The Microsoft Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Touch Mouse

If Apple has the Magic Mouse, Microsoft is making their own pointing device called Microsoft Touch Mouse but unlike the Magic Mouse which still has a mechanical button, the Touch Mouse is completely touch sensitive.

That means no physical left or right click buttons — just tap the corners and you get the same functions. The mouse connect via a Nano USB dongle via Bluetooth and has a range of up to 30 feet.


Check the video demo below to see the complete multi-touch features:

The Microsoft Touch Mouse will be released by May this year and will come with a suggested retail price of $79.95.

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34 Responses

  1. NemOry says:

    This really looks like a real mouse but without wires and buttons, unlike apples magic mouse is like a touch pad. .am I right?hehe. They are perfect for reports and presentations

  2. BerJoe says:

    Nice mouse but check out Razer’s lcd keys for gamers:

  3. Gwapito says:

    Nice one. This should be my future mouse.

  4. kyle says:

    This is a fail mouse for me. If it connects through bluetooth then you have to buy those AA or AAA batteries. I’ll buy that if it’s rechargeable

  5. Manix says:

    i like this =)

    @kyle, there are already a lot of rechargeable batteries in the market today for those existing devices that uses AAA or AA. So i dont think this is a problem at all.

  6. agvu says:

    the three finger thing is very much copied from expose for the mac!

    See all windows/tasks

    mac: 4 fingers down (trackpad)
    windows7: 3 fingers up (mouse)

    See desktop

    mac: 4 fingers up (trackpad)
    windows7: 3 fingers down (mouse)

    still, a good touch mouse from microsoft!

  7. vince says:

    i’m just worried that the lack of tactile feedback will hamper you in games or it might make your fingertips sore

  8. francis says:

    Nice mouse! Looks like “touch” will be used everywhere.. =)

  9. jeffrey john imutan says:

    I want this, it’s much better (way better) than wireless mouse in the market today.
    can we use the laptops bluetooth, instead of the included dongle?

  10. Paul says:


    In the Lion preview the magic mouse was shown to have three-finger gestures for expose and show desktop.

    They’re the same as four-finger trackpad gestures only you use one finger less.

  11. Dante Noe says:

    COOL!!!! Right hand will be numbed with this multi touch features :D

  12. ellen says:

    nice look and structure :)

  13. Maui says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the Magic Mouse (the world’s first multi-touch mouse) has no mechanical button… the Mighty Mouse (Apple’s earlier version before Magic Mouse) rather. :)

    See for yourselves…

    Connect with bluetooth and it comes with 2 AA Energizer batteries (not rechargeable). Rechargeable batteries sold separately, comes in six (6) AA batteries and rechargeable connector.

  14. Suplado says:

    super like!

  15. KabisotE says:

    Hmmm. With USB Nano reciever but connects with bluetooth weird….

  16. speedy says:

    Enough praising the mac and all Apple products already. I use a mac for work but i don’t like it. I never bought a mac. I would still choose windows or a pc anytime. Apple and its products are just too hyped. People even use a mac just to be seen using one. And all they do is facebook! So everybody stop buying a mac if you are NOT in the creative industry.

  17. Suplado says:

    nice one @ speedy. 100 thumbs up! :)

  18. I dunno. As a precision gamer, I prefer to have my mice click on me. Not to mention a mis-touch is easier than a mis-click. And those are often fatal especially when playing FPS games.

  19. agvu says:

    @ Paul thanks for the info. I missed the keynote introducing Lion. lol

  20. speedy gonzales and pladosup says:

    I want that MS touch mouse! for sure bibilhin ko yan pagdating dito

    OT: Huwag ninyong ipagpilitan ang gusto nyo or preferences nyo sa iba. Kanya kanyang hilig lang yan. Lahat ba ng PC brand gusto nyo?
    Lahat ba ng cellphone brand gusto nyo?

    e.g. redfox or toshiba? cherry or HTC? etc etc

  21. Salleh says:

    will definitely buy this one :D

  22. someone says:

    how does this work? your fingers should not touch the mouse? i find that very hard to do. when i use my mouse, my fingers are resting on the left and right mouse buttons. Also, do they work even when the user is wearing gloves?

  23. rexor says:

    check out the latest version of mouse – built in scanner its LG LSM-100 scanner mouse.. Sound great,.
    .latest gadgets: LG unveils LSM-100 Scanner and Mouse on the go.

  24. Norman says:

    How can you say that this is better than any wireless mouse on the market today?, It’s not even released yet.

  25. Benchmark33 says:

    Happy na ako sa Wireless mouse ko plus yung touchpad ng laptop. Hehehehe

  26. Cake says:

    Way to go with your sweeping generalizations.

    Apple products are praised because people see fit to praise them. Just because you don’t like Apple products does not mean everyone who do like them are posers who just want to be seen with one.

  27. mr. bogus says:

    not worth it!!! you need battery for this… hassle!!!!

  28. Vince says:

    mahal masyado… A4tech na lang ako hehe :)

  29. Cap says:

    This means that you need to raise your fingers a bit whenever you are not “touching/clicking” the mouse, this might prove to be very tiring for the pointing and middle finger.

  30. Kevin says:

    people with laptops bought a mouse because they don’t want to scroll using their fingers.. :) wireless mouse is enough for me. ;)

  31. adam says:

    I like more the Razer Spectre than this mouse.

  32. mark says:

    cool… bibili ako ng isa mamaya hahhaa

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