It's About Time: A Smartwatch Compilation

It’s About Time: A Smartwatch Compilation

A lot of smartwatches have already been outed and announced, running Android Wear or their own operating system, having round displays or conventional square ones and more. So to paint a clear picture of what the smartwatch industry looks like at the moment, we’ve compiled the smartwatches from top phone manufacturers that are competing for the space right now.

Note: For the sake of this compilation, we took out the earliest devices such as the Galaxy Gear and the initial Sony Smartwatches. We also cannot include all the smartwatches released, so we only took the most relevant ones in the context where you may see the time and install new things into your wearable. Listed in no particular order.

1. LG G Watch

  • Price: $229 (Estimated Conversion: Php10k)
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Screen: Rectangle

2. LG G Watch R

lg g watch r_1

  • Price: only said to be more expensive than 1st gen Android Wear devices
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Screen: Round

3. Samsung Gear Live

Gear Live

  • Price: $199 (Estimated conversion: Php9k)
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Screen: Rectangle

4. Samsung Gear S

samsung gear s_1

  • Price: Estimated to be €299 (Estimated conversion: Php17k)
  • OS: Tizen
  • Screen: Rectangle

5. Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo


gear 2

  • Price: $299 / $199 (Estimated Conversion: Php13k / Php9k)
  • OS: Tizen
  • Screen: Rectangle

6. Motorola Moto 360


  • Price: $250 (Estimated Conversion: Php11k)
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Screen: Round

7. Pebble / Pebble Steel


  • Price: $150 / $249 (Estimated Conversion: Php6.5k / Php11k)
  • OS: Pebble OS
  • Screen: Rectangle, Non-Touch

8. Sony Smartwatch 3


  • Price: €229 (Estimated conversion: Php13k)
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Screen: Rectangle

9. Asus ZenWatch

asus zenwatch_1

  • Price: €199 (Estimated conversion: Php11.5k)
  • OS: Android Wear
  • Screen: Rectangle

Now there’s a lot more if you think about watches with varying functionality; there’s Cookoo, Qualcomm, Meta and a lot more playing around. If rumors are true, Apple might add to this list, but there’s also a chance that we won’t as we haven’t even seen a single leak of the “iWatch”. Nokia and Microsoft are strangely too quiet about the smartwatch industry as well, so we still don’t know how they’ll play their cards.

So did you place your bet yet? Or are the smartwatches not yet worth it? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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8 Responses

  1. easy e says:

    They’re still very expensive. I am waiting for a full smartwatch (not just a band) that is on a sub P4k range.

  2. Mr. Lee says:

    To early to tell a winner for me. I’d rather wait for full review and comparison for field use.

  3. k_dash says:

    Been using the 1st-gen Pebble for almost a year now. Medyo barebones compared to the newer smartwatches but need charging only once every 7-10 DAYS of heavy use. Try that with your Samsung/LG/Sony devices.

  4. Steve Jobs says:

    Smartwatch? Eeech! It’s like having a stylus on touchscreen I’m banking on smart wearables but less watches if Tim Cook and Ive will release a smartwatch at Apple I will kick them in the nuts (well if I rose from the dead)

  5. roiji says:

    mukhang mas maganda yung SmartBand (katabi ng SmartWatch 3) hahaha

  6. Anon says:

    So you’re telling me that the zenwatch is more expensive than the zenfones? You gotta be kidding me LOL

  7. Toby says:

    I have a Pebble steel, a Pebble Kickstarter and joined the Android wear world (g watch). I can honestly say smart watches are now a must have for me. My phone has now been on silent for more than a year, it’s great to not miss notifications

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