What's your most anticipated CES 2011 gadget?

What’s your most anticipated CES 2011 gadget?

CES 2011 has just concluded and we’ve seen and read reports of tons and tons of new gadgets and technologies that should be released this year (or maybe not). Between the smartphones, 3D TVs, tablets, notebooks and other gizmos, what’s your most anticipated gadget of the year?

Is it the dual core Android smartphones? How about the Android 3.0 Ginger bread tablets? There are also newer 3D TVs that do not require any 3D glasses and the bigger and much thinner ones too.


We’re not even discounting the rumors that iPad 2 is going to be announced in a few weeks. AMD’s Fusion is also making the rounds as well as Intel’s over 2-dozen new processors.

So, which one’s your favorite and which one are you looking forward to?

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100 Responses

  1. Edward says:

    AMD FUSION!!!!!!!!!

    any news on pricing here :D

    waiting eagerly for early reviews and pricing. will get the first one available.

  2. the best says:

    iPad2, 3d TVs at a reduced cheaper price and blazing fast androids!

  3. NemOry says:

    I want an iPad2, iPhone 4, motorola Xoom, and an alienware desktop. .hehe.

  4. ashie17 says:

    dual core phones and the honeycomb tabs! XD

    can’t wait ’till MWC 2011. =p

  5. Benchmark33 says:

    I hope the new gadgets that will come this year would be cheaper…hehehehe IM MY DREAMS! Hahahaha

    I hope i could buy na Ipad (for my very first Apple gadget)…and I can afford na yung Ipad 2 if this will come!

  6. dulfo says:

    I will go for new Android OS phones.

  7. mary says:

    Hi Sir Yuga, [offtopic] were you aware of the Android phone bug that sends SMS messages to the wrong people?

    Google says that only a few people are affected by the bug and I’m curious if any of our pinoy android-phone owners have experienced it… =(

  8. Drey says:

    Re: Technologies… Def, Samsung and Microsoft’s PIXEL SENSE!

  9. walang imik says:

    new android os,

  10. NemOry says:

    @Mary I dont have that problem on my spica i5700 android 1.5

  11. Robin says:


    Acer Aspire One 522, AMD Fusion C-50 is in the country. Php17,990.

  12. Jam. says:

    The Jumbo smartphones

  13. Operation Super says:

    There were no official Apple products on CES FYI.

    Answering the question; the tablets.

  14. uberover says:

    AMD Fusion APU will be a big hit this 2011. This will surely make netbooks perform like a notebook at a low price. This will surely beat the combo made by Intel Atom and NVIDIA ION. Additionally, AMD Fusion eats less power than the “Intel Atom+NVIDIA ION” combo.

    AMD is now going mainstream with this kind of new processor which combines both CPU and GPU into a one single processor.

  15. uberover says:

    …and i’m sure that AMD will catch up the netbook competition thanks to these small but powerful AMD Fusion processors

  16. Jorlan Balbuena says:

    A M D F U S I O N Apu..
    I am very sure,Intel would panic after the release of AMD Fusion.

  17. JorlanBalbuena says:

    It will be a big hit.

  18. E says:

    sir abe, what can you say about the viral news/rumor spreading through web that facebook will close this coming march 2011…

  19. yuga says:

    That’s insane!

  20. Manix says:

    was originally anticipating for the tablets, but its not the gadgets that really sparks my interest, but how will the overall market react in terms of volume mix requirement between smartphones, thin net/notebooks, or tablets.

    for the tablets specifically, its obviously now just a matter specs race.

  21. Manix says:

    @E, its not closing, but rather, going into IPO, as a natural growth path considering its perceived market value now.

  22. NemOry says:

    @E hinding hindi po mangyayari yan. I estimate na magtatagal ang Facebook for more generations pa and maybe forever will stay talaga.hehe. .
    @sir Abe I recieved the Globe Tattoo USB Dongle kanina, akala ko DVD, ganun pala ang itsura pg nasa box pa.hehe
    Wait ko pa yung Loot Bag. My family and I are very excited.hehe

  23. Erin says:

    dual-core android phones. i have been holding off purchasing one until the LG Star or Atrix becomes available.

    @E: that news came from a satirical newspaper. people can be so gullible sometimes that they would believe mark z. will close down a virtual goldmine.

  24. manaka_junpei says:

    mas-murang technology, mas-murang internet connection, pagsisimula nang ISDB-T pero hindi pa nagbebenta nang ISDB-T Set Top Box hanggang ngayon.

  25. zer0ice says:

    honeycomb tables sir abe… it’s honeycomb tablets for me and not the gingerbread flavored ones!

    but i’m for gingerbread android versions on the LG Optimus 2X…

  26. chinitoguy says:


    I also want Motorola Xoom with Android Honeycomb 3.0

  27. leo says:

    AMD Fusion!!!

  28. No Name says:

    I’m waiting for the iPad 2.

  29. eRvN says:

    The latest archos 101 tablet with better rockchip processor and will support android 2.3 gingerbread. Also the playstation move sharpshooter gun for killzone 3.

  30. Ethan says:

    Umm the second-gen iPad wasn’t featured at this year’s CES (except for a mockup).

    On topic: The new Atrix and Xoom from Motorola. The Atrix in particular I’m excited about. It’s the future–one device that can function as your computer, phone and mobile gadget. Sweet.

  31. Paul says:

    I’m still waiting for me PSPhone (or whatever SE intends to name that device) :))

  32. McTechieGuy says:

    The Motorola Atrix 4G. You know, the celltop. I’m not a tablet person. So i don’t want the Xoom. FYI. The PS Phone is still not announced and Apple doesn’t attend CES. (Although they make the biggest news during CES. This time, It’s the Verizon iPhone 4.)

  33. Ed says:

    Motorola Altrix and AMD Fusion.

  34. name says:

    im hoping to buy the lg optimus black or the sony ericsson arc .. but can’t decide yet, the only reason why i like those to more is that it has gingerbread :)and also lg 2x or atrix :D

  35. realjarley says:

    anu ba yang AMD fussion na yan……

    please explain further.. hehehe

  36. ellen says:

    Motorola’s Xoom – which they say is better than the iPad in so many ways – android os, dual cam, hd recording, flash-compatible, etc.!

  37. Jiron says:

    Razer Switchblade… if it can promise the best ultramobile pc gaming.

  38. Teknisyan says:

    Those tablets that will supposedly challenge iPad’s dominance!! :)

  39. Edward says:

    Looks like in 2 -3 weeks the first APUs are coming thanks to E for the update.

    Acer 522 and emachines 644.

    Although i want a 11.6 inch model with the 350 APU… maybe USB 3.0 as well

  40. agvu says:

    razerblade gaming laptop!

  41. NBA says:

    i want a MAc /Alienware Laptop and an android phone ,like samsung wave

  42. geb0i says:

    want to try out android os as well as ios gadgets for a change.

  43. icarus says:


  44. Gian says:

    Razer gaming laptop

  45. Raypin says:

    my favorite and dream gadget from CES 2011: Surface 2.0. Hopefully a consumer model will be made available in the next few years. Surface 2.0 (made by Samsung) is a niche product for businesses but, hopefully, developers will spin this into a real consumer product.

  46. NBA says:

    lol, i forgot Wave is not android, it’s Bada!

  47. mudski says:

    meron na ba nyan 5 core na cpu esp from Intel? Intel user here, masyado kasi umiiinit mga AMD and malakas mag consume ng power.

  48. Ed says:

    Did I accidentally redirected to Engadget website? Apple’s a no show this 2011 CES bakit kailangan pa banggitin yung rumors about iPad 2?

  49. lolipown says:

    since when did Apple do CES? They have their own roadshow sometime down the road.

  50. zaldy says:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc!

  51. Joseph says:

    “Gravatar Icon realjarley
    Twitter: realjarley
    replied on Jan 9th, 2011 at 6:29 pm (35)

    anu ba yang AMD fussion na yan……

    please explain further.. hehehe”

    Fusion is a new architecture designed for low power systems like netbook. All fusion APU has an integrated dx11 graphics.

    The difference between Sandy Bridge and Fusion architecture? Well SB do not integrate the graphics, but include the graphics controller inside the cpu package making the CPU and Northbridge in one package while the Fusion has graphics include on the cpu itself.

    you may google it for more detailed explanation.

  52. quobetah says:

    Motorola Atrix 4G that doubles in as a desktop level CPU when docked! Coolest phone ever announced in CES!

    Sandy Bridge CPUs from Intel! Can’t wait to hackintosh the sh!t out of those cores!

    Samsung Series 7 slide laptop!!!!! Sexiest laptop announced. Will hackintosh too!:)

  53. simplynice93 says:

    I’m expecting a new batch of tablets to be exhibited this year. Hopefully, they can run Flash games like Cityville and have multi-touch features. And I would like to see if the Android Gingerbread performs well as expected.

  54. agvu says:

    oh i meant the razer switchblade haha

  55. Mark says:


    Definitely Razer Switchblade. When I saw this, I immediately said no other gadget from CES 2011 can top this. It’s about time gaming experience is revolutionized. (Keyboards were present since the 1970’s and since then there were no significant improvements)

  56. Paolo says:

    Motorola Xoom and Samsung Series 9.

    Let the 10.1″ tablets and ultraportable notebooks wars begin! (I’m talking about you Apple. ^^_)

  57. NBA says:

    Nokia’s Meego !

  58. Joshua M says:

    “Android 3.0 Ginger bread tablets” Shouldn’t that be Android 3.0 HoneyComb tablets?

  59. Bren says:

    Razer Switchblade.. Awesome piece of hardware and has lots of potential with it’s design and innovation.

  60. daniel says:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
    -although a bit disappointes kasi ala syang front facing camera which i think looks cool because pde sya gamiting mirror… sayang. at pde mag video call… sayang talaga perfect na sana :((

  61. lolipown says:

    @guys waiting for the Razer Switchblade,
    isn’t that thing running Sandy Bridge (from Engadget’s videos… Intel’s SB logo)? WTF?

  62. mr. bogus says:


  63. Ram says:

    Notion Ink Adam Tablet!!! The best UI for multitasking… and so many ports.. :P~

  64. Bhergs says:

    it’s android 3.0 honeycomb not gingerbread. lol

  65. Benchmark33 says:

    When I view the other page of Sir Abe regarding Motorola Xoom…it made me changed my mind to select Motorola over Apple….(like what I posted before…)

    But then again, “IF THE PRICE is RIGHT!” :-)

    I am more on Android Honeycomb! (Never tried any Android gadgets.)

  66. Jepoi says:

    motorola xoom!

  67. crankhead says:

    The Motorola XOOM (Running Gingerbread) and the Atrix 4G (with its docks)…

  68. crankhead says:

    Reposting: The Motorola XOOM (Running Honeycomb) and the Atrix 4G (with its docks)…

  69. killbill says:

    to be honest, apple’s gadgets do not excite me anymore because apple is known in making innovations, so no surprises for me.

  70. it’s a year of Tablet and Android.

  71. tumaz says:

    LG star and HTC thunderbolt…. Dualcore!!! do more!!! hahaha, LG star is a global phone so it will be released here, dunno about thunderbolt
    and those other phones such as motorola

  72. lolipown says:

    LG Star was officially renamed to Optimus @x

  73. raymac says:

    can’t wait to see and experience the sixth sense technology in CES 2012….even before the so-called “doomsday”.

    Sixth Sense Technology by Pranav Mistry and Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision.
    Check the link below:


    The genius of Pranav Mistry on his Sixth Sense Technolgy.
    Check the link below:

  74. Darren says:

    hey guys, I recommend Anadem Q07, nice deisgn android tablet with affordable price

  75. cxian says:

    Motorola Atrix Definitely! imagine, android on your desktop while your productivity tools are in the cloud!

  76. cxian says:


    there’s NO such thing as Nokia’s Meego @CES 2011

  77. trickz says:

    how about YUGATECH the movie? cool!

    Cheaper Tablets and Lotsa Lotsa PIZzas:) LOL

  78. john says:


    waiting this for a long long time..

  79. realjarley says:

    @Joseph: tnx sa info, been googling already tnx..

  80. WILDER says:

    Motorola Xoom

  81. Erich says:

    Definitely Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc and Motorola Xoom. Need I say more?!

  82. johnniee B says:

    only one, i want the Motorola Atrix complete with all the docking stations, the desktop dock the laptop dock and the set-top dock.

  83. adam says:

    expecting the smartphone from LG with Dual Core processor.

  84. nitecrawler says:


  85. O_O says:

    did somebody mentioned apple innovation? since when did apple innovate?

  86. lolipown says:

    Saw the Altrix and was intrigued by it but the novelty wore off after thinking about it rationally. :/

    by calling their products magical?

  87. WILDER says:

    hi! do you have any feedback on Motorola Defy?

  88. wengweng2003 says:

    does any1 have an idea as to when MSI windpad 100 will become available in the philippines?

  89. Manix says:

    i’ve noticed, that i have not heard anything about Nokia in the CES.

    Hi Abe, how’s Nokia doing lately in the market? Do you have articles on market share?

  90. Patrick says:

    I thing the Motorola Xoom and Google TV.

  91. Droider says:

    It’s a toss up between the Motorola Atrix and the Optimus 2X for phones, the XOOM for tablets.

  92. cxian says:


    It’s so early to tell. I can sense that it is the technology will be heading to, in 4 to 5 years or so.

    Mobile processors is getting more powerful in a span of 6 months and bandwidth is getting cheaper.

    After all portability and speed (everything is sync) is what consumers are looking I think.

  93. lolipown says:

    Well take into consideration that Intel took 6 years to get to where Sandy Bridge’s Performance is now. A discrete GPU will kill it’s portability due to the shortened battery life and sticking an Intel IGP then branding it gaming is simply futile.

    The earliest that Intel could release an integrated solution to challenge discrete GPU speeds is next year but that’s highly unlikely as up next on the road map is Ivy Bridge, the die-shrink of Sandy Bridge.

  94. hyprmanic says:

    MOTOROLA XOOM and the ASUS Win7 and Honeycomb tablets

    it’s the year of the tablet ^^,

  95. tfcnow01 says:

    LG optimus 2x, can’t wait for its release to have it… tablets, few more months and pretty sure something will come out even more better than what’s shown from CES, iPad2? 2011 as they say is the year of tablets so iPad2 have to come out with remarkably something ain’t found from its competitiors. but then, at the end of the day, its always the consumers who gets to decide what to get based on their budget and best judgement based on their use. this is the only thing, manufacturers can’t control, but somehow, media can… :)

  96. David says:

    For me its the 3D TV , and tablets. For 3D TV it just feels so great to feel like you are apart of the movie, you are in that place. For Tablets, well it had been very friendly to me with so many excellent things.

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