LG Cookie Price: Php11,900

LG Cookie Price: Php11,900

True to their words, LG Philippines launched today the cheapest fully touchscreen phone in the Philippines – the LG KP500 or the LG Cookie. My prediction of under Php15k was surpassed — it’s actually just Php11,900.

lg cookie

As expected, LG’s approach was to reach as many people in the market and give them an option to get a full touch screen phone at a very affordable price. Yes, they sacrificed 3G and WiFi connectivity just to be able to get the LG Cookie to that price.


lg chocolate lg chocolate lg chocolate

It’s a huge gamble but if they can attract enough people with the Php12k price and get them to get used to their Flash UI interface as well as a virtual keyboard, then they could introduce a more equipped version next year (which executives say they’ll do).

lg chocolate lg chocolate lg chocolate

For the meantime, LG is addressing an obvious gap in the market — people who are eager to try full touch screen phones but would not want to risk shelling out 20k, 30k or 40k for it.

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51 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    Wow, hope you review this soon. I haven’t heard this in the US blogs. is this strictly Asia?

  2. Calvin says:

    recently launched. even sa UK this week lang ata naging available. abe review unit na :)

  3. NIEL says:

    it’s not bad after all having no WIFI and 3G.

  4. Wow, that’s relatively affordable. It looks tiny though.

  5. Jam says:

    A nice price for its features

  6. kizzofdeath says:

    awesome phone… sir yuga, hope you can also feature
    about blackberry storm, so we can know, who’s the best smart phone today…its is a rise of smart phones today.

  7. it doesn’t sacrificed the accelerometer..I watched its ads in youtube..its a nice phone…not bad at all..I think it doesn’t have the standard audio jack..

  8. it doesn’t sacrificed the accelerometer..I watched its ads in youtube..its a nice phone…not bad at all..I think it doesn’t have the standard audio jack..



  9. taksan says:

    this isn’t that bad. 3g is not really used naman… but wifi is important! i hope they have an upgrade model with wifi. to cater to people who needs them… but this isn’t bad at all. worth it, especially for people looking for a cheap touch screen phone that is not a chinese brand lol

  10. eia says:

    3g is also important..3g is also refers to the data speed of the phone..thats what I think

    I think I love this phone coz of video ads in


  11. Snow says:

    lovely phone. hmmm, nice christmas gift too! ^_^

  12. Im hungry for this phone

  13. arvin_dp says:

    i gave my wife one as a christmas gift. i got the chance to tinker with it and its a decent phone. good side is it’s easy to use. not to mention its eye candy too. it can support up to 8gb micro sd cards. bluetooth works well. not sure if it supports a2dp though coz i haven’t tried it yet. downside, no wifi. video support only works for 3gp with max resolution of 320×240. hopefully they come out with update to support mp4 at least. would be better if they support xvid/divx too. the headset is average. the equalizer settings don’t help much. maybe i’ll try using in ear adapters with it to see if it helps any. i haven’t gotten to play with it a lot but i’ll keep everyone posted once i do.

  14. ainz says:

    i want one!!!san aq pwede bmili nito???

  15. anika says:

    Same question here po:) Where could I buy this phone?

  16. Abby says:

    yeah wer to buy?

  17. emans76 says:

    i got the brown one..it is really a great phone..having fun with all the touch experience, my friend has an iphone, but who cares the same technology is embedded also in the cookie and everything is a blast..i couldnt ask for more..good thing it is not 3G im not wasting more money on browsing the internet, lol.. and wifi would have been great but i rather use my computer for it

  18. row lee says:

    i was just wondering on how ur website attracts ads, and i know it involves cash, right? can i ask for assistance? by the way ur tips in LG are so helpful.. pls do send me an e-mail regarding my question. thanks..

  19. dennis says:

    nice one… LG Renoir for 3G & Wifi

  20. rogielyn says:

    woww i want one of these I’ll buy one of those in green hills philippines

  21. LG Cookie Lover says:

    Is it really in the Philippines?
    My mom is on vacation there and she wants to buy me an LG Cookie, but i thought it wasn’t there yet.

    Oh i can’t believe it xD
    I’m so happy !!!

  22. Greggy says:

    Where can i buy that phone?

  23. Noli says:

    Ala pala xang wifi? Sayang naman, sana magkaroon xa version ung wifi ready…

    Anong units pala ang wifi ready na phone now with price range 10k-15k?

  24. katy says:

    chokie is wondefourl phofe i buy in 1 moment is spupend phon 200 euro is fantastic .best whies katy

  25. masss says:

    i own one.. so far i’m liking it… the only bad thing is the camera.

  26. sanctuarius says:

    anyone know where i can buy an extra wall charger for this phone?

  27. phill says:

    Intrebare despre LG KP500 Daca tema de fundal originala s-a sters din telefon , cum pot sa o reincarc?


  28. kingsss says:

    puro kayo mali lg kp500 hindi 3g saka hindi wifi

  29. kathleen says:

    nice one!!! hahahahaha!! :D

  30. kathleen says:

    dont worry.. hnd sayang ung gnawa momh blog.. i’ll buy lg cookie.. i promise. :)

  31. kathleen says:

    …basta money mo ha…
    ~~im so deperate~~

  32. leslie says:

    hi i’m looking for a touchscreen phone with alphanumeric keypad. i found samsung s8300 but i still need comparisons. is this model okay? i hope u can help me decide

  33. holly says:

    my mom is buying me one for christmas (in about a month) and im so syced!! ill prob just get a black one tho

  34. Hotchic says:

    Yah meron ako nito this is my second phone pareho sila samsung toco lite, I like this phone kasi pareholang din sa ibang touchscreen phone. Kahit wala siang wifi kasi di naman maxado ginamit yun eh. Maganda ang quality ng mp3 nito (crisps and clear) pwde karing mag email at mgsurfin,pero dgdag bill yun sa network mo dito sa US. Sleek po sia at marami ding features na katulad sa ibang phone. Meron din ayaw ko yung sms nia mahina yung pagkasend nakakairita, sa bagay di naman ako maxado ngtetex. Tawag at mga imporatanteng bagay lang. Maganda rin po yung mga images halimbawa kukuha ng Images sa computer at I download mo sa Lg cookie Oh my goshh Parang HD po maganda yung quality nia. Tapos if you use the camera sa madilim maxado di maganda yung low light apperance po. Pg sa labas ka hmm not bad. Pag ginamit mo naman ang video hmm di naman ganun ka perfect but maganda sia sa outdoor. Maraming features sa phone nato na kahanga hanga. Meron ding bagong Lg cookie 501 family po sa Lg cookie. di ko pa nasubukan but I guess Lg cookie has a good features. Meron akong dag-dag sabi nila minsan this phone would stop in a minute totoo yun pero di naman halos araw araw iba na yun. I think normal lang yun sa phone kagaya ng computer,laptop diba? simple lang gawin turn the battery out and put it back.Teka meron pa pg ng picture2x ka di ganun ka perfect ang quality but kung nag picture ka sa malapit sa light di maxadong masama yung resulta.

  35. lkkjj says:

    o telemovel lg cookie e o melhor

  36. paula says:

    san po makakabili ng murang lg cookie?

  37. mhel says:

    ung saken benebenta q,,2 months p lng,,with 1 year warranty…9500 lng,,,if you are interested just txt me..here’s my number 09234761516…

  38. fred says:

    ang ganda ng cp ko kaya lang walang wifi

  39. clover gurl says:

    maganda ba tala itong LG kp500?

  40. Blu3martini says:

    My dad just got one for his Smart plan 800 retention; He didn’t like it since its not the “use it on the go” type; Globe gamit ko and Sim locked pero kudos sa LG hindi mahirap i-unlock, wala din kailangan i-patch. Now gamit ko sa Globe nice phone, Sana nga lang may wifi.

  41. dan says:

    mhm balak q rin sanang bumili kaso ala pa aqng creidith card alaaqng cash eh…

  42. daniele says:

    tra poco sara mio

  43. arash says:

    its lg cookies mobile is very very slow

  44. kitty mariano says:

    magkana po yan ngayun 2011?

  45. anatheresamae says:

    ung LG kp500 ko benta q ng 8k 3 months palang sakin to,at galing pa ng japan to..PM me if ur interested

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  47. gizelle says:

    how much is that cellphone? can i buy this here in philippines.?

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