The Future with Quantum Mobile Gears

The Future with Quantum Mobile Gears

Yesterday, Quantum Mobile Gears officially launched the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH, here in the Philippines. We managed to have a quick chat with Kenny Tan, the General Manager of Quantum Mobile Gears and asked him a few questions.

Quantum Mobile Gears began with distributing smartphone accessories like cables and the like. How did you begin thinking of distributing the Iron Man MK50 Robot?

“Iron Man Robot isn’t just a standalone robot. It’s a tie-up with your mobile device. So to play with it, you need to download the app. That’s how we made it fit as a part of our product line.”

Will you be distributing robots or other similar products after the Iron Man Robot?

“We’ll see first on how it goes. Currently, the market for robots is still very few. Hopefully, with the popularity of Iron Man, we might be able to expand more, then we’ll see from there.”


What direction will Quantum Mobile Gears be taking in the future?

“We are looking more for fulfilling, or a solution-based product. We’re gearing towards lifestyle products. In a way, Iron Man is not just a gadget; it’s also a lifestyle [product] as it’s already close to being a toy.”

Measuring at 13 inches tall, the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH is a device that’s equipped with a couple of features such as Wake Sensor, Retractable Faceplate, Animated LCD Screen, LED-lit Arc Reactor, Dual-array Microphone, Accelerometer & Gyroscope, LED-lit Repulsors, and IR Sensors. With a companion mobile app, users can play AR games with the Iron Man MK50 Robot and customize the movement, face, voice clips, lights, among others.

Hearing the answers of Mr. Tan was rather interesting. It’s right that the robot market is pretty much niche at the moment, and such technologies may feel like a luxury to the masses. Still, with technological advancements happening every waking moment, we might get to see more robots as lifestyle products in the future. After all, a number of homes these days have AI-powered smart homes. It won’t be strange to have not just a compact-size Iron Man robot in the future. We might even see life-sized ones with improved functions over time. For now, we’ll have this Iron Man MK50 robot keep us company.

Distributed by Quantum Mobile Gears in the Philippines, the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH is priced at PHP 16,990 and can be purchased from Marvel Official stores in Shopee and LazadaBig Boys Toy StoreSecret Fresh, and Filbar’s. You can read our hands-on review here.

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