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Toshiba unveils Cell ZX900 HDTV

With the number of 3D TVs and super-thin LED TVs being showcased at CES, the one that got my curiosity is the Cell TV that Toshiba unveiled.

The Toshiba ZX900 CellTV is one powerful TV — like an HDTV and a Media Center combined into one package.



Toshiba Cell TV
CELL Broadband Engine
1080p Full HD
1 Terabyte HDD
DVD Player
USB ports
WiFi 802.11 n
built-in video phone
480Hz frame rate
9,000,000:1 contrast ratio

The Cell TV can take 2D video and upconvert it to 3D (without those 3D eyeglasses). Sizes of the Cell TVs come in two series: Genesis Design series go at 55-inch and 65-inch while the Illusion Design series has 46″, 55″ and 65″ screen.

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11 Responses

  1. very nice… pair this baby to a PS3, you’ll have a very nice gaming experience and a cheap bluray player.

  2. roan carl says:

    nice but maybe this will cost as much as a brand new car hehehe…

  3. iamupset says:

    3D tv.. i guess it won’t be long before we are watching holographic images in our tv..

  4. really? without using 3D eyeglasses? This is neat. Just wish the price is good though :D

  5. Reel Advice says:

    This would probably cost more than 3d TVs with glasses. Anyone knows how they mimic 3D without the need for special glasses?

  6. che says:

    i want this!!!! but maybe it will cost me my whole savings. haha

  7. Edgar says:

    Given the specs, price would have to be astronomical too. However, people could start saving now since this would be released in the US later this year yet. XD.

  8. simplynice93 says:


  9. Carlo says:

    The “real” 3d feature requires glasses. I think the “no-glasses” feature of this tv is only for the upscaling from 2d to 3d. it only gives more depth to the scene and not the same as the 3d we see in cinemas.

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