series 8 HDTV and Mornings @ ANC

Samsung Series 8 HDTV and Mornings @ ANC

Yesterday, Samsung Philippines introduced their new line of HDTVs just in time for the Christmas shopping season — the Series 7 and Series 8 LCD TV with 46″ and 52″ models.

Despite the premium price tag of Php250,000 for the 52″ model, Samsung Series 8 HDTV makes it up with a ton of features:

  • Full HD @ 1080p (1920×1080 pixel resolution)
  • 70,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) function
  • 120Mhz frame rate

Not the slimmest in the market but at 1.8″, that’s thinner than the other previous models. I’ve seen their tech guys hooking it up with a wireless router (it has Ethernet at the back) so you can share media content from any PC or laptop in the house and the TV will be able to play it. I was told all the decoding is done on the TV but didn’t get which file formats are supported.


There’s a USB port (WiseLink Pro) where you can plugin a flash drive and read off media files from there. I’m guessing you can also attach it to an external drive for some DivX or MKV action.

Samsung also introduced a Blu-Ray home entertainment theater system (7.1) worth about Php69,000 while the stand-alone Blu-Ray payer costs about Php24,900.

Early this morning, I guested at Mornings @ ANC to join the discussions about the product. We wanted to demonstrate the DLNA and wireless features but the team forgot to bring the necessary routers. We had to settle with a Blue-Ray copy of the movie “300” rushed in from TJ’s house.

Disclosure: I was contacted by Samsung PR (Jayce Perlas of Perlas & Luna) to join them on ANC and was paid for my appearance.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. TechPinas says:


    Believe it or not, that price is not so bad.
    Samsung makes some of the best (if not the best) HDTVs in the market today. :)

  2. Jerome says:

    I agree with TechPinas

  3. issai says:

    cheaper options are:
    insignia, dynex brands, they’re not bad. you don’t need 1080p for hdtv’s that are lower than 40 inches. and plasma, DLP are cheaper than LCD.

    and for blu-ray players, just get a ps3. works great!

    no need for samsung :) although i have 2 22″ samsung lcd monitors. and they’re right, samsung is pretty bada**, but i like cheaper options. samsung is pretty overpriced for me.

  4. issai says:

    mah bad, dynex and insignia is only available in best buy. i don’t think they market it in the philippines :(

  5. ernesto says:

    I actually watched that show hosted by TJ Manotoc.
    Isaw you Abe!

  6. pantech says:

    It is very difficult to read in a foreign language, but i am try:)

  7. oh my.. this is too expensive for me.. gustong gusto ko pa naman yung 52″ na series 8 ng samsung, kelan kaya to mag below 100k :D

  8. jhayc says:

    we have a series 7 samsung lcd tv at home at unlike what you said in your post, you can’t play mkv files with wiselink pro (the tv’s built-in usb port).

    it plays divx movies really well though (as compared to the samsung dvd player that has a usb port).

  9. nice blog article about this subject. this makes me ask a question though, so i dont really understand the relation of this topic and your entire blog. it just doesnt go together. But nontheless i found it very helpful. Cheers, Rizwan

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