Oculus Rift first hand experience

Oculus Rift first hand experience

During our taping earlier today at the Manila Bulletin office for ANC’s Future Perfect show, we had a chance to play around with the Development Kit of the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift is a consumer-priced head-mounted display equipped with gyroscopes and is still being continued. This just might be the next big step to finally enter Virtual Reality.

We previously mentioned about the device before on Virtual Reality but it’s a totally different thing once you experience it first-hand.


This is just the development kit and it’s already impressive, IMO. How much more if the resolution of the headgear will be on full HD 1080p. It comes with the VR box, the head gear and then plugged into a PC/laptop which runs all the VR programs.

Once worn, the Oculus gives you a total 360-degree view of the virtual world. It’s so convincing that when the VR subjects you to heights, your brain is actually fooled and you can feel that vertigo, dizziness and feeling of lightheadedness.

You can watch the video demo here.

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6 Responses

  1. jeDICK says:

    @jed: Fingerin mo pwit mo! GAGO!!!

  2. jeDICK says:

    @jed: Fingerin mo pwit mo!! GAGO!!!

  3. garz says:

    Now let’s wait for the Virtuix Omni and pair it with Oculus Rift. It’ll be one helluva gaming experience!

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