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Trying out the Samsung Gear VR

Here at the Samsung SEA Forum in Bangkok, we managed to get a some time to try out the Samsung Gear VR at the exhibition hall. Announced back in September 2014, this $199 head gear pairs with the Galaxy Note 4.


Having tried the Oculus Rift before, I already had an idea about the Gear VR. The Gear VR is basically the same, only that it is powered by a smartphone (the Note 4) and not a PC which is the original concept.


The Galaxy Note 4 is hidden inside the compartment at the front. All the controls are found at the side of the Gear VR along with some physical buttons and a touch panel to navigate thru the virtual reality screen.

You will need to attach a separate headset, which plug sinto the smartphone, in order to hear the sounds associated with the VR world.



There were a lot of scenario collections — from underwater to space; I especially liked the scenes from the Mars rover. The image quality is very good, at least 720p in resolution, and very realistic.

The VR coverage is 360-degrees so you can basically turn around and still see the entirety of the scene. And because of the near-real imagery, you also get that additional perception of depth and sensation associated with height or position.


With a price tag of $199, the Gear VR is a nice toy or accessory to the Galaxy Note 4. Practical uses could include watching 3D movies, virtual tours (real estate) and gaming among others.

We still don’t have any idea on the release date in the Philippines though.

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